Category: Socialism

Michael Albert: Socialism?!

Socialism goes mainstream, but what is socialism and why care?

Harold Meyerson: Bernie Defines Socialism

During the 1930s, conservatives repeatedly alleged that Franklin Roosevelt was really a socialist. Today, Bernie Sanders said they were right

Boaz Vilallonga: The Catalan Left

Will the Catalan independence movement couple its calls for self-determination with demands for socialism?

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections From Indiana

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, the Bernie Sanders campaign organized house party meetings across the U.S. One estimate placed the number of meetings at 3,300, with over 100,000 people attending.

Bob Jessop: UK Politics and Global Capitalism

The best way to take on global capitalism

Joseph M. Schwartz: The Sanders Campaign and the Revival of Socialism in the US

Sanders is campaigning on behalf of the 99 percent against the 1 percent

Eugene Nulman: Bernie Sanders and the rebirth of socialism in the USA?

Bernie Sanders is increasing discussion about socialism, but what does it really mean for progressive politics in America?

Bill Bonnar: How can alliances for socialism be built?

A review of Antonio Gramsci – A Great and Terrible World: The Pre-Prison Letters, 1908-1926 edited and translated by Derek Boothman

Marta Harnecker: The challenges of advancing toward socialism via the institutional road

From Allende’s Chile to Chávez’s Venezuela

Peter Dreier: Bernie Sanders’s Presidential Bid Represents a Long Tradition of American Socialism

Long deployed by the right as an epithet, this form of left-wing populism is as American as apple pie

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