Category: Socialism

Andrew Murray: Jeremy Corbyn and the Battle for Socialism

Even if socialism can’t be won through the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn’s success shows how valuable work within the party can be

William Blum: Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

Why does a person raised in a capitalist society become a socialist?

Larry Cohen: Bernie Sanders and the Big Short

The Big Short provides the narrative for how Wall Street keeps that growth going, with little increase in real value, but lots of high salaries and high living that all count towards GDP.

Ethan Earle: Bernie Sanders’ Socialist America

Bernie’s message of political revolution will have been passed down to a new generation of young people, a plot of ground for us to build on as we strive for a better future

Lee Sustar: The Evolution of Dr. King

By the end of his life, Martin Luther King Jr was an avowed socialist

Hilary Wainwright: Why I Became a Feminist Socialist

Feminism provided me with the tools to work toward a new kind of socialism

Pablo Iglesias: Spain’s Socialists Must Stand Up To Rajoy’s Popular Party

The advancement of the state and the commitment to social justice and to fight corruption will guide our actions, so that Spain and its people can move forward

Mark Weisbrot: Can Socialism Survive in Venezuela?

What are we to make of the opposition’s win?

Isobel Finbow: ‘New Revolutionary Offensive’ Activists Say After Venezuela Loss

Many have accepted the results with dignity, and recognized them as an opportunity to work harder on their own causes and to prove that socialism is capable of withstanding its second ever defeat

David Schwartzman: From Climate Crisis to Solar Communism

The proposals elites are offering at COP21 wouldn’t halt climate change. What would a socialist solution look like?

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