Category: Socialism

Michael A. Lebowitz: Building alternatives to neoliberalism in Latin America

Interview on the opposition to neoliberalism and the prospects for a socialist alternative in Latin America today

Salar Mohandesi: The Afterbern: what’s next for the American left?

Only an autonomous, radical organization can make sure that the encounter of struggles in the Sanders campaign develops in a revolutionary direction

Leo Panitch: Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are laying the groundwork for economic democracy and a breakthrough into socialism

Michael Yates: Let’s Get Serious About Inequality and Socialism

The word “socialism” no longer has a deeply negative connotation

Kshama Sawant: On Trump, Bernie and Building Socialism in the US

Interview on building socialism in a capitalist country, her critical support for the Sanders campaign, and why she believes change will ultimately have to come from outside the Democratic party

Pete Dolack: The forgotten workers’ control movement of Prague Spring

At the time of the [August 1968] Soviet invasion [of Czechoslovakia], two months after the first workers’ councils were formed, there were perhaps fewer than two dozen of them, although these were concentrated in the largest enterprises and therefore represented a large number of employees. But the movement took off, and by January 1969 there Read more…

Angus McNelly: Evo Morales and the limits of 21st century socialism

A referendum has exposed the contradictions and tensions at the heart of Bolivian politics after ten years of MAS leadership

Fran Shor: Cuba at the Crossroads, Again

No discussion of Cuba’s contested socialist past and present can disregard the monumental achievements of the revolution, especially in education and health

Andrew Murray: Jeremy Corbyn and the Battle for Socialism

Even if socialism can’t be won through the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn’s success shows how valuable work within the party can be

William Blum: Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

Why does a person raised in a capitalist society become a socialist?

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