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    A forum to ask for help…from other users…


    In all Forums on ZCom, participants are expected to respect one another. No aspersions of ill motivation, no racism, sexism, or classism, will be tolerated. Likewise, no one should hound anyone else, and no one should over post excluding others.

    Think of it as being like a living room you are visiting. To dissent is fine, of course – engaging with one another over differences is the point. To be boorish, however, is not fine.

    For now, as an experiment that we hope will work, the forums are wide open. If that proves unviable because of anti social posting – posting will be restricted to sustainers.


    anival veron

    hello are the content of the page open culture? can y copy and distribute the information?

    Can you pas a pdf archive of the books and training?[ so y can reed without INTERNET?

    One comrade is blind so i will be helpful for him to have in pdf

    thanks from argentina

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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