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Recent ZNet

Jack Rasmus: USA: How the Rich Get Richer

The old industrial capital business model represented by GE is under significant pressure

Mark Evans: Why “Utopian Socialism” Can Be More Scientific Than “Scientific Socialism” … Or, Why Engels Was Wrong!

“Utopian socialism” can be more scientific than so called “scientific socialism” and that the utopian socialist methodology should be used to inform revolutionary thinking and action in the 21st Century

David Swanson: Understanding the Suffering War Brings

Most people in the United States have no idea of the suffering that war brings

Badri Raina: Jammu And Kashmir: Return Of The Natives

What needs to be understood is that rehabilitating the Pandits among the Muslims will simultaneously also affect the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Muslims

Glen Ford: Why They Hate Cornel West

As the clock unwinds on the nation’s first black presidency, much of the black political class is scrambling to rewrite the history of their own behavior over the past six or seven years

Jim Shultz: The Case That Blew the Lid Off the World Bank’s Secret CourtsT

How Bolivian protesters and global activists exposed the dark side of global trade pacts and paved the way for the battles to come

Peter Weiss: Sister Rice Goes After the Bomb

Federal authorities are treating an 85-year-old Catholic nun like a nuclear saboteur

Sotiris Martalis: The Importance of SYRIZA’s Victory

The re-emergence of labor movement struggles will not only organize the force that can pose an alternative for workers and the popular masses, but it will point a direction for the SYRIZA-led government

Walden Bello: China’s Offering a World Bank Alternative — and U.S. Allies Are Signing Up

Beijing is only too happy to offer an alternative to Western-dominated international finance. What’s more surprising is that leading Western economies are signing up

Naomi Klein: Reading I.F. Stone on Earth Day

Why We Still Won’t Get Anywhere Unless We Connect the Dots

Marjorie Cohn: Dutch Lawsuit Charges Crimes Against Humanity During Egyptian Massacres

Since there is little prospect for justice in Egypt itself, the Dutch lawsuit may be the only vehicle for accountability for these most serious crimes

Yanis Varoufakis: A New Deal for Greece

What steps are needed to produce a viable, mutually agreed reform agenda?

Rachael Boothroyd: PSUV Grassroots Propose Candidates for Legislative Elections, 60% Women

Tens of thousands of grassroots activists gathered in more than 13,600 assemblies across Venezuela over the weekend to choose their pre-candidates for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections

Sarah Lazare: US Lawmakers Quietly Advance Legislation to Penalize Boycott of Israel

The legislative push at the national level may, in fact, be an indication of the growing power of BDS movements

Adam Vaughan: Scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground

Leading scientists and economists release statement to mark Earth Day in which they urge leaders to keep to commitments to avoid dangerous global warming

Ray McGovern: Ukraine: Coup, Couth, and Consequences

The West Snubs Russia Over VE Day

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos: Time to leave da Club

Everyone should know that if SYRIZA is allowed to fail, the neo-Nazi, Golden Dawn, will help shape the next government in Greece

Glenn Greenwald: What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger?

All over the TV airways and the Internet, all sorts of people cited the photo to argue that he should be killed

Joris Leverink: Worker rights in Turkey: the union is dead, long live the cooperative?

The only option to bring about real change workers are left with is to take matters into their own hands

Jonathan Cook: Europe’s feeble efforts to ‘punish’ Israel

The court’s ruling only highlighted the EU’s shameful cowardice in failing to confront Israel

Lucas Koerner: How to Grossly Misrepresent Venezuelan Reality: A Reply to Alejandro Toledo

It is precisely this glaring double standard towards Venezuela that allows Toledo and 25 other ex-presidents to accuse the Bolivarian government of human rights violations

Mark Weisbrot: European officials may be pushing regime change in Greece

The strategy of trying to destabilize the Greek economy and government without forcing Greece out of the euro has its risks. It is also profoundly anti-democratic and wrong

Tom Engelhardt: A Letter of Apology to My Grandson

A Pox on Twenty-First-Century America

David Swanson: Gradual Injustice

How did the U.S. government get from there to a “Homeland Security Department” that trains local police to consider protesters to be terrorists?

Joe Emersberger: Letter to Deborah Orr Regarding Hillary Clinton

It’s chilling to think how many “symbolically powerful” presidential “appointments” could be made to distract from wretched nature of the elite-backed candidates in the USA

Juan Cole: Khamenei: US invented nuclear Myth; Iran will Never Invade another Country

No American politician could even run for election on such a platform, of “no conventional military attack on another country”

Steve Early: Vermont Activists Battle Democratic Governor for Single-Payer Health Care

While continuing to assist private and public sector workers involved in strikes and contract fights, the Vermont Workers Center plans to do more grassroots organizing around the shortcomings of Vermont Health Connect coverage

Medea Benjamin: Hillary the Hawk

We should never lose hope that we can bring about positive change, but actually changing the world for the better requires being aware that whoever sits in the White House come January 2017 is not going to be our friend

Richard Falk: Armenians 1915: The Genocide Controversy

Of the many current concerns associated with historic wrongs, none is more salient these days than the long simmering tensions between modern Turkey and the Armenian diaspora

Badri Raina: I Give You the Bullet Train

Are you a farmer with noose in hand, About to end your endless pain, Consider a patriotic move—Go under the bullet train

Catarina Príncipe: The Next Hundred Days

What should Syriza’s economic strategy be going forward, given Greece’s position in the eurozone?

Ramzy Baroud: Stuck in Area A: How We Were Duped into Disowning the Palestinians

Did we lie? Were we lied to? It is more like we were duped into pseudo-reality crafted so proficiently by Israel, and we are finding it extremely difficult to break away from its confines

Frances Fox Piven: Syriza and Greece’s Prospects for Fighting Austerity

Once Syriza is an established party with a firm majority, it will tend to turn away from the movements. That isn’t a criticism of Syriza, it’s an examination of the political dynamics over time

Brian Terrell: Making History and Building a Future in the Nevada Desert

Perhaps one day tourists to Nevada will leave the casinos for a time to visit Peace Camp as a place of celebration and hope

Vijay Prashad: Crushing dreams will not stop the rush from Africa

Two sides of Africa plunge migrants into deep despair

Conn Hallinan: Kenya’s Sorrow: The U.S. Connection

Were the killers forged by an ill-advised American supported Ethiopian invasion that transformed the radical Islamic organization from a marginal player into a major force?

Michelle Gunderson: Teachers Compare Notes

Locals and caucuses in the network consider themselves social justice unionists, balancing bread-and-butter issues with working to create equity and keep public schools in the hands of communities rather than private enterprises

Dave Zirin: Cornel West Is Not Mike Tyson

The tragedy is that there are so many others who should be higher on everyone’s list of those who need to be prodded, need to be provoked… and need to be knocked the hell out

Kim Scipes: “There’s somethin’ happenin’ here, What it is ain’t exactly clear”

A Review of Latin America’s Radical Left: Challenges and Complexities of Political Power in the Twenty-first Century, edited by Steve Ellner (Rowman and Littlefield, 2014), and We Created Chavez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution by George Ciccariello-Maher (Duke University Press, 2013)

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Another, Much-Needed, World

The WSF has made it possible for social movements around the world to get better acquainted and to coordinate their struggles

The Con: Alone, With Nowhere To Go

The attacks, which moved like a wave over the Durban settlements of Isipingo, Umlazi, Chatsworth and others, left thousands of foreign nationals displaced, fearing for their lives

Michael K. Smith: Eduardo Galeano, 1940-2015: A Voice, Not An Echo

He always took the side of the doomed, despised, and damned

Preeti Kaur: ConDem Cuts to Legal Aid Put Most Vulnerable at Risk

Changes to the provision of Legal Aid instated by the Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition government have challenged fundamental legal protections

Shamus Cooke: A Paper Peace and Proxy War With Iran

Which begs the question: are the nuclear talks with Iran really that meaningful, if war is what’s practiced?

David Korten: A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That And More

Approval of the TPP means sacrificing our democracy and our right to manage our markets and resources for the public good

Marina Sitrin: With and Beyond Left Governments

Is there a way to think about left governments, autonomy, self organization, power from below, confederation and the forces of the State all together – in the same conversation?

Nikos Raptis: The Situation in Greece

So, can these hundreds of thousands of people of Greek origin, especially those in Russia who have Russian as their native language, play some important role in the relationship between Greece and Russia?

David Moberg: Fast Food Workers in 236 Cities Pull Off Largest Strikes Yet

“We’re all leaders in this fight”. “We are all committed to change our lives”

Omer Aziz: The Ivy League’s favorite war criminal

Why the atrocities of Henry Kissinger should be mandatory reading

David Swanson: And the Slow Parade of Fears

We are held back primarily by our accepting and repeating of the propaganda that we have no power

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