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Recent ZNet

Naomi Klein: Let Them Drown

We need integrated solutions, solutions that radically bring down emissions, while creating huge numbers of good, unionised jobs and delivering meaningful justice

José Antonio Gutiérrez D.: Insurgency, conflict and communalism in Colombia

For decades, the FARC has led the revolutionary struggle in Colombia, but now farmers are taking over control by means of communal assemblies.

Lee Fang: Hillary Clinton’s Energy Initiative Pressed Countries to Embrace Fracking, New Emails Reveal

The emails show an aggressive effort to engage private energy companies and use Poland as part of a larger campaign to sell fracking throughout the region

Juan Cole: Obama in Hiroshima, Memorial Day and the Iran Deal

The MIC is so powerful that sooner or later they will get a candidate into the White House and turn some ramshackle third world piggy bank upside down and shake out its billions into their accounts

Gar Alperovitz: Unjust Cause

Interview on the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Chris Brooks: Long-Term Organizing Bears Fruit for Grocery Local

“We do everything in our power to show the employer that we aren’t going to rest and they won’t catch us off guard”

Pete Dolack: Millions for the boss, cuts for you

The relentless competition endemic to capitalism mandates that corporations engage in an endless race to the bottom

Conn Hallinan: As Brexit Approaches, Europe’s Left Is Divided — and for Good Reason

Can the EU still unite a continent shattered by world wars, or is it little more than a vehicle for austerity capitalism?

John Pilger: Silencing America as it prepares for war

Returning to the United States in an election year, I am struck by the silence. I have covered four presidential campaigns, starting with 1968; I was with Robert Kennedy when he was shot and I saw his assassin, preparing to kill him. It was a baptism in the American way, along with the salivating violence Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: New Political Earthquake in Brazil: Is It Now Time for Media Outlets to Call This a “Coup”?

The conversations include discussions of the important role played in Dilma’s removal by the most powerful national institutions, including — most importantly — Brazil’s military leaders

Steve Breyman: A Brief and Cheery History of an American Future

An exercise in utopian imagination

Robert Fisk: The US is dropping calls for Assad to go because the Syrian regime is a better bet than Isis

The Americans seem to have left the air bombing to the Russians (after complaining about it) and Putin is not afraid to say the obvious: that the government in Damascus is a better bet than Isis

Daniel Raventos: Basic Income Gathers Steam Across Europe

In the last few months basic income—an unconditional cash payment to every member of the population—has been getting more and more attention in the media and social networks

Andrea Germanos: Protests Intensify, Spread Across France as Workers Refuse Submission

‘What we want today is for this movement to spread,’ says unionist.

Peter Dreier: A Five-Point Plan for Sanders Going Forward

The best thing Bernie supporters can do is to help him build a progressive legacy

Mark Evans: What About Classism?

Classism is a form of social discrimination that has its roots in rigged economics

Michael T. Klare: The Desperate Plight of Petro-States

With a Busted Business Model, Oil Economies Head for the Unknown

Vijay Prashad: ‘Free Market’ Authoritarian Leaders Across the Planet Are Stifling Dissent and Enriching the Elites

All politicians say that job creation is a better solution to poverty than welfare spending. But these are empty words. Jobs are simply not being created

David Swanson: “Looking Forward” Comes to Hiroshima

Never mind an apology, Obama should admit the truth

Richard Falk: Assessing Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s Departure from Government

These issues of leadership and constitutional structure, although serious, are clearly secondary to the great challenges facing the Turkish nation

Olivia Rose Walton: From Immunity to Impunity

Erdoğan’s government is laying the legal groundwork to arrest Kurds and other dissidents in parliament

Bill McKibben: Keep Oil in the Soil

Bill McKibben on Being Named by Sanders to DNC Platform Committee on Being Named by Sanders to DNC Platform Committee

Sabrina Fernandes: The Right Marches on Brazil

Brazil’s interim government is orchestrating a stunning transfer of power to the country’s elites

Michael Albert: The Bernie Question – We Should Innovate not Debate

Let’s avoid sterile debate and splintering. Let’s innovate and seek real change.

Patrick Bond: Imperialism’s Junior Partners

The response to the Brazilian coup shows that the BRICS powers are not a real alternative to US imperialism

Jack Rasmus: Greek Debt Negotiations: Will the IMF Exit the Troika?

Expect an intensification of austerity for Greece between now and 2018

Ramzy Baroud: Time to End the ‘Hasbara’: Palestinian Media and the Search for a Common Story

Not only are Palestinians expected to demolish many years of Israeli disinformation but also to construct their own narrative that is free from the whims of factions and personal gains.

Vandana Shiva: Seeds of suicide

A common question is: Why do farmers adopt Bt cotton which harms them? But farmers do not choose Bt cotton. They have to buy Bt cotton as all other choices are destroyed

Badri Raina: Heat, Hate, Humbug

The just croak in crevices, the rogues stride above

Robert Parry: NFL’s War Against Science and Reason

Perhaps it’s because I just watched the movie, “Concussion,” which tells the story of the National Football League’s haughty denial of the science proving football-related brain damage – and the NFL’s abuse of the truth-tellers – but I still can’t understand why so many people side with Commissioner Roger Goodell in the absurd “Deflategate” case Read more…

Vincent Emanuele: Activism and vision: an interview with Michael Albert

Interview on vision and strategy on how to move forward on the left

Kathy Kelly: Hammering for Peace

The fire our friends wanted to ignite was inside us. With what work can we replace war? If we are no longer training for war, what else could we be doing?

William D. Hartung: The Pentagon’s War on Accountability

Slush Funds, Smoke and Mirrors, and Funny Money Equal Weapons Systems Galore

Joanne Landy: The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton: America and the World In 2016 and Beyond

A U.S. government that carried out a different foreign policy based on principles of democracy and social and economic justice could indeed come about only through a “political revolution”

Tamara Pearson: Media Wars: The Role of the Left When Venezuela’s Imperfect Revolution is Under Attack

The best way to counter the media war on Venezuela is to do what they don’t do: offer in depth, contextualised, critical coverage

Dick Nichols: The Democratic Platform Committee Now Has a Progressive Majority. Thanks, Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders indicated in early May that his campaign was “going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform that calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage, an end to our disastrous trade policies, a Medicare-for-all health care system, breaking up Wall Read more…

Chip Berlet: US History Groomed the Insidious Lure of Trump’s Bigoted Right-Wing Populism

Helping organizers and strategists to understanding the lure of right-wing populism and how it bends people toward bigotry

Jonathan Cook: Religious zealots ready for takeover of Israeli army

Israeli commentators pointed out that, with Lieberman’s inclusion, the government will be the most extreme in Israel’s history – again.

Michael A. Lebowitz: Building alternatives to neoliberalism in Latin America

Interview on the opposition to neoliberalism and the prospects for a socialist alternative in Latin America today

Gary Olson: Psychopaths R Us

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business is offering a new course this Fall: BUS 415: Concealing Your Psychopathic Identity

Paul Buhle: Labor’s Sell-Out and the Sanders Campaign

Rebelliously democratic union locals and a handful of internationals offer an alternative to the slow death of American unionism

Michael Hudson: The Financial Invasion of Greece

MF’s concern about Greek debt is bogus, this is full scale financial war, forcing Greece give up ports, pensions, properties and much more

Sonali Kolhatkar: The Real 9/11 Conspiracy

Our post-9/11 military incursions all point to the singular fact that the “War on Terror” has been a “War of Terror”

Aviva Chomsky: The Battle for the Soul of American Higher Education

Student Protest, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Rise of the Corporate University

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Flunks Decontamination

The Abe government is desperately trying to clean up and repopulate as if nothing happened

Rebecca Klein: Black And Latino Students Lose Out To White Peers. And It’s Getting Worse

Six decades after Brown v. Board of Education, a U.S. agency finds we still have a two-tiered education system

Ben Dangl: Openings and Labyrinths of Latin America’s Left

The leftist wave wasn’t without its grave pitfalls and perhaps structural flaws. Maybe it will take this crisis to build an even more enduring political front and movement alternative

John Horgan: Dear “Skeptics,” Bash Homeopathy and Bigfoot Less, Mammograms and War More

A science journalist takes a skeptical look at capital-S Skepticism

Alexandra Jacobo: Bernie Sanders Responds to Nevada Convention Debacle

Bernie Sanders released a lengthy statement on the recent Nevada convention disaster

Patrick Cockburn: Sir Richard Dearlove is right, visa waivers for Turks are dangerous

There is something bizarre about EU policy when it comes to migration from this part of the world

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