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Recent ZNet

Jérôme Roos: Socialism or Barbarism

The Real Two-Speed Europe Emerges

Ramzy Baroud: Dear Syria: From One Refugee to Another

Don’t let the refugee become who you are, as you are so much more

Medea Benjamin: Take Cuba off the Terrorist List

The new US-Cuba talks are a refreshing burst of sunshine in the 54-year dismal relationship between neighbors separated by a mere 90 miles

Ben Dangl: The Power of the Spectacle in Bolivia

Evo Morales’ Inauguration in Tiwanaku

Vijay Prashad: Good Islamists, bad Islamists and the playthings of power

People in power are playing very treacherous games. Consideration of the chaos that they spin does not bother them. The cost is borne elsewhere than in the halls of power

Chris Hedges: Killing Ragheads for Jesus

The culture of war banishes the capacity for pity

Badri Raina: Obama: he came, he saw, he gave advice

Obama spent three whole days in India. He was welcomed like one of our own, complete with huggy hugs and the intimacy of first naming, even if one-sided, the erudite Indian Chief Executive going even to the extent of telling him the meaning of his first name, Barack, which now we know means “the one Read more…

Dave Zirin: Deflated Balls for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others!

We can only work with the world we’re given, and it’s a place where the trust in institutions of power is more deflated that any damn balls

Joris Leverink: Kobani liberated! Kurdish forces push ISIS out of town

After 134 days of resistance, the Kurdish forces of the YPG/YPJ have finally pushed IS out of Kobani

Gar Lipow: What Naomi Klein got right and wrong in her 2014 book, This Changes Everything.

Any solution involves confrontation between the capitalist class and the rest of us

Michael Albert: SYRIZA, Greece & the American radical left

I think Syriza can bring the world something profoundly important

Ed Rooksby: Is Syriza Radical Enough?

Syriza’s left-wing critics are misguided: Syriza’s programme is moderate enough to win support, while containing within it the seeds of its own radicalisation

Costas Panayotakis: Syriza Victory: Making Greek History, Shaping Europe’s Future

An interview with Costas Panayotakis about the historic result of the Greek election and their possible consequences

Patrick Bond: South Africa’s Electricity

A Muddle, a Meltdown or a Miracle?

John Feffer: The Collapse of Europe?

The European Union May Be on the Verge of Regime Collapse

Norman Solomon: The Invisible Man: Jeffrey Sterling, CIA Whistleblower

The mass media have suddenly discovered Jeffrey Sterling — after his conviction Monday afternoon as a CIA whistleblower

Paul Street: Beyond “Selma”

The really untold or at least badly under-told story about Martin Luther King, Jr. is that he was a democratic socialist who was remarkably unimpressed by the legislation his movement passed in 1964 and 1965

Shamus Cooke: Oregon Unions Rally for a $15 Minimum Wage

The labor movement has a chance to re-establish itself as the champion of working people. It shouldn’t blow this historic opportunity

Stathis Kouvelakis: After Syriza’s victory

Syriza’s electoral triumph has brought hope to the European radical Left and workers’ movement, offering it an immense opportunity

Joann Wypijewski: James Baldwin, a Guide in Dark Times

No other American writer dissected the problem of the color line with such intimate and ferocious grace

Cynthia Peters: My Commute Got Hijacked!

When the marketplace dissects, compartmentalizes, criticizes and oh-so-helpfully attempts to reconstruct our body parts, it’s not because it treasures them. It’s because it’s trying to make money off of them

Norman Solomon: CIA Leak Trial: “This Case Is Not About Politics” [sic]

The case of United States of America v. Jeffrey Alexander Sterling has everything to do with politics and the CIA’s reputation

Joe Emersberger: International Press Gets Briefly Excited about Coup Prospects in Venezuela

The international press is, on the opposition’s behalf, everything it falsely accuses the Venezuelan media of being on behalf of Maduro

Jamie Stern-Weiner: ‘Double tapping’ in Gaza

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel’s just-published report on Operation Protective Edge adopts a cautious and professional tone but describes the stuff of nightmares

Milan Rai: Taking Gandhi with a Pinch of Salt

It is no service to the man, and damaging to us today as we struggle with similar problems of liberation, if we turn Gandhi into a saint and an icon, removing him from history and sandpapering off his strange edges

Seamus Milne: The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made

Escalating inequality is the work of a global elite that will resist every challenge to its vested interests

Romi Mahajan: Where are the South Asians?

The paucity of South Asians in progressive politics is distressing, even alarming

Jamie Galbraith: ‘The Prospects and Consequences of a Possible Syriza Government’

Interview on the prospects and consequences of a possible Syriza government

Leo Panitch: The Greek Election

A democratic Greece under Syriza would represent what democratic Spain represented for the international left in the 1930s

Gaither Stewart: The European Situation: SYRIZA’s program

Syriza’s 40 point program

Vincent Emanuele: Elections, Ideologies and Ecological Realities

The living-world cannot withstand another half-century of Welfare State policies

Walden Bello: The Real Threat in Europe

The real threat is the repression of migrant communities by national security states with the backing of a significant segment of the majority population mobilized by right wing forces

Todd Miller: Gaza in Arizona

How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor the U.S.-Mexican Border

George Monbiot: A State Licence to Rob the Public

You would think the government had invented community. When David Cameron became prime minister, he announced that “my great passion is building the ‘big society’ … We need to create communities with oomph – neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destiny, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape Read more…

Belen Fernandez: Time for another Israeli war on Lebanon?

Israel’s airstrike that killed Hezbollah and Iranian commanders in Syria on Sunday could be a highly risky pre-election gambit

Michael Lesher: Je Suis Hypocrite

The same inconsistency mars the imagery of an anti-journalist “war of jihad,” so promptly invoked to describe the murder of ten French satirists, but seldom heard from American liberals when Israel killed a larger number of Palestinian journalists in its latest assault on Gaza

Diana Johnstone: France Under the Influence

The Ambiguity of Charlie Hebdo

Marjorie Cohn: Supreme Court Upholds Auto Stop With No Traffic Violation

Broadening police discretion to allow ignorance-based traffic stops will give officers another excuse to harass people of color

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos: On the doorstep of a SYRIZA Victory

A victory for SYRIZA this Sunday will have great symbolic value for Greeks and for others in Europe and around the world

Siri Srinivas: Obama ready to defy Democrats to push secretive trade deal

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement so significant and important, its details can’t be disclosed

Matt Taibbi: ‘American Sniper’ Is Almost Too Dumb to Criticize

We’re ready to be entertained by stories about how hard it was for our guys. And it might have been. But that’s not the whole story and never will be

Johann Hari: The Hunting of Billie Holiday

How Lady Day found herself in the middle of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics’ early fight for survival

Neve Gordon: Drones and the new ethics of war

Drones are a technological solution for the inability of politicians to mobilize support for war

Joe Emersberger: US Court Dismisses 8,700 Haitian Lives

Those responsible for continued Haitian suffering enjoy impunity.

Cyril Mychalejko: 1% Dine in Davos as Latin America Pulls People Out of Poverty

The world’s billionaires and political elites have swooped into the Swiss resort town of Davos

Vijay Prashad: Global economic disorder fuels forces of division

Global inequality is rising and economic growth is slowing

Jana Kasperkevic: More than half of US public school students live in poverty

Want to know the real state of the US economy? Visit a local public school and find out how many student qualify for free or reduced-price lunches

Tariq Ali: Greece’s Fight Against European Austerity

If SYRIZA wins it will mark the beginnings of a fightback against austerity and neo-liberalism in Europe

Sebastian Budgen: Greece: Phase One

Syriza is the Left’s best chance at success in a generation. But for socialists, the hard part starts after election day

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