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Recent ZNet

Jack Rasmus: Japan’s 5th Recession in 7 Years; Who’s Next?

Emerging Market Economies To Slow Further in 2016

Nomi Prins: The American Hunger Games

The Six Top Republican Candidates Take Economic Policy Into the Wilderness

Noam Chomsky: Chomsky and His Critics

Interview on ISIS, his foreign policy critics, and why socialist ideas are “never far below the surface”

Simon Balto: Chicago’s Police Problem

Without greater accountability the CPD and other departments are not likely, anytime soon, to get out of their own muddy and often ugly histories

Richard Falk: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

We who care about Palestine must raise our voices of protest and join in the concrete acts of solidarity that are having an impact

Murtaza Shaikh: Can democracy and genocide co-exist in Burma?

Journalists ignoring or giving fleeting importance to the Rohingya story undermine the very ethics of their profession

Susan Berfield: How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce

The retail giant is Always watching

Robert Reich: Why The Sharing Economy Is Harming Workers – And What Must Be Done

It’s possible to have a flexible economy and also provide workers some minimal level of security. A decent society requires no less

Michael A. Lebowitz: The tragedy of the commons, the Pope, and the system

To respond to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor requires much more than concentration upon global warming and climate change

Pip Hinman: Brazil’s ‘Mountain Tsunami’: a Disaster Waiting to Happen

“It looked like a scene from hell.” And it was entirely predictable

Linda Gordon: ‘Suffragette’ Foregrounds Working-Class Women

A review of the movie “Suffragette”

David Swanson: A Waroholic Wishes You Peace on Earth

Hidden in the mystery of the ludicrous “last resort” claims, taken oh so seriously by commentators on war, may lie an explanation of current bigotry toward Muslims

Robert Jensen: McRaven’s delusional, dangerous national security strategy

U.S. leaders are responsible for crimes against peace and war crimes, and increasingly at home where our affluent nation ignores the needs of our most vulnerable citizens

Preeti Kaur: Censorship and Control

Recent events in Punjab are consistent with the Indian government’s strategy of public silence and local repression

Yasin Sunca: The Open Secret of Turkey-Islamic State Group Collaboration

Kurdish resistance in Rojava, especially during the Kobanê war, helped unmask this Fautsian pact between Turkey and the Islamic State group

Max Ajl: How to Avoid a ‘COP Out’ at the Paris Climate Talks

A meaningful and just climate agreement must address climate debt, differentiated responsibility, and the right to development for developing nations

Various Contributors: Message to Black Clergy: Think of Trump’s Rhetoric Before Meeting With Him

An open letter from more than 100 Black religious leaders and scholars to the African Americanministers scheduled to meet with Donald Trump

Walden Bello: APEC: Arena for Competing Geoeconomic Visions

Why does APEC survive after failing to become a free trade area? Is it that big powers find it useful to recruit allies for rival visions?

Justin Podur: Elections Theater

Are fair elections too hard for the international community to manage?

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Violence is Not New, It’s the Cameras That are New”

Today we spend the hour with Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of the explosive book about white supremacy and being black in America. Titled “Between the World and Me,” it is written as a letter to his teenage son, Samori. In July, Ta-Nehisi Coates launched the book in his hometown of Baltimore. He spoke at the historic Read more…

Nadine Bloch: 100 years later: 5 timeless lessons from Joe Hill

As a songwriter, poet, public speaker and organizer, Hill was a cultural worker who knew the power of harnessing creativity

Gareth Porter: How terror in Paris calls for revising US Syria policy

The issue of whether Assad must go as part of a settlement has been a fixture of US Syria policy ever since 2011

Roberto Savio: Military Security and Human Security

It is interesting to note that in the world’s various stock exchanges, beginning with the City in London, the value of the shares in the military industry are on the rise

Saed Bannoura: Israel To Coordinate With Google, YouTube, To Censor Palestinian Videos Of Conflict

All foreign journalists who report in the Occupied Territories are required to register with the Israeli military

Pepe Escobar: Why Turkey Stabbed Russia in the Back

Russia’s and Turkey’s objectives in fighting the Islamic State group are diametrically opposed

Heather Digby Parton: The unprecedented nightmare of Donald Trump’s campaign

The bizarre spectacle of Trump’s candidacy has one word on everyone’s mind: “Fascism”

Gary Leupp: Ben Carson, Joseph in Egypt, and the Attack on Rational Thought

By engaging in that rite next year—-supporting Trump or Carson or Rubio or Cruz or Clinton or Sanders—one will vote not so much for a candidate as for the system itself

Ramzy Baroud: Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake

Not only did the Americans destroy the central piece of our civilizational and collective experience that spanned millennia, it took pleasure in degrading us in the process

Marina Sitrin: Against Thanksgiving – for Indigenous People’s History

There is a conscious choice to ignore the history and politics of Thanksgiving, together with the history that surrounds it

Victor Wallis: The Trump Phenomenon

Trump’s prominence also reflects the combined complicity of both major parties in the deepening crisis of capitalism

Patrick Bond: China Sucked Deeper into World Financial Vortex, as BRICS Sink

Could Beijing adopt an anti-imperial currency policy – or next week, will it become a tighter sub-imperial ally of Western financiers?

Kelly Hayes: On Holiday Myths and State Violence

One of the common refrains that Indigenous people in the United States are confronted with when they speak to this country’s history of genocide and repression is the claim that the harms Natives have historically endured are confined to the past. We are told that we are no longer living out the reality or the Read more…

Sarah Yozzo: Thanksgiving: celebrating the privilege to forget

Capitalism eats the lives of occupied peoples, collateral damage in a process of wealth accumulation

Naomi Klein: Now Marches Are Banned at the Paris Climate Conference – What’s at Stake

Hollande is silencing those facing the worst impacts of climate change and its monstrous violence

Vijay Prashad: At the edge of peace

Anticipation sweeps Colombia over peace talks with the FARC-EP rebels. This time the hope is that the terrifying example of the 1980s will not be repeated

Harsha Walia: Why Migration Should Be Central to Paris COP21 Climate Talks

Climate refugees and displaced peoples bear the brunt of environmental violence

Gregory Wilpert: On Venezuela

Interview that looks through the complexities to the essentials on the current situation in Venezuela

Cynthia Peters: This is How You Stay Focused

Recent news threatens to fragment our attention and make us numb. But we can refuse to get scattered and helpless

Joe Emersberger: Venezuelan Opposition Say Surprising Things Ahead of Elections

As key legislative elections approach, lies spread by international press are debunked by long time government critics

Juan Cole: This Year Thanksgiving overlaps Paris Climate Summit: Let’s be Thankful we can Do Something

Thanksgiving in the American popular tradition hasn’t only been about being thankful for food abundance. It has been gratitude for survival and adaptation in an alien clime

Alex Doherty: Workless Utopias and the Return of the Future

A review of “Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work” by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams

George Monbiot: False Promise

The belief that economic growth can be detached from destruction appears to be based on a simple accounting mistake

Vijay Prashad: Showdown on the Syrian border

Impossible to ignore the grave implications of this event – a Russian jet shot down by the Turks around the Syrian-Turkish border. Stern faces all round as NATO’s military council meets to discuss the first time in decades that a member nation has shot down a Russian plane. Russia’s President Putin calls the Turkish government “accomplices Read more…

Roxanne Dunbar-ortiz: Imperial Myths: the Enduring Lie of the US’s Origin

This origin story of the United States, forms the core of US counterinsurgency, regeneration through violence, which produces responses that allows the aggressor to assume the mantel of the aggrieved

Rebecca Gordon: Home, Sweet Kleptocracy

Kabul in America

Sam Law: In defense of the Grayzone: between ISIS and the West

The targets of the Paris attacks were not primarily the civilians killed but the world they inhabited — one not yet divided into two civilizations

Gar Smith: Global Warming’s Unacknowledged Threat—The Pentagon

The Pentagon’s role in weather disruption needs to become part of the climate discussion

Roberto Savio: How Much is Left of Syrian in the Syrian War?

the U.S. Congress which equates being Syrian with being a terrorist, while the Syrian people are actually the victims of everyone

Robert Pollin: Think We Can’t Stabilize the Climate While Fostering Growth? Think Again.

Long-term investments in clean energy would curb emissions and create millions of jobs around the globe

Matthew Friedman: As Many Americans Have Criminal Records As College Diplomas

The number of Americans with a criminal history has risen sharply over the past three decades. Today, nearly one-third of the adult working age population has a criminal record. In fact, so many Americans have a criminal record that counting them all is nearly impossible. According to a 2012 Department of Justice survey, state criminal Read more…

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