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Recent ZNet

Jérôme Roos: What “Unimaginable Restraint” Looks Like For Israel

Apparently, for leading Israeli officials, dropping over 1,500 tons of explosives on an “open-air prison camp” half the size of New York City in two weeks’ time constitutes “unimaginable restraint”

Bruno Jäntti: Catastrophic state of the Israeli Jewish political milieu

Before the Israeli army began the ground assault in Gaza, over 90 % of Israelis were supportive of aerial bombings that killed scores of civilians

Sarah Woznick: Gaza: “40 percent of cases are children under five”

The most difficult dressings to do are those for small children – they do not understand what is going on and they look at you wondering what you’re going to do to them

Ellen Dannin: Water Wars and Creeping Privatization

Given the era we live in, it should come as no surprise that legislation as important – and as potentially lucrative – as the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) includes opportunities for privatization

Beth Sondel: “No Excuses” in New Orleans

It’s been a decade since New Orleans’ post-Katrina charter school experiment began. The results have been devastating

Ellen Cantarow: Letter from Gaza

In a world in which the world’s superpower remains willfully blind to Israel’s crimes, while France’s prime minister François Hollande forbids demonstrations on Gaza’s behalf, Mads Gilbert’s voice needs to be heard, as he bears witness to the agony of Gaza’s stricken population

Norman Finkelstein: HRW Whitewashes Israel, The Law Supports Hamas

One might legitimately question the political prudence of Hamas’s strategy. But the law is not unambiguously against it, while the scales of morality weigh in its favor

Peter Van Buren: Dead Is Dead

Drone-Killing the Fifth Amendment

Richard Falk: “Blood on American Hands”: Richard Falk on Palestine

, Israel always claims that its attacks against Palestinians are provoked by the Palestinians themselves

Ken Klippenstein: US Provides Israel the Weapons Used on Gaza

The United States exported to Israel a substantial amount of the same types of weapons Israel is using to kill Gazans, a new analysis of US Census Bureau export data reveals

Lois Weiner: Building, Not Rebuilding, Public Education

The fight against corporate education reform must be less about restoring a system to its former glory than building a just one for the first time

Peter Marcuse: Community Land Trusts as Transformative Housing Reforms

The different tenures of housing and the legal and financial relationships householders have to the housing they occupy have major implications for the way people live

Norman Pollack: Political Bestiality

The Israeli Pogrom of Gaza

Richard Falk: When BBC Calls, Don’t Answer

That is, don’t answer, if you are a certified critic of Israeli policies and practices

Jeremy Scahill: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence”

Marwan Bishara: On Stupidity and War

Israel is a fast learner, but did it learn the most valuable lesson of all?

George Monbiot: The Pricing of Everything

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is no mystery. It is the same answer that it has always been. The same answer that it always will be. The one thing we just cannot be bothered to get off our bottoms to do, which is the only thing that works. Mobilisation

Melvin A. Goodman: Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto

There are two compelling factors that stand out in any examination of the crisis in Gaza: the persistent intransigence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Israeli unwillingness to pursue a diplomatic and political solution to the Palestinian tragedy

Ilan Pappe: Making Sense of Gaza: An Interview With Ilan Pappe

Interview on the recent violence, Operation Protective Edge and the prospects of peace in the future

Shamus Cooke: How Obama is a Direct Accomplice to Israeli War Crimes

This ongoing bloody dynamic continues in large part because the U.S. government allows it

Michael Albert: One Big Movement?

One of the pervasive problems of the U.S. left, and I would wager around the world, is fragmentation. One of the abiding strengths of the U.S. left, and I suspect around the world, is diversity. How do we reduce the former without losing the latter?

Joe Emersberger: How Many Lives Has Edward Snowden Saved?

Snowden’s leaks – especially the ones having to do with spying in Brazil – will raise the political costs of Latin American governments collaborating with US intelligence services and other agencies

Glenn Greenwald: Grotesque but Not Original

One can say many things about a military operation that results in more than 75 percent of the dead being civilians, many of them children, aimed at a population trapped in a tiny area with no escape. The claim that there is no intent to kill civilians but rather an intent to protect them is most assuredly not among them

Badri Raina: The Burden of Inequity

It is a marvel of nature that worthwhile people may be found in the most unlikely places

Danny Schechter: Suicidal Bombers Over Gaza In A World Coming Apart

While Washington is busy lecturing Russia on a loss of human life in that plane crash, they are enabling the deadly Israeli bombardment

Ari Paul: More Than a Protest Vote

Howie Hawkins’ campaign for governor is part of a renewed vision of electoral activism on the Left

Patrick Youngblood: On Israel and Palestine

Many people assume the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is particularly difficult to understand, perhaps even convoluted beyond a solution

Richard D. Wolff: Capitalism’s Deeper Problem

Today’s extremes produced by a globalizing capitalism — Detroit versus San Francisco, Manhattan versus the Bronx, Germany versus Greece, China’s new billionaires versus many millions of poor workers and peasants — where might they be leading us?

Dave Zirin: On Dwight Howard and #FreePalestine

If anything, Howard performed a public service by demonstrating how Palestinian people are imprisoned not only by walls, barbed wire and checkpoints but also by Western hypocrisy

Mahienour El-Massry: Free Mahienour! Egyptian Revolutionary and Climate Activist

In May Egyptian revolutionary, climate activist and lawyer Mahienour El-Massry was unjustly jailed. Just before she was imprisoned she spoke to Mika Minio about her amazing work

Laura Flanders: Breaking the Grip of the Fossil Fuel Economy

If It Can Happen in Appalachia, It Can Happen Anywhere

David McReynolds: The Deep Emergency of the Gaza Crisis

We saw such a movement in the Vietnam War. We need it again. And we need it urgently. Israel has not only done terrible damage to Gaza, it has wounded itself far more deeply than it realizes

John Feffer: MH17: Cold War Replay?

The last time the U.S. accused Russia of downing a civilian airliner, nuclear war nearly broke out

Donna Nevel: The Heart of the Problem With Israel

The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people

Federico Fuentes: From Bolivia, a Trade-Union Appeal for International Anti-Capitalist Solidarity

As a follow-up to the June summit meeting of the G77 + China leaders, held in Santa Cruz, the Bolivian government and the Bolivian Workers Central (COB) sponsored an “Anti-Imperialist International Trade Union Conference” in Cochabamba, June 30-July 2

George Monbiot: A One Way Street to Oblivion

Can any more destructive and regressive measures be crammed into one piece of legislation?

Max Blumenthal: Fired MSNBC Contributor Speaks Out

As Gaza body toll mounts, NBC executives crack down on criticism of Israel with increasingly draconian measures

Shea Howell: Distorted Reality in Detroit

We are faced with decisions that defy rationality. We are presented with conclusions that benefit bankers, businesses, and a small financial elite

Noam Chomsky: On Israel-Palestine and BDS: Chomsky Replies

Noam Chomsky responds to Yousef Munayyer, MJ Rosenberg, Nadia Ben-Youssef, Ran Greenstein and the Organizing Collective of the US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Justin Podur: Q/A on Palestine

Israel is a part of the West. Its economy and politics are fully integrated with the West. It simply cannot do this without support from the US, Canada, and Europe

George Monbiot: Bone China Tea Party

Beware the self-pity of the governing classes

Deepa Kumar: Telegenic Dead: Israel’s Crumbling Media War

As the world watches in horror the massacre of Palestinians, Israel’s propaganda war is being challenged not only on social media but by some establishment journalists as well

Tariq Ali: Blinded by Israel, Visionless in Gaza

The US Senate votes unanimously to defend Israel including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Jonathan Cook: US Plays Decisive Role in Israel’s Attack On Gaza

There can be no hope of a peaceful solution ever gaining traction – or these bouts of blood-letting in Gaza coming to end – unless Washington is finally unmasked as Israel’s abettor-in-chief

Taylan Tosun: While Iraq is Disintegrating … What’s Next?

The geopolitics of Iraq has definitely changed after the US occupation in 2003

Robert Fisk: A Grey Blob is Not Respect

Cruelly obliterating their image kills the child a second time

Ola al-Tamimi: How the West Bank was domesticated

While the massacres continue in Palestinian neighborhoods and refugee camps and more than 153,000 people have fled their homes in Gaza, popular anger is exploding in the Strip but Gazans are wondering why the uprising in the West Bank, which sparked the escalation in this last round, has died down

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed

The resistance movement in Gaza is often misrepresented intentionally at times, and at other times innocuously. In the heat of the information battle that has ensued since Israel unleashed its latest war many facts and essential context have gone missing

Dahr Jamail: The Brink of Mass Extinction

In the last decade alone, record high temperatures across the United States have outnumbered record low temperatures two to one, and the trend is both continuing and escalating

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