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Recent ZNet

Jack Rasmus: American Labor At Strategic Impasse: Part 1: Dimensions of the Crisis

The trade union movement in the USA today is on the road to nowhere. The decline, in progress for more than three decades, is now accelerating

Milan Rai: ‘A Huge Sprawling Giant’

The Colonial Realities Behind The British Empire’s Entry Into The First World War

Justin Podur: Israel/Palestine Lexicon for Mainstream Media

If you are writing for mainstream media, you need to learn special uses of words and phrases that are specific to Israel/Palestine

Lee Fang: Leading Civil Rights Groups Just Sold Out On Net Neutrality

Perhaps the bigger picture here is how so many of the old civil rights establishment have become comfortable with trading endorsements for cash

Ewan Robertson: Maduro Designated New Party President at III PSUV National Congress

The national conference comes as the Maduro administration considers how to resolve on-going economic problems, including product shortages and 62% annual inflation

Richard Falk: Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive

Posted here is a Joint Declaration of international law experts from around the world who are listed as endorsers

David Swanson: If We Dislike War Like We Dislike Cancer

What if a campaign to abolish war were to learn a few tricks from the campaign to abolish breast cancer?

Juan Cole: Why Obama & Kerry are Furious

The United States as a great Power is facing a large number of challenges in the Muslim world, and Israel’s Gaza campaign is endangering both American diplomacy there and the very security of the US

Dave Zirin: Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza

. In a land where soccer fields are constantly under bombardment—Israel says that parks and stadiums are popular places for Hamas to launch rocket attacks—the beach is where you go to play

Cynthia Peters: Step 1: Identify the True Criminals among Us

If there was a crime being committed on Norwell Street, that was it — the systematic theft of wealth from those who have not very much to those who have an obscene share of it

Hilary Wainwright: Workers as Agents of Economic Change

What if workers began thinking of themselves not as helpless casualties of forces beyond their control but as the source of the creativity needed to find solutions

Patrick Bond: In Fortaleza, BRICS Became Co-Dependent Upon Eco-Financial Imperialism

In this context, critics are forcing open two crucial debates: first, is BRICS anti-imperialist as advertised, potentially inter-imperialist as the Ukraine battleground portends, or merely sub-imperialist where it counts most: in the ongoing global financial and climate meltdowns?

Mark Weisbrot: How to Fix Venezuela’s Troubled Exchange Rate

Even though the country’s black market for U.S. dollars has stabilized, the government will need to bring inflation down in order to maintain a stable exchange rate.

Jack Rasmus: A Reply to Thom Hartmann’s Interview of Richard Wolff

On the Causes of Investment Decline in the US Economy

Socialist Worker Reporters: Protesters Fill London Streets In Solidarity with Palestine

Up to 100,000 people filled the streets of central London today, Saturday, in protest at Israel’s continuing assault on Gaza

Rania Khalek: Merciless Israeli Mobs are Hunting Palestinians

Right-wing lynch mobs continue to roam the streets in search of Arabs to attack

David Swanson: War in Our Collective Imagination

I want to celebrate those who resist and oppose war, not those who engage in it

David Helvarg: My Oily Town — Richmond

If the Supreme Court is right that corporations are people and money is free speech, then Chevron is the biggest loudmouth in Richmond

Amanda Holpuch: Fast-food Workers Vote for Civil Disobedience

More than 1,000 fast-food workers gathered outside Chicago for a two-day convention which aimed to celebrate recent successes in the campaign for better workers’ rights

Juan Cole: Gaza: Why a ‘Cease-Fire’ is Not Enough

A cease-fire that does not include an end to the blockade on Gaza by Israel is not a cease-fire, it is a pause in the war

Richard Falk: Cruelties of Ceasefire Diplomacy

Just as with the peace process itself, the time has surely come for a credible ceasefire to take account of the views and interests of both sides, and bring this sustained surge of barbaric violence to an end

Patrick Cockburn: The Secret Report That Helps Israelis To Hide Facts

The slickness of Israel’s spokesmen is rooted in directions set down by pollster Frank Luntz

Jon Snow: Gaza is not just about them, it’s about us, too

This is humankind’s most grievous cancer, for its cells infect conflicts in every corner of the world. We fail as humankind if we do not devise a coming-together

Naomi Oreskes: Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas

Why fossil fuels can’t solve the problems created by fossil fuels

Federico Fuentes: Bolivia’s Example Of Legislating With The People

A Bolivian vice-minister once commented that having the people protesting on the streets makes it so much harder to govern, but that at the same time he hoped they never leave the streets

Amira Hass: Some 150 Bodies Recovered in Gaza as Death Toll Exceeds 1,000

Palestinian sources say seven members of medical teams have been killed by IDF in past two weeks

Alex Doherty: Vietnam – Massacre as Strategy

Review of ‘Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War In Vietnam’ by Nick Turse

Neeta Lal: India’s Great Invisible Workforce

According to census data released this month, a whopping 160 million women in India, 88 percent of who are of working age (15 to 59 years), are confined to their homes performing ‘household duties’

Arun Gupta: The Return of Frankenstein

Politicians and generals may think they can control the monsters they’ve spawned. But unlike Al Qaeda, which needed a patron in the form of the Taliban, ISIL is building its own state in a region of utmost importance to Empire

Mohammed Omer: Gaza Pulverised Beyond Recognition

Al-Hassan was here a month ago, but nothing he sees looks anything like what he remembers before Israel’s missiles started falling

Zafrir Rinat: In Tel Aviv, thousands protest against the Gaza operation

Some 7,000 protesters were estimated to attended in the biggest protest against the operation thus far

Sardar Saadi: Rojava Revolution

Building Autonomy in the Middle East

Stop the War Coalition: The World Says Stop Israel’s Barbaric Attack on Gaza

Over 60,000 marched in London for the second time in a week, as towns and cities across the UK and worldwide demonstrated against Israel’s attack on Gaza

Kevin Zeese: The Empire Economy Does Not Serve The Economy Or People

Now is the time to build our power and use it. Let’s organize to end Empire and militarism and create an alternative democratized economy that puts the needs of people and the planet first

David Swanson: Letter From Happy Town

It’s hard to know whether to be pleased each time the place I live, Charlottesville, Va., is named the happiest city in the United States

Bécquer Seguín: The Syriza of Spain

Podemos, Spain’s newest political party, has put forth a radical program based on class politics

Glenn Greenwald: The NSA’s New Partner in Spying

Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police

Iñigo Errejón: Spain’s Podemos

An inside view of a radical left sensation

Etgar Keret: Israel’s Other War

It’s become clear during this operation that the right wing has lost its patience in all matters regarding that elusive term, “freedom of speech”

Harriet Sherwood: Teenager killed on his birthday as violence ignites in West Bank

Ramallah doctor says ‘We have seen this before but not since the intifada’ as hospital treats 250 injured with gunshot wounds

Michael Albert: Thoughts and Deeds 6: Venezuela, Media, Music

This is part six of a six part interview. It deals mainly with the IOPS experience, Venezuela, alternative media, and some music lyrics

Ali Bektas: Rojova: A Struggle Against Borders and for Autonomy

The Kurdish aspiration to destroy these borders is reaching its peak today on the boundary that separates Turkey and Syria

Ewan Robertson: Workers in Venezuelan State Companies Demand Improved Pay & Conditions

Workers in state run steel and electricity companies are demanding improved wages and conditions, and have issued criticisms over the management of their respective industries

Dave Zirin: Here’s What Happens When an NFL Player Beats His Fiancée Unconscious

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was caught on a security camera dragging his unconscious wife-to-be Janay Palmer by the hair, after knocking her unconscious

David Swanson: The Palestinian Right and the American Left

The division between these two societies is extreme. How else could Israelis imagine children as their enemies? And how else could those children’s parents imagine that firing rockets would win over hearts and minds?

James Kassaga Arinaitwe: How US Evangelicals Are Shaping Development In Uganda

Foreign faith-based, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are shaping many aspects of my country’s development to suit their religious agenda

Jérôme Roos: What “Unimaginable Restraint” Looks Like For Israel

Apparently, for leading Israeli officials, dropping over 1,500 tons of explosives on an “open-air prison camp” half the size of New York City in two weeks’ time constitutes “unimaginable restraint”

Bruno Jäntti: Catastrophic state of the Israeli Jewish political milieu

Before the Israeli army began the ground assault in Gaza, over 90 % of Israelis were supportive of aerial bombings that killed scores of civilians

Sarah Woznick: Gaza: “40 percent of cases are children under five”

The most difficult dressings to do are those for small children – they do not understand what is going on and they look at you wondering what you’re going to do to them

Ellen Dannin: Water Wars and Creeping Privatization

Given the era we live in, it should come as no surprise that legislation as important – and as potentially lucrative – as the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) includes opportunities for privatization

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