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Recent ZNet

Noam Chomsky: Official: The US is a Leading Terrorist State

An international poll found that the United States is ranked far in the lead as “the biggest threat to world peace today,” far ahead of second-place Pakistan, with no one else even close

Jérôme Roos: The Next Financial Crisis May Be Just Around the Corner

The headlines look eerily familiar: global growth is stalling, stocks are tumbling and peripheral bond yields are rising sharply

Jack Rasmus: The Eurozone’s ‘New Austerity Model’

As the Eurozone economy weakens still further, it is likely that debates and splits within the Eurozone capitalist elites will continue to intensify

David Swanson: On Killing Trayvons

Stand-your-ground murders are facilitated by racism; and racist propaganda that blames the victims protects the killers after the fact

Jelle Bruinsma: Kobanê, the Kurdish Struggle, and the Dangers Lurking Ahead

While ISIS has been driven out of Kobanê, dangers of U.S. imperial prerogatives lurk around the corner for Kurdish ambitions for democratic autonomy

Lawrence Wittner: The United States Is Number 1 — But in What?

In a great many other areas, the United States is not No. 1 at all

Mustafa Gurbuz: Where are Turkey, the PKK and the Kurds Going?

The PKK has become increasingly aggressive as its demands have long been postponed

Erica Weiland: You Have Already Been Drafted

ou have already been drafted. Now, will you resist the draft, or cooperate?

Leigh Phillips: The Political Economy of Ebola

Ebola is a problem that is not being solved because there is almost no money to be made in solving it. It’s an unprofitable disease

Dave Zirin: #FergusonOctober Comes to Monday Night Football

As long as some people in the United States cannot escape the fear of police violence, the escapism of sports is a bubble well worth popping

Sarah Lazare: ‘Eroding Legitimacy’ of Fossil Fuels Industry

Divestment Movement Gains Ground

Dan Peleschuk: Kyiv is getting rowdy — again

As elections approach, spontaneous street protests are erupting

Lyndal Rowlands: Pacific Climate Change Warriors Block World’s Largest Coal Port

Pacific Island leaders have recently stepped up their language, challenging the Australian government to stop delaying action on climate change

Craig Collins: Overlooking the Obvious With Naomi Klein

Klein ignores the deep connection between climate chaos, militarism, and war

Sonali Kolhatkar: Hysteria Over Ebola Fuels Racism, While the Real Disease Is Capitalism

Moneyed interests are trumping our public health

Vijay Prashad: For clarity in Syria’s muddy politics

The integrity of the idea of humanitarian intervention by the West is threadbare.

Joe Emersberger: Bolivia-Venezuela Comparisons Should be Very Helpful to Radical Chavistas

The Morales government has been more defiant of economic orthodoxy (i.e. more radical) than Venezuela’s in some important ways

Laura Poitras: Edward Snowden and the Golden Age of Spying

The most striking thing Snowden has revealed is the depth of what the NSA and the Five Eyes countries [Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the U.S.] are doing

Rob Edwards: Fukushima legacy… 25,000 who cannot go home again

At least 25,000 people evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan will never be able to go home

Bruno Lima Rocha: Brazil and the Elections in the Second Round – the campaign midterm

The question remains: If Neoliberalism comes back, what to do? And now: Who will face it? Which social forces are able to challenge it?

Micah Uetricht: Chicago teachers demonstrate a new approach to organising

A strike by Chicago teachers shows how unions can resist the dismantling of public education

Owen Davis: Punitive Schooling

The education reform movement has brought “broken windows” policing into the classroom

Fidel Castro: Ebola and the Hour of Duty

We, the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, will also be sending a message of support and struggle to all other peoples in the world. The time of duty has come

Alice Rothchild: The New McCarthyism on Israel: Naming and Shaming . . . Hillel

If Palestinians are condemned when they commit violent resistance and condemned when they call for nonviolent resistance, how are they supposed to resist the occupation and daily violations to basic human rights and dignity?

Bill Fletcher: Ebola, Race and Neo-liberalism

In each case, countries that have been the victims of colonial-originated underdevelopment have lacked the necessary resources in order to address systemic poverty and dire healthcare needs

Victoria Law: Against Carceral Feminism

Relying on state violence to curb domestic violence only ends up harming the most marginalized women

Cory Fischer-hoffman: Planting the People’s Seed Law in Venezuela

It is clear that the movement is growing strength and numbers, as food sovereignty becomes defined through a participatory process from the grassroots up

Kathy Kelly: Stop the Killing

The Islamic State is the echo of the last war the U.S. waged in Iraq, the so-called “Shock and Awe” bombing and invasion. The emergency is not the Islamic State but war

Glenn Greenwald: What ‘Democracy’ Really Means in U.S. and New York times Jargon: Latin American Edition

Just as the NYT did with the Venezuelan coup regime of 2002, the U.S. government hails the Egyptian coup regime as saviors of democracy

Joe Emersberger: Left Responses to the West’s Perpetual Wars

They should be very careful not to be used, as some Leftists inevitably are, to provide niche marketing for perpetual war

Susan Robertson: GERM – neoliberal policy infecting the world’s classrooms

The neoliberal mantra of ‘choice’, tests and privatisation is poisoning our education systems worldwide

Dean Baker: World’s richest man tries to defend wealth inequality

Gates used classic anti-competitive practices to gain and protect a near monopoly in the market for personal computer operating systems

William Blum: The Islamist State

You cannot destroy modern, relatively developed and educated societies, ripping apart the social, political, economic and legal fabric, torturing thousands, killing millions, and expect civilization and human decency to survive

Atilio Boron: Why Did Evo Win?

The landslide victory of Evo Morales has a very simple explanation: he won because his government has been, without a doubt, the best in the troubled history of Bolivia

Edward S. Herman: “The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide”: A Response to Justin Podur

the continuity over the past twenty years in the structure of power, the aims of the principal killers and the targets and victims of the only “well-organized killing force” operating first in Rwanda and soon thereafter in the DRC, is a story that Justin Podur does not grasp

Noam Chomsky: Dark Clouds Loom

Interview on the threat of nuclear war, the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and the growth of ISIS in Iraq

Josephus Weeks: Ebola didn’t have to kill Thomas Eric Duncan, nephew says

In time, we may learn why my uncle’s initial visit to the hospital was met with such incompetence and insensitivity

Ben Norton: California Leads the Way in the “Block the Boat” Movement

The world’s peoples are standing up for human rights, freedom, and dignity. This is how history is made. It always has been, and it always will be

Paul Street: The Logical Bipartisan Insanity of Endless War

Such is the logic of endless imperial war, an Orwellian U.S. complex with a stark state-capitalist twist in the second decade of the 21st century

Richard D. Wolff: Anti-Capitalist on a Scale I Have Not Seen in Half a Century

49% of young people between the ages of 18-29 view socialism in a favorable light

Joy First: What Happens When You Talk With Americans About Drone Murders

We were there in solidarity with others around the country as part of “Keep Space for Peace Week” and global days of actions against drones

Ben Dangl: Beyond Evo Morales’ Electoral Victory: A View from La Paz

On the car-less, sunny streets of La Paz on election day, the enthusiasm for the government was palpable

Pablo Mukherjee: The Siege of Jadavpur – A Global Story

It is far from coincidental that this rot from the top is always accompanied by the entrenchment of a culture of violence on campus, of which sexual assaults on women students is one telling example

Vijay Prashad: Hand in Hand

Narendra Modi’s sublime gifts to Barack Obama and the two leaders’ visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr memorial was ironically followed by a renewal of the 10-year military agreement and a revitalisation of the nuclear deal to take forward the strategic relationship

Naomi Klein: Climate change: how to make the big polluters really pay

Are fossil fuel companies – long toxic to our natural environment – becoming toxic in the public relations environment as well?

Rob Prince: Ebola: A Symptom of Economic Inequality

While the Ebola virus is spreading globally, its impact will mostly felt in the world’s poorer regions

Ramzy Baroud: The Missing Context: ‘Islamic State’ Sectarianism is Not Coincidental

While the US-led coalition can indeed inflect much damage on IS and eventually claim some sort of victory, they will ultimately exasperate the sectarian tension that will spill over to other Middle Eastern nations

Paul Farmer: Diary

Weak health systems, not unprecedented virulence or a previously unknown mode of transmission, are to blame for Ebola’s rapid spread

Peter Van Buren: Seven Worst-Case Scenarios in the Battle with the Islamic State

Worst-case scenario: America’s pan-Middle Eastern war marches into its third decade with no end in sight

Justin Podur: The BBC Documentary doesn’t deny the genocide

Rather than a letter about ‘genocide denial’, the authors would have been more honest to write a manifesto of unconditional support for Rwanda’s dictator

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