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Recent ZNet

Cornel West: Endorsing Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump

Interview on the state of politics in America

Glenn Greenwald: Jorge Ramos Commits Journalism, Gets Immediately Attacked by Journalists

Ultimately, demands for “neutrality” and “objectivity” are little more than rules designed to shield those with the greatest power from meaningful challenge

Danica Jorden: The Ramos – Trump Exchange: GOP Candidate’s Muddled But Clearly Xenophobic Message

“If we as reporters do not take a stand and ask the difficult questions, we are not doing our job.”

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Islamic State’ Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya

Another war is in the making in Libya: the questions are ‘how’ and ‘when’?

J.J. Goldberg: “We’ll die for this land”: when slum dwellers revolt

South African media often depict poor black protesters as angry and irrational. Supporting their struggle requires challenging this discursive trope

Paul Street: Overworked and Out of Time: a Democracy Issue

The long-shot United States Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been telling the large crowds attending his rallies that American workers put in the longest hours in the industrialized world. He’s on solid ground. According to the International Labor Organization, “Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per Read more…

Tom Youngman: Housing gains in Spain

The Spanish housing movement is fighting evictions and campaigning for the right to housing for all

Juan Cole: Defending Natalie Portman on Holocaust: Sometimes it can be subverted to fear-mongering

Actress Natalie Portman has kicked off a controversy with remarks about how remember the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, in which the National Socialists murdered 6 million. Her critics have run off on tangents and presented a lot of red herrings. Portman did not question the distinctiveness of the Holocaust, but rather outlined what she Read more…

Keith A. Spencer: Why the Rich Love Burning Man

Burning Man became a festival that rich libertarians love because it never had a radical critique at its core

Michael Busch: El Salvador Struggles to Break Legacy of Civil War Violence

While protest movements are gaining steam in its regional neighbors, El Salvador descends further into social crisis

Paul Street: Health Care Slavery and Overwork

Two Underestimated Barriers to Democratic Resistance in the “Land of the Free”

Laura Gottesdiener: Coal Dethroned

As the coal industry crumbles, West Virginians are rallying in support of what’s being called “transition work” — the building, that is, of a new economy based on agriculture, local arts, wineries, and the like

David Swanson: The Rise of the Permanent Prisoners of War

A gradual change over the past half-century that has resulted in the police going to war against people they were supposed to serve

Frank Bardacke: Strawberry Jam

The UFWOC organizing committee was established in 1966. The union was granted a charter as an independent union in 1972. It is now 43 years later. When will the workers be ready?

Walden Bello: Class and the Politics of Memory in Post-War Asia

Perhaps the main factor explaining the different attitudes toward Japan is the class factor

Alexandra Pedersen: Canadian Mining Undermines Democracy in Central America

Canada’s multinationals work hand-in-hand with corrupt governments and threaten democracy in post-conflict Central American nations

Kathy Kelly: Let It Shine

On walks like this we’ve been fortunate to imagine a better life, sharing moments of purpose and sanity with the many we’ve met along the road

David Swanson: Which U.S. Senators Really Want War on Iran — An Update

This is an update to “Which U.S. Senators Want War on Iran.”I’ve found there isn’t really any way to touch on this topic without misunderstanding, but here’s a try. Iran has never had a nuclear weapons program or threatened to launch a war against the U.S. or Israel. Many opponents of the Iran deal in Read more…

Preeti Kaur: Tianjin Explosion Highlights Profits over People

Regulations requiring corporations to safeguard their employees and protect the environment must be bought into law and implemented strictly and effectively

Kim Katrin Milan: Loving Out Loud: On Black LGBT Love

We hope that by sharing the way we love each other, we can encourage others to openly express or feel affirmed in their love as a Black LGBTQ person

Steve Early: How “Brother” Bernie Is Making Labor’s Day

Whether he wins or loses, Sanders is already helpfully tapping into rank-and-file discontent about who gets to decide what in our unions

David Cromwell: ‘Bullying’ – BBC Political Editor’s Bizarre Term For The Public Resisting The Establishment

The ‘free press’ requires compliant journalists willing to disseminate elite-friendly messages about global ‘peace’, ‘security’ and ‘prosperity’

Dean Baker: The Stock Market Is Not the Economy

We are seeing the usual hysteria over the sharp drop in the markets in Asia, Europe, and perhaps the US. (Wall Street seems to be rallying as I write.) There are a few items worth noting as we enjoy the panic. First and most importantly, the stock market is not the economy. The stock market Read more…

Paul Rogers: Jeremy Corbyn may be ahead of the game

On big issues, including climate change and poverty, the Labour hopeful could put Cameron on the back foot

David Marty: Is Podemos willing to break out of the European corset?

The Syriza debacle has forced some of the main actors in Europe’s economy and politics to drop their masks

Yves Engler: Ugly Reality of Canadian Aid to Haiti

The primary explanation for the gap between what’s said and done is that power generally defines what is considered reality

Federico Fuentes: Venezuela: Could Chavistas Lose The Coming Election?

Every election since Hugo Chavez’s successful 1998 bid for president has been transformed into a referendum on the future of the country’s “Bolivarian revolution”

David Bromwich: Playing the Long Game on Iran

The Neoconservatives, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Republicans Game the System

David Swanson: Environmentalist Writer Claims Military Saves Lives

If militaries were made green in terms of their operations, they would lose one of their main reasons for war

Noam Chomsky: The Nuclear Deal

The nuclear deal reached between Iran and P5+1 was greeted with relief and optimism throughout the world, with striking exceptions: the US and its closest regional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Stathis Kouvelakis: Introducing Popular Unity

Syriza’s left wing has split from the party, becoming the third largest group in the Greek Parliament

Andrew Anthony: Yanis Varoufakis: ‘If I’m convicted of high treason, it would be interesting’

Varoufakis has been a longtime and consistent critic of Greek politics, its ruling oligarchy, its widespread tax evasion and endemic corruption

Laurie Penny: Europe shouldn’t worry about migrants. It should worry about creeping fascism

The greatest threat to our “way of life” is not migration. It is that we will swallow the lie that some human lives matter less than others

Joris Leverink: US shows its real face in choosing Turkey over the Kurds

In its choice of allies in the battle against IS, the US is showing that defeating the jihadists might in fact not be its number one priority

Roberto Savio: Misinformation Hides Real Dimension of Greek “Bailout”

The purpose of Greece’s third bailout is clear – all but seven percent of the 86 billion euros will go to pay debt with the other European governments, recapitalize Greek banks, pay interest on Greece’s debt and pay the debt of the state with Greek enterprises, while the country’s citizens will see none of it

Sophia Tesfaye: Private prisons get Bern-ed: Sanders proposes abolishing for-profit facilities

The Independent Vermont senator plans to bolster his criminal justice reform record with new bill next month

Adam Talbot: Rio’s Olympic preparations under the spotlight

In the run-up to the Rio Olympics people have been forced from their homes and killed in the streets, while the environment has been permanently damaged

Dilar Dirik: From Genocide to Resistance: Yazidi Women Fight Back

Having suffered a traumatic genocide, Yazidi women on Mount Sinjar mobilize their autonomous armed and political resistance with the PKK’s philosophy

Eva Golinger: The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

What appears to be a centuries-old struggle for control over a sliver of land in Northeastern South America is actually a front for regime change

Jérôme Roos: Puerto Rico: a US debt colony hounded by hedge funds

Why was Puerto Rico allowed to default while Greece was not? Just follow the money: the default was on the poor, while US hedge funds profit once more

Vincent Emanuele: River of Souls: Colonialism’s Toxic Legacy

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” — Jean-Baptise Alphonse Karr Recently, a contractor working for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Mountain West state of Colorado unintentionally released 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste into the Animas River. Right now, people in the US are debating the efficacy of the Read more…

Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the Kurdish Fight for the Middle Eastern Patria Grande

Interview on a variety of topics including the relation between the Venezuelan “communal state” and the democratic confederalist model being constructed in the autonomous region of northern Syria known as Rojava

Henry A. Giroux: The Plague of American Authoritarianism

Totalitarianism was as much about the production of thoughtlessness as it was about the imposition of brute force, gaping inequality, corporatism, and the spectacle of violence

Ted Glick: Bernie Can Win in November 2016

Turning on those who, for good reason, have turned off to the US political system, getting them to register and getting those registered to turn out on election, or caucus, day is critical for the Sanders campaign

David Swanson: When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change

Military spending diverts public funds into increasingly privatized industries through the least accountable public enterprise

George Monbiot: Tory lobbying against air pollution laws smells of political corruption

The UK government’s bid to weaken EU laws to limit toxic pollution wouldn’t appear in any manifesto. It reveals a party working in the interests of corporate coal rather than the public

Kate Aronoff:  How to Add Politics to Our Protest

 The case for a new, open-source party of unified progressive movements

Jack Rasmus: China vs. the IMF

Behind the IMF’s decision to refuse China’s currency reserve status is U.S. commitment to protect its hegemonic role in the global economy

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