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Recent ZNet

Vijay Prashad: Tough guy Modi is the man of the moment for wealthy Indian Americans

Concerns about his role in a vicious 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom and his poor environmental record are swept away as Modi’s feelgood effect sweeps the US

Michael Karadjis: Syrian rebels overwhelmingly condemn US bombing as an attack on revolution

The US aim now seems to be to further eviscerate the revolution, in a number of different ways

Naomi Klein: “Capitalism Is Stupid”

Interview on why liberalism is not enough, why billionaires can’t save us, and what we need to do to save ourselves

Brendan Fischer: Tens of Thousands of WI Students Face New Voting Hurdles

The last-minute reinstatement of Wisconsin’s voter ID restrictions could create voting problems for over 32,000 students attending state universities

Pam Bailey: Gaza: Inspiring new forms of resistance?

Gaza’s ‘war artists’ adapt to occupation by using technology to create and share

Luke Savage: Scotland’s Democratic Horizons

Scottish independence achieved mass support because it gave ordinary people the sense that they can control their own destiny

Nick Turse: Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea

In the Face of Rising Maritime Insecurity, AFRICOM Claims Success and Obama Embraces a Strongman

Joris Leverink: Kobanê Under Siege

Kurds Resist Fierce IS Attack

Shamus Cooke: The Unspoken Consequences of Bombing Syria

Obama’s “coalition of the willing” is largely a mirage

Atilio Boron: Vulture(fund)s Reloaded

Madeleine Albright Comes on the Scene

Ian Sinclair: ‘It Never Happened’ – US Intervention in Syria

Why are all of these professional journalists – supposedly a profession made up of stroppy, questioning cynics – incapable of stating the most basic of facts about the US role in Syria?

Harry Targ: Moral Mondays Comes To Indiana

People left the rally with a renewed passion to move above the snake line to a higher ground. They vowed to build a powerful new political voice in the state: Indiana Moral Mondays

Meredith Tax: Ten Points Towards a Two-State Solution

The parameters of a two-state solution have been clear for many years

Patrick Bond: Climate Justice Resurfaces Amidst New York’s Corporate Sharks

The world’s largest-ever march against climate change on Sunday brought 400,000 people to the streets of New York

Phyllis Bennis: The Speech We Didn’t Hear

Obama at the United Nations

Walden Bello: Will Europe Enlist in Washington’s War Again?

It is helpful to review the record of Europe’s response to Washington’s imperial overtures

Shane Danaher: Patients Last

Prime Healthcare Services — like the rest of the for-profit health industry — shows capitalism at its worst

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuela’s Maduro Responds to Scathing US Editorials and Blames Capitalism for ‘Environment Collapse’

. Over the weekend, the Washington Post ridiculed president Nicolas Maduro and warned readers that, if elected to council, Venezuela would only “advocate for allies such as Syria, Iran and Cuba”

Apostolis Kasimeriss: “This Destruction of Workers’ Lives Serves the Bankers”

“We must all keep going…we have no other way to survive than to fight back”

Noam Sheizaf: How to talk occupation at a Rosh Hashanah dinner and make it out alive

The Rosh Hashanah holiday dinner is a dangerous event for Israeli leftists — especially after this past summer

Veterans For Peace: Veterans For Peace Statement Opposing U.S. Bombing of Iraq and Syria

Veterans know from first hand experience that you cannot bomb your way to peace

Binoy Kampmark: The Kurdish-Islamic State Problem

The Turkish authorities are finding it problematic – Kurdish refugees are fleeing in their tens of thousands in the wake of an Islamic State offensive against Kobani

Jonathan Cook: Israeli Refuseniks

Occupation’s dark underbelly exposed

Peter Van Buren: Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition

Fighting in Iraq Until Hell Freezes Over

Angela Davis: Black Feminism

Interview on black feminism, the importance of the collective, Palestine, the prison-industrial complex, and much more

Naomi Klein: ‘We Need Hope and Fear in Equal Measure’

Author of ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate’ on the epic battle for the planet’s future

Uri Avnery: Scotland on the Euphrates

The Approaching Demise of the Nation State

Tom Engelhardt: Back to the Future in Iraq

Perhaps it might be easiest if everyone — Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, and Washington’s pundits — simply agreed that the United States is at “war-ish” in Iraq

Ollantay Itzamná: Venezuela, Country of Overwhelming Riches and Intense Contrast

In Bolivarian Venezuela there is no destitution, although material and moral poverty do exist

Jean-Pierre Filiu: Gaza: A History

Daniel Whittal spoke with former diplomat and historian Jean-Pierre Filiu about his new book on Gaza, and the history and future of the region

Harvey Wasserman: How to Win the Climate Fight

With our lives and planet on the line, our species has responded

Tareq Ramadan: The Syrian Maelstrom

How Repression, Drought & Climate Change Drove the Civil War

Patrick Cockburn: The Absurdity of US Policy in Syria

US policy has an Alice in Wonderland absurdity about it, everything being the opposite of what it appears to be

Glenn Greenwald: Bombing Syria

The U.S. today began bombing targets inside Syria, in concert with its lovely and inspiring group of five allied regimes: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Jordan. That means that Syria becomes the 7th predominantly Muslim country bombed by the 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate – after Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Iraq. Read more…

Ben Dangl: Uruguay’s Legalization of Marijuana Makes Sense in a Senseless Drug War

Conflicts over turf, profit and power in Latin America’s drug war have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people

Suren Moodliar: The Professor & the President: Who’s the Bully?

Rather than suggesting any debate over academic freedom and the rights of Professor Hausmann, the media would be best advised to look at his intervention

Chris Hedges: The Coming Climate Revolt

The corporate elites, blinded by their lust for profit and foolish enough to believe they can protect themselves from climate change, will not veer from our path towards ecocide unless they are forced from power

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: Ferguson ‘taste of things to come’

The Ferguson crisis has sparked a national debate on the culture of policing in the US toward black communities

Various Contributors: Climate Change Marches

More than 300,000 marchers flooded the streets of New York on Sunday in the largest climate change march in history, vaulting the environmental threat to the top of the global agenda

Bill McKibben: “This is History”

People’s Climate March Organizer Bill McKibben on 400,000-Strong Turnout

David Swanson: ISIS: Bush Was Right

Finally, somebody commenting on the state of Iraq thinks George W. Bush got something right

Juan Cole: The Arab Political Crisis

It isn’t a Matter of Civilization and it isn’t Unique

Belen Fernandez: Neoliberal Rape in Spain

In Spain, a new set of guidelines to help women avoid rape is just one among many policies assaulting citizens’ dignity

Richard Falk: After ‘Protective Edge’: What Future for Palestine and Israel

The flow of history since the end of World War II suggests a hopeful future for the Palestinians

Astra Taylor: Education With a Debt Sentence

For-Profit Colleges as American Dream Crushers and Factories of Debt

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy

On the eve of the UN Climate Summit, Desmond Tutu argues that tactics used against firms who did business with South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels to prevent human suffering

Margaret Kimberley: Theodore Roosevelt and American Racism

“Roosevelt made clear that he lusted for death on a mass scale.”

Timothy McGrath: The US is now involved in 134 wars or none

The White House spent much of last week trying to figure out if the word “war” was the right one to describe its military actions against the Islamic State

Lynne Peeples: Hidden Source Of Industry Influence Threatens Toxic Chemical Regulations

Institutions often encourage industry collaborations, as cuts to public funding of scientific research have left coffers dry

Louis Proyect: How Stieg Larsson Exposed the Swedish Far Right

Stieg Larsson aimed his words like a Molotov cocktail at the forces of capitalist reaction

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