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Recent ZNet

Richard Falk: In Dubious Battle: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Both sides are moving in unilateral and contradictory directions

Bill Blunden: Et Tu, Poitras?

Do Google and Apple really give one iota about protecting civil liberties?

Maya Schenwar: Why prisons don’t work and how we can do better

A conversation with Maya Schenwar

Badri Raina: The Broom and the Scalpel: India’s Cleanliness Campaign

An ancient Indian saying has it “where women are respected, there the gods have their abode.” Well, that place surely is not India

Paul Street: Business Rule as Usual

The US Midterm Elections

Greg Palast: Voter purges alter US political map

Interstate Crosscheck is a computer system designed to capture the names of voters who have Illegally voted twice in the same election in two different states

Naomi Klein: Thoughts on the U.S-China Climate Deal

The fact that both governments felt the need to make this pledge speaks to the growing power of social movements

Maxime Combes: IS the US-China announcement historic ? Not really

The US and China represent almost half of global emissions, around 45%

Richard Falk: “Blood on American Hands”

Israel always claims that its attacks against Palestinians are provoked by the Palestinians themselves

David Swanson: How Is a Prison Like a War?

The similarities between mass incarceration and mass murder have been haunting me for a while

Tony Messenger: On edge about the Ferguson grand jury decision

What does justice look like?

Louis Proyect: Goodbye Leninism

Leninism is a particular organizational method used to apply Marxist thought in the class struggle.

David Swanson: The World Gets the Wars Americans Deserve

Nobody with the easy ability to do something about it cares. The people under the bombs care

Ayşan Sönmez: Kobanê and the breakdown of humanitarianism in Turkey

The Syrian refugees from Kobanê living in camps in southern Turkey are faced with numerous hardships on a daily basis

Diane Krauthamer: Walmart Workers Ramp Up Protests for Black Friday

Walmart retail workers in Southern California held the first sit-down strike in the company’s history

Medea Benjamin: RE/MAX Cashes in on Israel’s Illegal Settlements

RE/MAX Israel sells properties that are not only in Israel proper, but are also in occupied Palestinian lands of the West Bank

Preeti Kaur: Migrant Workers Carry Countries to Millennium Development Goals

People and sustainable development above capital and profit

Conn Hallinan: Tensions in the Arctic

As the climate warms and the ice melts, the Arctic could become the next great theater of global cooperation—or a battlefield

Dave Zirin: How Sports Disseminates the Burdens of Racism

The crimes of white athletes are seen as the moral failings of an individual, while the crimes of black athletes are processed by the media as a collective commentary on everyone who both happens to play sports and have black skin

Ben Norton: Israel Bans Mads Gilbert from Gaza for Life

Israel has banned Norwegian doctor and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life

Saleh Muslim: A Revolution of Life

interview about the fight of Rojava against the Islamic State (ISIS) and the development of democratic autonomy during the Rojava revolution

Staughton Lynd: Howard Zinn

It would be comical for me to pretend to what is generally understood as “objectivity” in discussing the work of Howard Zinn

David Vine: The Bases of War in the Middle East

From Carter to the Islamic State, 35 years of building bases and sowing disaster

Markos Vogiatzoglou: Riot police attack student protesters in Athens

Schools in Greece have been occupied for a week. After today’s student protest, riot police blocked access to the university and attacked the students

Sarah Lazare: ‘History In The Making’

Workers Hold First Sit-Down Work Action Targeting Walmart

Bob Fitrakis: Democracy on the Skids

How the GOP Bought, Rigged, Stole and Lynched the 2014 Election

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: College Athletes of the World, Unite

A basketball legend on the exploitation of college athletes

Shamus Cooke: A New Push for Peace in Syria?

The world must demand that peace be pursued, lest the Syrian catastrophe continu

Glenn Greenwald: Cynics Step Aside

The joint, allied, synergistic constituencies of plutocracy and endless war have their beloved candidate: Hillary Clinton

Jim Hightower: Why Corporations Are Doing Everything They Can to Destroy Net Neutrality

There’s a reason Internet isn’t provided for free as an investment in the common good

Vijay Prashad: America’s less bad choices in Syria

The worst choice of all is the one that is in play – the destruction of Syrians’ futures

Various Contributors: End the Killing of Students Now

Peace, Justice, and Democracy for Mexico

Various Contributors: Open Letter to German Left Party (Die Linke)

This letter is being sent to you by citizens of the state of Israel who are active in various Left groups and on a variety of topics throughout Israel/Palestine

Michael Albert: Science and the Left: Good Technology

Would a good economy encourage good technological development?

Paul Street: The United States is the Top Terrorist State on Earth

Never forget that the US is home to a giant military- and security-industrial complex that has strong vested interests in endless war

Dick Nichols: Rebellious Catalan vote rocks Spanish establishment

Participation exceeded the most optimistic expectations of the organisers, who had informally set 1.5 million as a respectable target

Danny Schechter: How Will the Republicans Deal With Turmoil Overseas?

The split in the country is not just between the parties, but within the parties and the range of ideologies they represent

Ramzy Baroud: The Age of TV Jokers

Arab Media on the Brink

David Edwards: Russell Brand’s “Revolution” — Part 2: The Backlash

Brand understands that progressive change is stifled by the shiny, silvery lures of corporate consumerism that hook into our desires and egos

Vijay Prashad: Uprisings and downturn

The wave of Tahrir has crashed hard. Libya spins into chaos, Egypt into the vice of military power, while Tunisia voted in the social classes that had been overthrown in 2011

Eric Mann: Veterans: Your Only Real Friend is the Anti-War Movement

We have to cut down U.S. invasions by 100 percent, close down U.S. military bases by 100 percent, and reduce the U.S. military budget for aggressive interventions by 100 percent

Juan Cole: A Day Late & a Dollar Short

Obama & China agree on Languid Climate Goals

Bill McKibben: What You Need to Know About the U.S, China Climate Deal

It isn’t binding in any way

Michael Grunwald: U.S.-China Deal Won’t Get US Out of Stone Age

Governments can do a lot to promote cheaper alternatives to fossil fuels, but the Fossil Fuel Age won’t end until they’re here

Elizabeth Warren: It’s time to work on America’s agenda

This government belongs to the American people, and it’s time to work on America’s agenda

Norman Finkelstein: Method and Madness

Dear Readers, Over the past summer, Gaza has suffered unprecedented devastation. “The wounds of this war,” Harvard political economist Sara Roy laments, “could prove too severe to heal.” In the meantime, Israel continues its illegal and inhuman blockade of Gaza, while it also aggressively pursues illegal settlement construction in occupied East Jerusalem.But the picture is Read more…

Howie Hawkins: It’s time to take a hard left

Fracking bans in oil country and common sense on infrastructure might turn the US a deeper shade of green between now and 2016

George Monbiot: Interstellar: Magnificent Film, Insane Fantasy

Our visions of the future are defined, like the film Interstellar, by technological optimism and political defeatism

Nicola Nasser: The endgame of the US ‘Islamic State’ strategy

The US, Israel and their regional allies have been on the record that the final target of their “regime change” campaign in the Middle East was to dismantle the Syria–Iran alliance

Jordan Flaherty: Fighting Sex Trafficking or Targeting Women?

A New Law Shows That Police and Prisons are not a Solution to Sex Trafficking

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