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Recent ZNet

John Pilger: The Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth

Wondrous technology has become both our friend and our enemy

David Swanson: Hillary Offers Syria a Libyan-Iraqi-Style Paradise

The United States still dreams of overthrowing Assad on the cheap without a massive U.S. occupation, and without bombing quite the whole country

Mark Solomon: Syriza and its “Left” Critics

The original vision of Syriza not only did not die, but the struggle for a just, democratic society goes on under the party’s banner

Alex Nunns: The unspun Jeremy Corbyn

Hours after being announced as the new leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn was addressing tens of thousands of demonstrators at a rally in support of refugees in London’s Parliament Square. Behind the stage, as his speech drew to a close, a phalanx of young volunteers in bright red “TEAM CORBYN” T-shirts arranged Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Killing US for Profit: Big ‘Pharma’ Out of Control

A good part of the problem has become the growing ‘financialization’ of the health industry by Wall St. and global finance capital in recent decades

Alex Doherty: The Meaning of Corbynism

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn and other left politicians in the global north is symptomatic of the breakdown of the neoliberal project

Edward Snowden: Call for Global Privacy Treaty

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, Brazilian privacy activist David Miranda and others have launched a new campaign to establish global privacy standards. The proposed International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers would require states to ban mass data collection and implement public oversight Read more…

Sarah Lazare: How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity

Two new reports highlight the systematic intimidation, harassment, and censorship that is silencing free speech critical of Israel

Alexandra Bradbury: Chrysler Workers Vote 2 to 1 to Reject Two-Tier Pact

In local after local, auto workers voted down their union’s national deal with Chrysler, aiming to force their bargainers back to the table to do better. Some call the two-tiered contract a “bridge to nowhere.” Photo: Alex Smith. This story has been updated from the original version published September 28. Auto workers have overwhelmingly voted Read more…

Harsha Walia: Why the UN Meeting Is No Friend to Refugees

Resolving the refugee crisis requires understanding displacement and migration as central to anti-capitalist, anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles

Robert Fisk: Syria’s civil war and the refugee crisis

The award-winning journalist Robert Fisk is a rare breed. A lover of the English language, his reporting and analysis of the world’s hotspots cannot resist going after the Orwellian phrases and talking points that are the stock-and-trade of the world’s most awful politicians and tyrants. And, readers can take great delight in his savaging of Read more…

Roberto Savio: The Sad Decline Of Democracy

There are historical precedents to tell us that Society in crisis slips easily into populist and authoritarian regimes, especially if the rich elites support that road

Dean Baker: Washington Post Won’t Let Journalistic Integrity Stand in the Way of Scaring You Away From Sanders

The Washington Post‘s difficulties in separating its news and opinion pages showed up again in a piece by David Fahrenthold that warned the public against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ agenda in his presidential campaign. The piece is headlined “How Bernie Sanders Would Transform the Nation.” Fahrenthold is quite direct about his opinion of Sanders. He begins Read more…

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima: the World’s Never Seen Anything Like This

Nobody knows whether Fukushima morphs full meltdown into Earth, although the signposts are not good, and not only that but nobody knows what to do about it

Guillaume Long: In Defense of Rafael Correa

Ecuador’s minister of culture defends the social and political record of the Correa government

Walden Bello: China’s Stock Market Crash: Symptom of a Bigger Crisis

The spectacular cratering of the Shanghai stock market, which lost nearly 40 per cent of its value in just 10 weeks, is a sign of a much bigger problem: the crisis of the country’s 30-year-old export oriented rapid growth economy

Vijay Prashad: The Syrian dilemma

The failure of U.S. strategy is clear from CIA estimates that the I.S. has three times the number of fighters it had last year

Pepe Escobar: Obama, Putin: Checkmate

What’s certain – for the overwhelming majority of the Global South – is that the Empire of Chaos made a mess everywhere

Carl Finamore: Coming to San Francisco? Cra$h at My Pad

Housing activists have grown tired of the city’s failure to enforce existing laws while Airbnb’s impact has worsened the city’s housing crisis

Alfredo Lopez: EU Court Advocate General Deals Severe Blow to NSA Surveillance

It’s the most comprehensive spy program in U.S. history and much of its activity involves servers in other countries because that’s where much of the data the NSA wants is stored

Ramzy Baroud: Seven Points Not on the Arab Media Agenda – What Is There to Celebrate?

Until journalists and media professionals, through collective effort and after many uphill battles, redeem some respect for their tightly controlled medium, there is no reason whatsoever to celebrate

Gareth Porter: Rouhani’s dual messages and Iran’s security strategy

Rouhani’s UN message has opened the door on engagement with the US but insists that cooperation on resisting IS is the priority in Syria

Russell Mokhiber: Single-Payer Health Care and the Case Against Clicktivism

Obamacare, with its promise of healthcare reform, took the wind out of the sails of the single payer movement. In the House of Representatives, the number of co-sponsors of the single payer bill, HR 676, today is at 53 — down from a high of about 100. Under Obamacare, 30 million Americans are still uninsured Read more…

Josep Maria Antentas: Looking for Lost Momentum

With its poll numbers slipping, Podemos is searching for ways to recapture this spring’s energy

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna’s statement to the Basque People

ETA, the Basque socialist revolutionary organisation for national liberation, wants to transmit the following analysis to the Basque people

Paul Street: The Nature and Mission of U.S. Corporate Mass Media

The United States corporate and commercial mass media is a bastion of power-serving propaganda and deadening twaddle

Arun Gupta: The Refugee Crisis in the Americas

U.S. led drug war, free trade, and militarism continue to destabilize Southern neighbors, ensuring continual flow of refugees

Alexander Main: The Latin America WikiLeaks Files

US diplomatic cables reveal a coordinated assault against Latin America’s left-wing governments

Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Pope as World Leader

Despite his reputation of unorthodox reformer, most of Francis’ stances are in tune with Catholic traditions. Yet, his views on the environment are truly remarkable

George Monbiot: Inhospitable Planet

In the past four decades, the world has lost 50% of its vertebrate wildlife

Kim Katrin Milan: Serena & Venus: Creating Mirrors

Serena and Venus reflect back entirely new possibilities for the future of sports and of black girls

Sue Sturgis: What Tennessee paid to lure lawbreaking Volkswagen to Chattanooga

The scandal over Volkwagen’s illegal scheme to sell diesel vehicles equipped with software designed to cheat U.S. air pollution limits is widening

Juan Cole: The Final Collapse of Bush’s Nation-Building: Kunduz falls to Taliban

On Monday, the Taliban swept into the provincial capital of Kunduz, taking it in half a day from a large and well-equipped Afghan National Army force. Tuesday’s riposte had only mixed success, with the ANA saying it had taken back the (no-empty) prison. An attempt to take back the airport failed, and when the Taliban Read more…

Michael Billeaux: Resisting the Corporate University

Few forces are better positioned to fight the corporate university than graduate student workers

Robert Jensen: Can Bernie Sanders be labeled?

Whatever the fate of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, his current popularity provides an opportunity to clarify the various political labels attached to him

Tom Engelhardt: Three Exceptional Facts About America

It’s Safe to Be Paranoid in the U.S.

Noam Chomsky: Media, NATO, ISIS, Free Trade Agreements & Humanity

Interview on the significance and role of whistleblowers, the alternative media, activism and a host of other related issues

Rafael Bernabe: Puerto Rico’s New Party of the Working People Fights Austerity

The struggles for radical reversal of the dominant economic and social policies and structures in Puerto Rico and in the United States must advance together

Henry A. Giroux: The Curse of Totalitarianism and the Challenge of an Insurrectional Pedagogy

The time has come to develop a pedagogical language in which civic values, social responsibility, and the institutions that support them become central to invigorating and fortifying a new era

Juan Cole: Why Obama and Putin are Both Wrong on Syria

If Putin ties himself too closely to the sinking ship of Bashar, he will go down with it

Bill Fletcher: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter

Movement activists discuss strategy and tactics in #BlackLivesMatter

Seumas Milne: It’s the British establishment that has a problem with democracy

The elite has little time for elections that deliver the wrong results. And Jeremy Corbyn’s was one of them

Celia Mather: The global trade union movement: Stepping up to the plate?

An International Summer School brought union activists and leaders together to discuss the big questions facing the trade union movement

Whitney Benns: American Slavery, Reinvented

The Thirteenth Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted”

John Gibler: ‘It Was the State’: Unmasking the Official Ayotzinapa Narrative

A year has passed and we still do not know the fate of the 43 rural college students from Ayotzinapa forcibly disappeared on Sept. 26, 2014 in Iguala, Mexico

Nicola Nasser: Time for UN to shift mission in Yemen

Peace in Yemen will continue to be elusive unless the United Nations shifts its mission from sponsoring an inter-Yemeni dialogue to mediating ceasefire negotiations between the actual warring parties, namely Saudi Arabia & allies and the de facto representatives of Yemenis who are fighting to defend their country’s territorial integrity and independent free will, i.e. Read more…

Greg Grandin: Debacle, Inc.

How Henry Kissinger Helped Create Our “Proliferated” World

Juan Cole: Syria: Is Bashar al-Assad winning the Diplomatic War? Rebels Fret

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, widely regarded as a war criminal with tens of thousands of deaths on his hands, is nevertheless on a roll

Tim MacGabhann: Mexico’s Plan Merida on Trial

Plan Merida has been blamed for worsening the country’s security situation and allowing atrocities like the Ayotzinapa disappearances to flourish

Andalusia Knoll: Ayotzinapa: Necropolitics and the Media as Judge and Jury

Necropolitics: where the state has the “power and the capacity to dictate who may live and who must die”

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