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Recent ZNet

Michael Albert: Activist Education

Dare to make it happen, even in the face of uncertainty

Patrick Bond: Disconnecting the minerals-energy-climate dots

Intersectionality missing-in-action at Cape Town’s Alternative Mining Indaba

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Using Nisman’s Death for Political Purposes

Both the government and corporations “compete at co-opting federal judges”

Michael T. Klare: Big Oil’s Broken Business Model

The Real Story Behind the Oil Price Collapse

Sebastian Budgen: Greece: Phase Two

The Left, in Greece and elsewhere, must urgently begin to develop alternative narratives of internationalism, of European-ness, of solidarity

Paul Street: Beyond Twelve Years a Slave

Twelve Years a Slave burst that childish white historical bubble with a relentlessly true-to-life and death portrayal of 1840s and 1850s slave traders, slave-owners, and slave-drivers as ferocious and perverse sociopaths

Chris Kromm: Selma, behind the scenes

Selma isn’t just a memorial site: It’s a struggling, majority-black city that brings into sharp relief the conflicted legacy of the 1960s civil rights movement

David Swanson: Which Party Do You View Iran Through?

So how do Americans view Iran? Many view it, like all governmental matters, through the lens of either the Democratic or the Republican Party

Medea Benjamin: Tom Cotton is the Worst Bully in the Senate

10 Reasons Why

David Gilbert: Beyond Reform

Essays Call for a Sweeping Reassessment of Incarceration

Joe Emersberger: On National “Emergencies” in a Fake Democracy

Obama has lied, with demented extravagance, in order to declare a “national emergency”

William Boardman: Rahm Emanuel, the Face of Democratic Fascism, Deserves to Lose

Rahm Emanuel is a particularly nasty piece of work as a political being. Why would anyone think it a good idea to be governed by a nasty piece of work?

Gar Alperovitz: Inequality’s Dead End—And the Possibility of a New, Long-Term Direction

The real option on the table involves building what amounts to a new kind of economy—a “next system,” if you like—that is constructed, institutionally, from the ground up

Justin Podur: Cease Fire, Resume Genocide

My dream is that Gaza would have an independent health care system that would be run by Gaza that wouldn’t be dependent on foreign aid, not dependent allowing supplies in through the occupier

Giannakopoulos Georgios: The Next Four Months

Though many were hard to accept, recent compromises have bought the Greek government valuable time

Glenn Greenwald: Maybe Obama’s Sanctions on Venezuela are Not Really About His “Deep Concern” Over Suppression of Political Rights

The worst media offender in this regard is The New York Times, which explicitly celebrated the 2002 U.S.-supported coup of Hugo Chavez as a victory for democracy

Kevin Zeese: Stop The Fast Track To A Future Of Global Corporate Rule

We need to maintain persistent pressure on Congress to oppose fast track. When we stop fast track, there should be a broad discussion of our vision for a globalized world structured to support universal human rights and protection of the planet

George Monbiot: Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change

There is nothing random about the pattern of silence that surrounds our lives. Silences occur where powerful interests are at risk of exposure

Chris Gilbert: Sea-Change in Venezuela

What to Make of the White House’s Recent Declarations?

Milan Rai: The ‘Jihadi John’ Feeding Frenzy

One of the signs of ‘brainwashing under freedom’ is that only a narrow range of views are expressed in the media

Spiegel Staff: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

False claims and exaggerated accounts, warned a top German official during a recent meeting on Ukraine, have put NATO — and by extension, the entire West — in danger of losing its credibility

Alexis Tsipras: Reparations

Speech of Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on the War Reparations owed by Germany to Greece. The speech was given as part of the Inter-party Parliamentary Committee for Claiming the German Reparations, today, March 10 of 2015.  (You can find the original text, in Greek, here.)   Madam President, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs, I take the floor today Read more…

Atilio Boron: US Preparing for Military Aggression on Venezuela

History shows that when the U.S. denounces a country,…

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela a Security Threat?

Obama’s absurdity…Venezuela as a threat to U.S.

Frida Berrigan: Uncle Pentagon

Growing Up in the Shadow of the American War State

Spyros Lapatsioras: Syriza’s Only Choice: A Radical Step Forward

The policy of the government can only remain hegemonic if it supports the interests of the working majority in a struggle against neoliberal strategy

Harpreet Paul: Optical Illusions, Struggle and Visions

And, @thedress is not at fault – it’s a harmless optical illusion – more powerful illusions are at play

Carl Finamore: United Airlines Tries Scapegoating Pilots for Safety Problems

A memo United Airlines leaked to the February 25 Wall Street Journal was presented as a “brutally honest” rebuke of its pilots, blaming their “lack of attention” to rules and regulations for the airline’s recent safety lapses

Frank Slijper: On “Guns, Debt and Corruption”

Many EU countries have their military spending higher today than 10 years ago, even though Europe has never been safer than today and is not facing any meaningful threat

Glenn Greenwald: The Parties’ Role Reversal on ‘Interfering’ with the Commander-in-Chief’s Foreign Policy

The numerous members of both parties who are trying to subvert a peace agreement with Iran – out of some warped allegiance to Israeli interests and/or a commitment to endless militarism – are acting in destructive and dangerous ways

LeftRoots: LeftRoots: grassroots struggles. strategy for liberation

LeftRoots is a national organization of Leftists engaged in mass organizing in the United States

Jack Rasmus: Are Inter-Capitalist Rivalries Intensifying?

As the global economic stagnation continues, economic blocs appear to be becoming more combative to maintain their share of the economic pie

Vincent Emanuele: Specialists in the Arena of Political Organizing

We should be helping people who are not politically engaged develop their values while simultaneously passing along historical knowledge and proposals for future actions, strategies and tactics

Joris Leverink: 26A cafe: resisting capitalism one tea at a time

In the consumerist Valhalla of central Istanbul, the 26A collective provides a glimmer of hope that there is still an alternative to capitalist society

Jo Roberts: Is Israel’s Election about enacting Jim Crow for 20% of its Citizens?

If the new Knesset chooses to further strengthen Israel’s self-definition as a Jewish state, Palestinian Israelis can only be further marginalized

Eric Toussaint: Syriza and Podemos: the way towards power for the People?

In order to carry out real structural changes, it is of fundamental importance to set up an interactive relationship between the left-wing government and the people

Chris Kromm: Selma and voting rights: Commemoration or legislation?

Selma’s legacy is being remembered at a moment when voting rights in the South, and the Voting Rights Act itself, are in their most precarious position in half a century

Tamara Pearson: Who Owns the Words?

Who owns the words matters because words are one of the key factors in how we understand things, in our social consciousness, our collective values, and therefore the way we act

Badri Raina: India’s Daughter: the Ugly Truth

The rapist/murderer was saying that he in fact represents the dominant male Indian opinion and, indeed, struck a blow on its behalf

David Swanson: Putin Wants to Eat Your Children

More often than not, the U.S. public is advised to favor a war on a single individual of demonic nature, even though a war against an individual is completely nonsensical

Juan Cole: African-Americans still struggle for Full Citizenship Rights, Voting Rights

It is at the local and state level that the African-American vote has meant less in recent years. The struggle continues

Andrew J. Bacevich: Rationalizing Lunacy

The Intellectual as Servant of the State

Ntina Tzouvala: Syriza’s First Month In Government: Or How To Run A Marathon

SYRIZA needs to understand that the fact that it assumed governmental power does not mean that social confrontation, with all its colourfulness and multiplicity is going to stop

Yiannis Bournous: SYRIZA’s Responsibilities

SYRIZA must now open its doors to embrace all the people who wish to fight collectively and unselfishly so as to win back dignity

Marina Sitrin: Women Creating New Worlds: From Barricades to Daily Survival

There are countless struggles where women fight to survive, protect those around them, and strive to build a better world

Pervez Hoodbhoy: The War Within Islam

International jihad, in part created and supervised by the U.S. to undermine the Soviet Union, has exacerbated divisions that are fuelling bloodshed

David Alexandre: Can the EU be Reformed?

The debate is taking place in many countries like the UK, Sweden and even in Germany but seems to have eluded Spanish progressive media and Podemos democratic assemblies

Andrew Cockburn: Remember, Kill Chain

The Civilian Carnage From Operation Noble Justice

Eleni Schirmer: What’s Next After “Right to Work”?

Our task is to learn to “fail better” and build stronger movements in the future

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Gangsters of Ferguson

I do not favor lowering the standard of justice offered Officer Wilson. I favor raising the standard of justice offered to the rest of us

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