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Recent ZNet

Black Labor Collaborative: Black Trade Union Leaders Speak Out on The Future of the Labor Movement in New Report

A new 35-page white paper, “A Future for Workers: A Contribution From Black Labor,” was released this week by the Black Labor Collaborative

Bill Fletcher: Why We Cannot Speak Of Economic Injustice Alone, Or, Why Race Matters

The ruling elites, for several centuries, have appreciated that race is the trip wire of US politics and social movements. When will progressives arrive at the same conclusion?

William J. Astore: Seventy Years of Military Mediocrity

The Shared Failings of America’s Military Academies and Senior Officers

Preeti Kaur: Making and moving: the politics of neoliberalism and migration

The struggle for migrants’ rights is inherently linked to the struggle for economic and social justice

Michelle Chen: Prison Education Reduces Recidivism by Over 40 Percent. Why Aren’t We Funding More of It?

Giving prisoners access to financial aid for college tuition is the first step towards “de-carceration”

Ali Abunimah: Are Israel and Hamas really talking about ending Gaza siege?

More than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, were killed in Gaza last summer and more than 100,000 people remain in need of permanent shelter due to the lack of reconstruction since then

Amit Singh: Politicians & media’s anti-Corbyn pact dispels myth of free press & democracy

In Britain elites and newspapers tell us how to vote and how not to vote whilst lecturing foreign governments on ideas of democracy and free political expression

Atilio Boron: Puerto Rico Will Find Many Friends If It Breaks with Colonial Condition

Argentine sociologist Atilio Boron discusess Puerto Rico as a colony of the United States, its independence movement and the campaign to release Oscar Lopez Rivera

Sharon Lerner: The Teflon Toxin

The case against DuPont

Justin Podur: “Sovereign” Deportations: The Dominican Republic deportations cannot occur without US blessing

The influence that the U.S. has on Haiti and the DR give a special responsibility to North American friends of those countries

Ramzy Baroud: War Begets War Refugees: The Moral Bankruptcy of Italy and NATO

Now that the refugee crisis is worsening, it behooves NATO to deal with the problem, at least with a degree of humanity and – dare one say – with the same enthusiasm that led it to several devastating wars in recent years

Federico Fuentes: Argentina: Voters Reaffirm Support for Change

Yet while millions may not be on the street demanding “All of them must go!”, it is evident that the yearning for a break with the past that those protests represented still lingers

Marcy Wheeler: Declaring Chelsea Manning’s Voice against Torture Contraband

“What is happening to Chelsea Manning can happen to any of us”

Staughton Lynd: Anarchism, Marxism, And Victor Serge

A review of Anarchists Never Surrender: Essays, Polemics, and Correspondence on Anarchism, 1908-1938, ed. and translated by Mitchell Abidor

Michael Löwy: Greece and beyond: Capitalism versus Democracy in Europe

Our hope for the future is popular indignation, and the social movements, which have been on the rise, particularly among youth and women, in several countries

David Edwards: 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless black man armed with crutches in San Francisco

“Yes, it’s racial profiling. Yes, it’s racism. Yes, it’s inequality. This is an American heritage.”

Irene Gendzier: A Tale of Two Beaches: Tel Aviv and Gaza

No more than 44 miles apart, the beaches described by Booth and Omer are world apart, yet they are inseparably and perversely linked

Adolph Reed: Does Chicago need a Katrina? Adolph Reed responds.

A response to Kristen McQueary’s column in the Chicago Tribune on how Chicago could use a Hurricane Katrina

Matt Carr: The Uses of Fear

It’s worth remembering that society cannot be changed by people who live in a state of fear, but only by those who have the courage to take the risks that are always involved when you challenge the status quo

Michael Albert: Protesting Bernie and Attaining Broader Politics

To make their maximal contributions both BLM and the Sanders campaign need to support not only each other but the full gamut of priorities that people of good will pursue

Norman Solomon: Julian Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks: Subverting Illusions

Three years after Ecuador’s government granted political asylum to Julian Assange in its small ground-floor London embassy, the founder of WikiLeaks is still there

William deBuys: California First

California is giving us a preview of our world to come

Mark Rumold: New Documents and Reports Confirm AT&T and NSA’s Longstanding Surveillance Partnership

The documents note AT&T’s “extreme willingness to help” with NSA’s surveillance

Lauren Carasik: Obama Fights to Continue Detention of Migrant Families

Five migrant mothers filed court papers this month seeking millions in damages from the government for psychological and physical harms associated with their detention

Ehab Zahriyeh: Force-feeding Palestinian prisoners pits Israeli doctors against lawmakers

New law requiring physicians to force-feed hunger striking inmates shunned by medical community as ‘torture’

Charlie Hoyle: Designed to Fail: Gaza’s Reconstruction Plan

“Most of the 100,000 Palestinians displaced by the [2014] war continue to live in makeshift shelters, often in the rubble of their former homes”

Hilary Wainwright: Independence without borders: foreword to “42 reasons to support Scottish independence”

The referendum has become an invitation to say no to a super power whose wars, most recently against Iraq, the Scottish people found abhorrent

Bruno Jäntti: Struggle by Turkey’s Kurds will succeed but what about Palestine?

Parallels between Turkey and Israel are hard to miss

Neve Gordon: Israel’s torture method: Force-feeding

Netanyahu’s justification for pushing forward a bill to legalise force-feeding reveals a contradiction in his logic

Glenn Greenwald: Hillary Clinton on the Sanctity of Protecting Classified Information

The Obama administration has notoriously prosecuted more individuals under the Espionage Act of 1917 for improperly handling classified information than all previous administrations combined

Badri Raina: INDIA — 2015

The rich may like top-down tyranny, But India’s countless hoi polloi—They are something else again, And cussedly make their own way

Alejandra Santillana Ortíz: Cracks in Correísmo?

Protests are growing in Ecuador, where radicals must contend with both the Right and Rafael Correa

Brendan McQuade: Non-Profits and the Pacification of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The most effective way to defeat rebellion is to blunt its grievances and overtake its leaders. This is precisely what is happening with the Black Lives Matter movement

Matt Taibbi: Inside the GOP Clown Car

On the campaign trail in Iowa, Donald Trump’s antics have forced the other candidates to get crazy or go home

Eugene Nulman: A Cancelled Exploration of Capitalism’s Ills: TV’s HAPPYish

“You gotta hand it to Stalin…When he wanted to control you, he threw you in the Gulag…. Nowadays, they give you a 30-year mortgage.”

Jérôme Roos: Puerto Rico’s default is fine, as long as Wall Street is repaid

Why was Puerto Rico allowed to default while Greece was not? Just follow the money: those hit were the poor, while US hedge funds profit once more.

Frederic Christie: #BlackLivesMatter, Bernie Sanders and Means vs. Ends

It is not a winning strategy to make people believe that they have to make a choice between race and class

Cynthia Peters: Medical Nightmares

Two injuries send a family down the rabbit hole of a for-profit healthcare system and a skimpy social safety net, offering one window into what it’s like to get sick in the US

Richard Falk: Living in the 21st Century

In effect, most of us, whether consciously or not, have bargained away most of our inner selves in exchange for the enjoyments, evasions, and mysteries of pervasive connectivity

Alex Doherty: Israel’s Fundamentalist Alliance

As support for Israel in the Jewish diaspora erodes Israel’s alliance with Christian Zionism is likely to intensify

Eric Mann: Los Angeles Unified School District Debates Whether to Shoot Its Own Students–With Department of Defense Weapons by Eric Mann

On Thursday, July 30, 50 Black and Latino students wearing mock bullet proof vests with stickers that stated #StudentsAintBulletProof #End1033, once again asked the Los Angeles Unified School District to give them a list of weapons they received from the Department of Defense 1033 Program

Belen Fernandez: Migrants in the Mediterranean: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Present migration trends are rooted in centuries of destabilizing military and economic behavior by — among others — the components of “Fortress Europe.”

Sonali Kolhatkar: Trump Says Out Loud What GOP Believes, But Won’t Say Publicly

The conservative voters who are thrilled with Trump’s candidacy are the ones who the GOP has been cultivating for years

Juan Cole: Iran Hawks Think We Can Impose Harsher Sanctions on Iran

US hegemony over certain key international institutions such as petroleum markets and the SWIFT exchange allowed it to subject Iran to an unprecedented sanctions regime since about 2012

Panagiotis Lafazanis: Provoking a split with the working class

We must react, because this represents an unprecedented totalitarianism. Unfortunately, it seems that totalitarianism, the eurozone and neo-colonialism within Greece are tending to become synonymous

Adam Behsudi: Will Trans-Pacific trade deal go up in smoke over anti-tobacco proposal?

The ire of McConnell and other tobacco-state lawmakers throws a wrench into the negotiations

Douglas Williams: Black Lives Matter and The Failure to Build a Movement

It seems that all of this potential is being squandered so that a few people bent on the empty satisfaction of moral rectitude can score their fifteen minutes of fame

Mark Hand: Rednecks Symbolize Solidarity: W.Va. Mine Wars Museum Reclaims Union Identity

Workers in southern West Virginia’s coalfields have not received the recognition they deserve for their sacrifices in creating better working and living conditions for all Americans

Stephen R. Shalom: Puerto Rico and the Philippine Example

In the modern world, global capitalism makes sovereignty a rather contested notion, especially for small countries

Vincent Emanuele: We Need Unity, Not Division: Sanders and BLM

Our job is to create movements that are inviting and nurturing

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