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Recent ZNet

Cory Fischer-hoffman: Venezuelan Officials Seize Warehouse with Enormous Cache of Hoarded Items as Opposition Calls for Strike

Following increased buying during the holiday season, Venezuela is facing shortages in food, basic goods, such as diapers and laundry detergent, medicine, and automotive items

Rory Fanning: Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One)

Why the War on Terror Shouldn’t Be Your Battle

Jack Rasmus: China Chases Its Shadow (Banks)

Shadow banks have been estimated to have investable assets (i.e. relatively short term and liquid) of about $75 trillion globally as of year end 2014

Preeti Kaur: Freedom to Consume and Collective Liberation

The belief that the satisfaction of individual feelings and desires is our highest priority has come to dominate our society

Danny Schechter: Wall Street Reform Aims To Bring Back The “Wild Old Days”

You win the modern financial-regulation game by filing the most motions, attending the most hearings, giving the most money to the most politicians and, above all, by keeping at it, day after day, year after fiscal year, until stealing is legal again

Ramzy Baroud: War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was

It is still not about Islam, even if the media and militants attacking western targets say so

John Feffer: Charlie Hebdo: Middle East Blowback?

After the Paris massacre, European governments should resist narratives of civilizational conflict and push for a ceasefire in the Syrian war

Johannes Hautaviita: International Law or Diktat of the Powerful? The Case of Iran

A comprehensive proposal to reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East has been on the table for 40 years, but the U.S. and Israel have sabotaged this effort

Shamus Cooke: The Spectacular Media Failure on Charlie Hebdo

The only way to combat political scapegoating is to focus on the social forces responsible for the economic crisis and have them pay for the solutions that they are demanding the working class pay

Roberto Savio: The Paris Killings – A Fatal Trap for Europe

It is sad to see how a continent that was one cradle of civilisation is running blindly into a trap, the trap of a holy war with Islam – and that six Muslim terrorists were sufficient to bring that about

Clement Papazian: Why 2,600 Kaiser Mental Health Workers Are On Strike

Kaiser workers have already held several short strikes over unsafe staffing, most recently this April 23, 2014, one-day strike by mental health clinicians. But since then the problems have only gotten worse

Lauren McCauley: Hundreds of Stanford Professors Call For Full Fossil Fuel Divestment

‘The urgency and magnitude of climate change call not for partial solutions,’ argue more than 300 faculty members in open letter to university president and board

Jérôme Roos: The Great Greek-German Game of Chicken Has Begun

The showdown over Greece’s unbearable debt load is finally underway.

Joe Emersberger: Murdoch Press Redundant as Liberals Attack Wikileaks and Others

Surviving or “punching above our weight” isn’t good enough. We need weigh

Steven Chovanec: Terrorism is a Result of US Policy

The official narrative has been produced, ready for mass consumption

Ted Glick: A Turning Point on Climate?

2015 might be a turning point year, but it definitely won’t be if we don’t rise to the occasion

Dean Baker: Don’t believe what you hear about the US economy

The latest numbers, when put in context, hardly impress

Kevin Ovenden: The Greek Right

With New Democracy just behind Syriza in the polls and an array of even more radical groups mobilized, the Greek right cannot be ignored

Ross Caputi: American Sniper?

At the end of the day, it’s the Chris Kyles who we embrace as heroes, not the Chelsea Mannings. And we will surely suffer for this as a society, but probably not before we make other societies suffer first

Ann Jones: Is This Country Crazy?

Inquiring Minds Elsewhere Want to Know

Marjorie Cohn: The Impact of Drones

I think there is a real danger of law enforcement using drones for mass surveillance and racial profiling

Paul Mason: Alexis Tsipras: We Want Debt Relief and Elgin Marbles

In the financial markets there is a growing acknowledgement that Syriza stands a chance of winning

Robert Fisk: When will Palestinians learn?

Turning to international law isn’t the answer — just ask America and Israel

Pamela Yates: Remembering Guatemala’s First Genocide Conviction

The reverberations from the Ríos Montt trial continue to threaten the powerful and to empower the dispossessed

Glenn Greenwald: In Solidarity With a Free Press: Some More Blasphemous Cartoons

Central to free speech activism has always been the distinction between defending the right to disseminate Idea X and agreeing with Idea X: one defends the right to express repellent ideas while being able to condemn the idea itself

Noam Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank

Revulsion is justified, as is the search for deeper roots, as long as we keep some principles firmly in mind.

Vincent Emanuele: Understanding Blowback, Violence and Uprisings

If you can’t understand why some communities are lashing out, I suggest spending more time in cities and suburbs such as Detroit, La Chêne Pointu, Cleveland, Bondy, Stockton, or Corbeil-Essonnes

Richard Falk: Pope Francis and Religious Cosmopolitanism

Perhaps the most hopeful recent development in human affairs is the emergence of Pope Francis as the voice of global conscience

Pervez Hoodbhoy: Mosque versus state

The mosque in Pakistan is now no longer just a religious institution. Instead it has morphed into a deeply political one that seeks to radically transform culture and society

Bruno Jäntti: Erdogan Unmasks Turkey

For decades, Turkey has portrayed itself as a torchbearer in the ever-venerable ‘war on terrorism’

Kevin Ovenden: A Greek Election Primer

What’s underway in Greece is a historic clash between the exploited and their exploiters.

Roger Toussaint: Police and Communities: It’s Complicated

NYPD officers need to remember the faces of the family members, the eyes they stared into and the families and neighbors they went home to over the recent holidays when they choose sides

Jason O'Hara: Repression as big business in pre-Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Big bucks are to be made in hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro — not least by repressing all voices of dissent

Michael Albert: Elections? Political Parties?

For those who universally doubt elections, could any evidence reverse that opinion?

Dan La Botz: Mexico – The Year in Review

Social change in 2015 will depend in large measure on resurgence of working class activity

Danny Schechter: Washington vs Daesh

Bottom line: It is as much about money as anything else

Juan Cole: Paris Terrorist was Radicalized by Bush’s Iraq War, Abu Ghraib Torture

Iraq is a major Arab, Muslim country. Its capital, Baghdad, is special to Sunni Muslims because the Abbasid empire built it and ruled from it. Having American troops occupy it for 8 years, humiliate its citizens, shoot people at checkpoints, and torture people in military prisons was a very bad idea

Dick Meister: MLK Was A Working-Class Hero

“The coalition that can have the greatest impact in the struggle for human dignity here in America is that of the blacks and forces of labor, because their fortunes are so closely intertwined”

Pepe Escobar: ​Who profits from killing Charlie?

So this, in the heart of Europe, is what blowback feels like. This is what people feel in the Waziristans when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile

Vicente Navarro: What is Going On in Spain?

The End of an Era and the Beginning of Podemos

David M. Kotz: Plummeting Oil Prices Could Bring Radical Change to Russia

The current crisis, like the two before it, demonstrates the peril facing any petrostate, which is always vulnerable to events outside its control

Errol Babacan: The False Friends of Kobanê

The significance of the struggle in Kobanê cannot be overstated. But real international solidarity won’t come in the form of military intervention

Patrick Bond: South African Oil Spill Pollutes Rich Whites’ Playground

But suburban Durban’s disaster reveals wider planetary abuse and eco-racism

David Swanson: Do Americans Hate Children?

Yes, I know you love your children, as I love mine. That’s not in doubt. But do you love mine and I yours? Because collectively there seems to be a problem

Edward Snowden: Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare

Large-scale cyber attacks with suspected ties to nation states are growing increasingly prevalent

Abby Martin: The Order to “Support the Troops” is Killing Veterans

The only heroes of today’s wars are those who resist them

Vijay Prashad: Looming shadows

Nothing less than a regional compact is necessary to deal with the I.S., but the politics between the states in the region block any such development

Juan Cole: Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris

The horrific murder of the editor, cartoonists and other staff of the irreverent satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, along with two policemen, by terrorists in Paris was in my view a strategic strike, aiming at polarizing the French and European public

George Monbiot: Produce More, Consume Less

How our governments’ crashing contradictions destroy their climate policies

Patrick de Oliveira: The Paranoid Style in Brazilian Politics

The slow decline of the Brazilian Workers’ Party has emboldened the country’s growing right wing

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