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Recent ZNet

Juan Cole: US history of coup-making Overshadows Obama’s outreach

It is often forgotten that these actions were taken not because Cuba committed an act of war against the USA but because Washington disliked the system of government that Havana adopted

Ramzy Baroud: Do Something, Anything: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk

The Syrian conflict has introduced great polarization within a community that once seemed united for Palestinian rights

Laurie Penny: The internet won’t forget Cameron’s lies, and neither will the British people

No. The Conservatives do not get to send ten years of lies down the memory hole

Lucas Koerner: Regional Leaders Back Venezuela at Panama Summit

Despite repeated calls throughout the summit for President Obama to repeal his Executive Order targeting Venezuela, the US administration has dug in its heels

Andrea Germanos: Communities Are Taking Back Control of Their Water

In communities across the world, people are taking back their water. Cases of remunicipalization—getting what were privatized water and sanitation services back under public control—is the focus of a new book by the Netherlands-based Transnational Institute (TNI), and offers welcome respite from tales of the ever-encroaching reach of corporate power. The trend of remunicipalization is Read more…

RT.com: Americans don’t want Congress to sabotage Iran deal – new poll

Although some lawmakers, including Democrats, believe Congress should have a say in any potential removal of Iranian sanctions, most Americans say Congress should not keep a possible a nuclear deal from being implemented. Roughly 61 percent of Americans support the framework agreement struck between Iran and the P5+1 (the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Read more…

Ben Dangl: Eduardo Galeano’s Words Walk the Streets of a Continent

Galeano gives us a language of hope, a way feel to feel rage toward the world while also loving it, a way to understand the past while carving out a better possible future

Kathy Kelly: The Storm Is Over

I’m hard-pressed to see how this can possibly benefit an area’s economy, that is if its “economy” is understood to include all the area’s people, and not just the wealthiest who can influence prison placement

Vincent Emanuele: The Windy City Election Blues: Liberals, Leftists and Electoral Limitations

How much energy should we spend on elections? How can we actually build power at the local level?

Pagina12: Chronicler of His Time Eduardo Galeano Has Died

The Uruguayan writer and journalist, author of emblematic books such as “Open Veins of Latin America,” “Memory of Fire,” and “The Book of Embraces,” died at 74 in Montevideo

Nick Turse: 2044 or Bust

Military Missions Reach Record Levels After U.S. Inks Deal to Remain in Africa for Decades

David Swanson: Drone Victims Take Germany to Court for Abetting U.S. Murders

The suit argues that it is illegal under German law for the German government to allow the U.S. air base at Ramstein to be used for drone murders abroad

David Bacon: Growers Move to Gut California’s Farm Labor Law

What began as a local struggle by one grower family to avoid a union contract is getting bigger, and the stakes are getting much higher

Marcelo Vieta: The Fifth International Gathering: “The Workers’ Economy”

The ”Fifth International Gathering on the Workers’ Economy” (Encuentro Internacional de “La Economía de los Trabajadores-Trabajadoras”) will take place July 22-26, 2015 in Punta Cardón, State of Falcón, Península de Paraguaná, Venezuela.

Tom Vouloumanos: Syriza Against the Machine

A clash between the Greek government and the European establishment is drawing nearer. Syriza’s battle against neo-liberal hegemony deserves our support and solidarity

Raul Castro Ruz: Speech at Summit of the Americas

Key Remarks By Army General Raul Castro Ruz, President Of The State Council And The Council Of Ministers Of The Republic Of Cuba, At The 7Th Summit Of The Americas, Panama City, Panama, April 10-11, 2015

Peter Van Buren: The Iranian Ascendancy

Twelve Years Later, We Know the Winner in Iraq: Iran

Stephen Zunes: Powerful nonviolent resistance to armed conflict in Yemen

The power of Yemenis of various and even competing tendencies to wage their struggles nonviolently is something that should be acknowledged and encouraged

Noam Chomsky: ‘Oppression Is Not a Law of Nature’

That act culminated ten years of terrorist atrocities in Central America. The decade began with the murder of Archbishop Romero, it ended with the murder of the six Jesuit intellectuals

Juan Cole: President Hillary Clinton’s Middle East Policy

Interventions, Wars, More of Same

David Moberg: Chicago Progressives’ Mixed Results Against the ‘Money Machine’

Campaigns like those for Garcia and for many of the council members are already forging a shared progressive politics

Firoze Manji: Burkina Faso: Liberation not looting

The recent uprising in Burkina Faso throws light on the debate around development, and calls for our solidarity

Brentin Mock: Climate change is the ultimate gentrifier

Continued destabilization of the climate is certain to reciprocate the same kind of unstringing for communities below, leading to deeper racial and economic inequities, and more crime and poverty

Farooq Sulehria: Reading Trotsky in Pakistan

A short history of Pakistan’s Trotskyist Left, and a plea for re-evaluation

Paul Street: Reflections on American Exceptionalism

The inflated, self-congratulatory rhetoric of American exceptionalism rides roughshod over the ugly and interwoven realities of US “foreign policy” (imperialism) and domestic order to this day

Juan Cole: Spain at 70% Non-Carbon Electricity

Will it be 1st Net Carbon Zero G-20 State?

Bruno Jäntti: On racist incidents, organized racism in Finland

The kind of discriminatory and racist attitudes prevalent both within and outside of the Finns Party are deeply ingrained in our culture

Gary Younge: White guilt won’t fix America’s race problem. Only justice and equality will

Killings such as that of Walter Scott won’t be the last unless something fundamental shifts not just in policing but in the US psyche

Andrew Jerell Jones: Video of Shooting Caught Police Propaganda Machine in Action

The Scott incident became an illuminating case study in the routinized process through which police officers, departments and attorneys frame the use of deadly force by American cops in the most sympathetic possible terms

Chuck Collins: America’s Billionaires Owe You a Thank You Note

Global Financial Integrity, a financial watchdog agency, estimates that global corporations and wealthy individuals are hiding a total of over $21 trillion

Initiative for Democratic Socialism: Slovenia: Manifesto of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism

The following document is the program of Slovenia’s Initiative for Democratic Socialism

TeleSUR English: Accused Human Rights Abusers Accuse Venezuela of Rights Abuses

A group of former heads of state issued a joint statement Thursday accusing Venezuela of human rights abuses, even though many of the signatories have themselves faced allegations of committing human rights violations while in office

Preeti Kaur: Stop Fracking

Increased risks of cancer, respiratory disease and birth defects

David Swanson: The Video That Could Indict the Pentagon for Murder

Explaining that police were getting away with murder wasn’t producing any indictments. A video finally indicted a cop. Now we need the video that can indict the world’s policeman

Mark Weisbrot: Obama could face disastrous summit due to Venezuela sanctions

The intention of expanding commercial and diplomatic relations with Cuba was mainly to pursue a more effective strategy of undermining the Cuban government — and all of the left-wing governments in the region

Michael Parenti: Reflections on Politics and Academia

The goal of imperialism remains what it has always been, the striving for dominance over others in order to expropriate their land, labor, natural resources, markets, and capital

Ellen Brown: How America Became an Oligarchy

The freedom to vote carries little weight without economic freedom – the freedom to work and to have food, shelter, education, medical care and a decent retirement

Karen J. Greenberg: Visiting the Torture Museum

Barbarism Then and Now

Glen Ford: Killer Cops Boost Body Count in War on Black America

The superstructure of Black control that has been erected over the past 45 years, a machinery that has so relentlessly criminalized the Black community that one out of every eight prison inmates on Earth is an African American

Steve Early: A Community-Labor Coalition Asks: Who Will Benefit From University Of California’s New “Global Campus?”

AFSCME rank-and-filers are campaigning, with student and community allies, for a different kind of “CBA”

Jennifer Nauright: Shot to the Heart

I wanted so badly to believe that our country, in the year 2015, had evolved enough that men did not need to fear for their lives simply because of the color of their skin

Meral Cicek: Kurdish liberation movement committed to ‘democratic socialism for the 21st century’

Meral Cicek interviewed by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Florian Wilde during the World Social Forum in Tunis, translated by Leandros Fischer Meral Cicek (above) is from Cologne and is the chair of Kürt Kadın İlişkiler Merkezi, the Kurdish Centre for Women´s Affairs in Erbil. The “Arab Spring” has turned into an “Arab Winter” in many Read more…

George Monbiot: Beware a shower of extreme inaccuracy

Daily Express weather warning

Jon Schwarz: Six Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran

They’re not worried that we can’t deter a nuclear-armed Iran — they’re worried that a nuclear-armed Iran could deter us

Andrew Nash: Mandela’s Democracy

The tribal model of democracy has come to form the ideological contradictions of the new South Africa

Ethan Cox: Montreal professors stare down riot cops

Either you beat us all, or you beat none of us

Antonis Davanellos: The pressure to stay strong

Interview on the current situation in Greece and the shape of future battles

Catarina Príncipe: The “Small Party” in Power

How do Syriza’s origins and Greece’s political economy affect its capacity to govern?

James K. Galbraith: The Real Thing: An Anti-austerity European Government

What is at stake in Greece goes very far beyond merely financial questions

Marina Sitrin: Workers’ Caravan to Athens

Workers’ movements and their supporters from throughout Greece have embarked on a caravan asking for concrete support for their struggles, each of which is based on self-organization and horizontality

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