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Recent ZNet

Danny Schechter: Is It Time To “Boycott” The USA?

In some ways, these “dissidents” across the spectrum are already at odds with and in essence boycotting the idea of the USA they grew up with

Marjorie Cohn: Israel Inflicts Illegal Collective Punishment on Gaza

Israel has commenced full-scale warfare on the people of Gaza

Jen Wilton: Marinaleda: The Village Where People Come Before Profit

In the south of Spain, the street is the collective living room

Ramzy Baroud: Ravaging Gaza

The entire episode, particularly after its grim ending, seemed to traumatize Israelis into ignoring harsh truths about the settlers and the militarization of their society

Todd Miller: Border Wars in the Homeland

Imagine what can happen to anyone in a realm where, increasingly, anything goes, including the Constitution

Norman Solomon: Does Uncle Sam Have a God Complex?

The U.S. government now has the kind of surveillance powers formerly attributed only to a supreme being

Rashid Khalidi: FAQ on Failed Effort to Arrange Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

Palestinian leaders need to launch a full court political offensive against Israel’s violations of international law, systematic human rights abuses, and structural violence

Ewan Robertson: Criticisms of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela

A former Bolivarian government minister, Hector Navarro, has criticised the internal democracy of the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Gregory N. Heires: Warehousing Immigrants

Thousands of immigrants are locked up in a shadow private prison system as a result of the criminalization of immigration over the past decade

Max Ocean: TPP Will Force ‘Policing’ of Internet Users

Groups slam proposed rules in open letters to negotiators of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

Michael Albert: Thoughts & Deeds 4: Winning

This is part four of a six part interview. It deals mostly with issues of vision and strategy and their role in winning change

Glenn Greenwald: Controlling the Internet

The secretive British spy agency GCHQ has developed covert tools to seed the internet with false information, including the ability to manipulate the results of online polls

Federico Fuentes: Venezuela: Pragmatists vs. Radicals?

The publication of a highly critical document authored by one of the longest-serving ministers in former president Hugo Chavez’s government, has triggered off an unprecedented debate among Venezuela’s revolutionaries

Satya Sagar: The Natives Play No Football

The biggest losers in this battle historically have been indigenous people, who remain the poorest and the most abused people in the country

Carolina Cositore: Today I Bought a Keffiyeh

As many caring Jews around the world this week, my heart has been wrenched by what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza. But, also like many, I feel helpless to stop the oppression, the and bombing and, of course, the settlements

Ben Joravsky: Where are the Librarians?

Roughly half of the 400 or so schools in CPS have librarians

Katie Mcdonough: Criminalizing Pregnancy

Mallory Loyola was arrested and charged with simple assault two days after giving birth to her daughter

Cecily McMillan: “There’s No Sense in Prison”

Released from Rikers prison after serving 58 days, Occupy activist Cecily McMillan discusses prisons, policing and why she’ll keep protesting

Ilan Pappe: Israel’s Incremental Genocide in the Gaza Ghetto

The Zionist strategy of branding its brutal policies as an ad hoc response to this or that Palestinian action is as old as the Zionist presence in Palestine itself

Ian Angus: On ‘Environmental Catastrophism’

Ian Angus Replies to Sam Gindin

Richard Falk: Tormenting Gaza

Disappointing global response to Israeli aggression calls for more grassroots efforts to help Palestinian struggle

Patrick Korte: Socialism or Barbarism?

We must “agitate, educate, and organize” in our respective countries and communities if we are to gather the forces necessary to forge a revolutionary people

David Swanson: A Finger in My Soup

I’d heard of such horror stories and assumed they were mostly fictional or concocted as the bases for lawsuits, and then I was actually served a bowl of soup that had a finger in it

Tom Engelhardt: The Empire as Basket Case

Meanwhile, in these years, the corporation itself was let loose to run riot. Long a “person” in the legal world, it became ever more person-like

Mona El-Farra: Where shall I start? How shall I start?

The shelling is continuous, crazy and everywhere

Alexandra Bradbury: California Port Truckers Strike Closes Three Terminals

On strike again, port truckers organizing with the Teamsters in Los Angeles and Long Beach are showing their growing leverage

Nafeez Ahmed: IDF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis

Israel’s defence minister has confirmed that military plans to ‘uproot Hamas’ are about dominating Gaza’s gas reserves

Andrea Germanos: Spending Billions to Dig a Bigger Climate Hole

New report highlights continued fossil fuel subsidies that foster further climate crisis at taxpayers’ expense

Eva Galperin: NSA Spying: Now It’s Personal

The Washington Post has revealed that “Nine of 10 account holders found in a large cache of intercepted conversations, which former NSA contractor Edward Snowden provided in full to The Post, were not the intended surveillance targets”

Jérôme Roos: Why does Argentina not simply default again?

Constructing authentic economic sovereignty will require a number of sacrifices that — despite a flurry of public statements to the contrary — Argentina’s current government does not appear to be willing or able to make

Mohammed Omer: Palestinians fear ‘no place is safe’ in Gaza

Palestinians have condemned the bombing of residential homes, which Israel claims can be lawful military targets

Various Contributors: An open Letter to Israeli academics

An atmosphere of hysteria is being deliberately provoked in Israel, and whole communities are being subject to collective punishment, a war crime

Amira Hass: Gaza civilians waiting ‘for the slaughterhouse’

T., a Palestinian woman from Gaza, tells her children to stay in one room before the Israeli strikes – that way, if a missile comes, they will all die together, and none will stay alone

David Marty: What Catalonia Independence Means And What We Should Learn From It

Far from being supported by an overwhelming majority of Catalonians (at the same time rejected by the Spanish population), this referendum is dividing Spain in two positions: those who want independence and those who prefer to keep things as they are

Gideon Levy: Israel’s Real Purpose in Gaza Operation? To Kill Arabs

The goal of Operation Protective Edge is to restore the calm; the means: killing civilians

Neve Gordon: Israel’s Dissenting Voices Get Lost In The War Echo Chamber

Israeli politicians across the political spectrum appear to support the attack on Gaza

Juan Cole: The Map: A Palestinian Nation Thwarted & Speaking Truth to Power

The map just points to a powerful reality; banishing the map does not change that reality

Robert Naiman: Israeli Army: We have been instructed to Hit Hamas Hard

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a new war on Palestinians in Gaza, a war whose purported justifications make George W. Bush’s excuses for his illegal invasion of Iraq smell nice by comparison

Sheila Cohen: Britain Strikes for a Day

It’s finally happened. The rusty machinery of the British trade union movement has turned

Mohammed Omer: ‘I never like the night’

Palestinian families fear Israel’s night-time air strikes, as the civilian death toll soars in the Gaza Strip

Robert Tait: Israel’s smart bombs kill two “terrorists”: Nidal, aged 4, and Mohammed, aged 2

According to Gaza health ministry figures half of the “terrorists” killed by Israel in the past four days have been women or children

Orouba Othman: Why Don’t The Palestinians Go To Bomb Shelters?

The first Gaza war in 2008 established a rule that “no place is safe in Gaza”

John Pilger: The Return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s War on Palestine, Ukraine and Truth

As advanced societies are de-politicised, the changes are both subtle and spectacular

Bruno Jäntti: The EU, the US and the Plight of the Palestinian People

The Israel-Palestine conflict serves as an illustrative case study on both the international nature of the region’s tragedies, in general, and the reactionary role of Western countries’ Middle East foreign policy, in particular

Rashid Khalidi: Israel’s Assault Obscures Racism, Occupation, Colonization

Nobody pays attention to the settlement project or thuggish incitement when there are air raid sirens in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Marwan Bishara: The Gaza conundrum: To invade or not to invade

The pretexts for any war or violence can be seen in two ways: explicit short-term justifications, and implicit longer-term explanations

Mariam Elba: Activists oppose Detroit’s water war

Not since Hurricane Katrina has there been such a widespread and clear example of environmental racism and classism as what is happening in Detroit

Mohannad Sabry: Egypt’s Sisi Launches Brutal Austerity Plan

The government’s decisions, all publicly defended by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb, raised the prices of every form of fuel for both ordinary consumers and industrial facilities and the prices of electricity and natural gas supplies for household use

David Swanson: CNN: Palestinians Want to Die

The view that the people you are abusing don’t mind it has a long history of being employed to distract from the evil being done

Girish Mishra: Economic Survey 2013-2014

The economic survey presents a vision of a free market economy where the role of the government is limited only to clearing the path of private entrepreneurs

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