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Recent ZNet

Arthur Goldhammer: Let’s not sacralize Charlie Hebdo

In mourning the tragedy, let us not forget that Charlie Hebdo was shocking, obscene and offensive because the world is — as today’s shocking, obscene and offensive tragedy makes clear

Nidia Bautista: Led by Latinos, US Cities Organize to End Plan Mexico and Support Ayotzinapa

While protestors in Mexico have amplified their demands, multiple protests have been organized abroad in more than fifty countries

Jérôme Roos: Is Social Democracy Still Possible – or Permissible – in Europe Today?

Greece and Spain find themselves in a six-year depression.

Nikos Raptis: A Divine River and a Memory

In our crooked societies, old and present, the “owners” of the works of art are the Gages, the David Rockefellers, Hitlerite Nazi thieves, British Noble thieves, etc., or Pericles of ancient Athens

Pervez Hoodbhoy: The Peshawar School Massacre Was Not Pakistan’s 911 Moment

Massive militant establishments now hold the Pakistani state hostage

Tom Engelhardt: A Self-Perpetuating Machine for American Insecurity

Welcome to the National Security State of 2015

Badri Raina: How Bharat Came to Grief

Seven thousand years before they Could properly light a spark With stones, we had aeroplanes. The crafts  flew invisible-spiritual, Carrying  realized rishis across Galaxies, leaving neither body Nor wreck in sight, only emanations; Alas, that in modern times  that ancient Marvel  came to be sold as Star Trek, Wherein conjured  imitations fly To  fake stations Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: Time to Move Out: The Problem with Mahmoud Abbas and His Authority

The problem with Abbas, however, is bigger than Abbas himself. The ailment lies in the very political culture and class that sustained and benefited from political corruption for over 20 years

George Monbiot: The Child Inside

Why can’t we shape the places that shape our lives?

Kim Scipes: They Rule: The 1% vs. Democracy

Review of They Rule: The 1% vs. Democracy by Paul Street

Alexis Tsipras: SYRIZA is a Europe that is changing.

Alexis Tsipras delivered the keynote speech to the SYRIZA Congress January 3-4 2015, before the coming elections. It was the opening salvo of the electoral campaign

Bill Fletcher: On the NYC Police Killings & the Haymarket Massacre

Public opinion can be quickly, and rather easily, manipulated against progressive mass movements

Derek Summerfield: If children’s lives are precious, which children?

The question is whether we are willing to pay the price of extending to all the world’s children the sensibilities we apply to our own

Ann Robertson: The Strategic Significance of the Fight for $15

The fight for $15 is a battle actually unfolding before us, the kind of battle we have not witnessed for decades

Maryn McKenna: The Coming Cost of Superbugs: 10 Million Deaths Per Year

If you weren’t taking antibiotic resistance seriously before, now would be a good time to start. A project commissioned by the British government has released estimates of the near-future global toll of antibiotic resistance that are jaw-dropping in their seriousness and scale: 10 millions deaths per year, more than cancer, and at least $100 trillion Read more…

Claudia Chaufan: Why Did Swiss Voters Reject Single-Payer Health Care?

We must increase our outreach to the disenfranchised, to those who don’t think their voices make a difference

Guillem Murcia: Gag Law

Spain’s government tries to push back the tide

Emilye Crosby: 10 Things You Should Know About Selma Before You See the Film

The Selma voting rights campaign started long before the modern Civil Rights Movement

IPS Correspondents: Asia: So Close and Yet So Far From Polio Eradication

The goal is an ambitious one – to deliver a polio-free world by 2018

Rami G. Khouri: Time for serious Palestinian leadership

There is no price to be paid if a country does not support the Palestinians in the Security Council

David Swanson: The Atlantic Can’t Figure Out Why U.S. Loses Wars

It is utterly bizarre that the least successful, most wasteful, most expensive, most destructive public program is largely unquestioned and generally trusted and revered by most of the public

Gareth Porter: The real politics behind the US war on IS

No military or counter-terrorism analyst believes that the military force applied in Iraq and Syria has even the slightest chance of defeating IS

Paul Street: Beneath the Headlines

The government is not listening to your phone calls, except when it is

Pepe Escobar: 2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

2015 will be all about further moves towards the integration of Eurasia as the US is progressively squeezed out of Eurasia

Carl Finamore: Let’s Make Black Lives Matter in 2015

Learning from the past, we can say with confidence that if the level of organization and coordination matches the commitment and devotion of this new generation, the struggle will surely carry to the next level

Victor Grossman: Dresden and Its Dangerous Demonstrators

PEGIDA’s quick growth derives largely from the many fears, especially in eastern Germany, about the scarcity of decent, steady jobs

Andrew Levy: We get Huck Finn all wrong

Excerpted from “Huck Finn’s America: Mark Twain and the Era That Shaped His Masterpiece” by Andrew Levy

Neil Demause: The Case for Buying Sports Teams, Not Stadiums

If the goal of fronting cash for new sports venues is to keep team owners from using their monopoly-given right to skip town and leave fans with no one to root for, then one workaround is obvious: cut out the middleman, and buy the team

Dave Zirin: The Year the Sports World Turned Upside Down

The year ended with an unprecedented explosion of protest at the highest levels of US sports

Bernie Sanders: Fight for Our Progressive Vision

I have absolute confidence that we can turn this country around and become the kind of vital, prosperous and fair-minded democracy that so many want

Sam Gindin: When History Knocks

“Enlightened” elites won’t take kindly to undermining capitalism’s institutions, so currying their favor is foolhardy

Paul Street: Because We Let Them

Mass concerted action against the owners is a duty, not a probability

Andrew O'Hehir: The NYPD’s mini-rebellion, and the true face of American fascism

The NYC cop crisis taps into a vein of authoritarian longing — but the real risk of fascism may be harder to see

Paul Mason: Enter Europe’s new populist left movement

However inexperienced, naive, and lacking in machine-party discipline the new populist left in Europe is, it is setting the agenda

Bill Fletcher: The Torture Debate in the USA

For the U.S. public, to recognize the futility of torture is to call into question their own silence during the 2000s

Richard Falk: Terrorism, Torture, and the Problem of Evil in Our Time

A look st Confessions of a Terrorist: a novel by Richard Jackson

Joe Emersberger: Leftists Must Expose Budget Deficit Scams

Here are some ways to expose deficit scams

Immanuel Wallerstein: Cuba and the United States Resume Relations

The mutual decision was the outcome of 18 months of quite secret negotiations, sufficiently secret so that the announcements were a surprise

Michael Yates: The Achievements of Native Hawai’ians

One of the achievements of all of these currents and agitations has been the gradual demolition of the worldview of the colonizers and imperialists

Jamelle Bouie: Why I Am Optimistic About the Future of Race Relations in America

The black struggle for equal rights—for full partnership in the American experiment—obviously isn’t over

Linda Gordon: Hopeful News

Hand in Hand, a network of five bilingual, bicultural schools for Israeli Jews and Palestinians…

Conn Hallinan: Dispatch Awards 2014

Each year Dispatches From the Edge gives awards to individuals, companies and governments that make following the news a daily adventure. Here are the winners for 2014

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims

Journalists who mindlessly repeat government claims like this are guilty of many things; ignorance of what they are doing is definitely not one of them

Juan Cole: What would Happen if the Int’l Criminal Court Indicted Israel’s Netanyahu?

The world wouldn’t end for Israeli leaders if they were convicted, but the consequences would be real and unpleasant, and over time could have a substantial impact

Palestinian BDS National Committee: The amazing things we achieved together in 2014

2014 was a year that saw continued resistance and unprecedented international solidarity with Palestine and huge steps forward for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement

Seamus Milne: The challenge to the old order is growing

The powers that be will fight back against attempts to change the status quo, economically or globally

David Masciotra: “No civilization would tolerate what America has done”

Whenever there is a combination of a culture of violence and an ethic of heartlessness, fatal abuse of authority will escalate, and the legal system will fail to address it

Josh Zeitz: How ‘Selma’ Diminishes Dr. King

MLK was a political genius. Why does the film obscure that?

Dennis Kucinich: New Year’s Resolution for America

When anyone of us resolves toward self-improvement, it can impact the lives of those we love. How much more impact can we have, if in the new year we work to recreate the future of this country we love, by resolving to take bold steps in a new direction in a new year? In 2015 Read more…

James Fallows: The Tragedy of the American Military

The American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously

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