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Recent ZNet

Vijay Prashad: A Somalia on the Mediterranean

The Islamic State in Libya is not merely a Libyan problem but a regional one

Allie Yee: South’s unique immigration trends shape region’s response to deportation relief

As growing immigrant communities integrate into cities, the stage could be set for potential clashes between states and localities over immigration issues

Kara Z. Dellacioppa: Remembering the Watts Rebellion

Operation Chaos and the Infectious Logic of National Security

Eva Golinger: Which Way Venezuela?

The Venezuelan opposition is led by an elite, super-rich class that ruled the country for decades, and accumulated much of their wealth through corrupt business practices and siphoning oil industry profits

Tamara Pearson: Venezuelan Guarimbas: 11 Things the Media Didn’t Tell You

A look from the ground as the unrest evolved, speaking to ordinary Venezuelans and getting the real story from the streets

Lucas Koerner: Venezuelan Officials Allege Blackwater, U.S. and Canadian Links to Thwarted Coup

The four-stage plan included economic war, an international media offensive against the Venezuelan government, political destabilization fomenting ungovernability, and finally the use of a Super Tucano aircraft to strike “tactical targets” in the capital

Kathy Kelly: The Front Page Rule

As drone warfare proliferates, as the stings of the drone become more lethal and terrifying, the peace activists hold a newsworthy message

Richard Falk: On the North Carolina Killings

An interview on how to interpret the ghastly murder of three young Muslims living in the North Carolina university town of Chapel Hill

Chris Hedges: ‘Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like’

The abuse inherent in pornography goes unquestioned in large part by both men and women

Badri Raina: Revolt of the Disenchanted: How the Mighty are Pulverised

Movements cannot be replicated mechanically; but all movements carry lessons that may be adopted and modulated to similar ends

Dean Baker: The Sharing Economy Must Share a Level Playing Field

The idea that Uber should be able to operate by its own rules may be the dream of its top executives and holders of Uber stock, but it is not sound public policy

John Pilger: Support Venezuela

Washington wants to get rid of the Venezuelan government because it is independent of US designs for the region and because Venezuela has the greatest proven oil reserves in the world and uses its oil revenue to improve the quality of ordinary lives

Gloria La Riva: Coup plot foiled in Venezuela

More than ever, it is vital that international solidarity be mobilized to demand an end to U.S. machinations in Venezuela and all Latin America

Nikos Raptis: What Is Going on in the World

Could an international tribunal hold war criminals accountable?

David Swanson: Cuba: Land of Opportunity

If Cuba comes off the ridiculous terrorist list, the educational exchange opportunities could really open up

Jane Lazarre: Once White in America

Raising Black Sons in a White Country

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Drops to 49th in World Press Freedom Rankings

It should come as no surprise that the U.S. continues to plummet in press freedoms under Obama

Alexander Mercouris: Who Won and Who Lost at the Minsk Talks on Ukraine

The big difference between this process and the previous process is that the Europeans are now formally involved

Will Fitzgibbon: Bank’s Services for Arms Dealers in Conflict with Its Own Policy

These disclosures shine a light on the intersection of international crime and so-called legitimate business at one of the world’s largest banks

Gideon Levy: The most heinous crime in Israel is anti-Zionism

In today’s Israel, in which “leftist” is among the worst things to call someone, “non-Zionist” is entirely beyond the pale

Kirsten Weld: Washington’s Prying Eyes

The NSA disclosures, Latin American backlash, and what it means for hemispheric relations

Jeff Halper: Massive and Permanent

The Palestinians are permanent residents of East Jerusalem, but not citizens

Nantina Vgontzas: Gambling with the Euro

Freeing Greece from its neoliberal straitjacket will require exiting the euro

TeleSUR English: Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted

Coup plotters planned on assassinating the Venezuelan president and installing a de facto government. A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled, with both civilians and members of the military detained, President Nicolas Maduro revealed Thursday in a televised address. Those involved were being paid in U.S. dollars, and one of the suspects had Read more…

Preeti Kaur: Is Sweden’s Offensive Against Assange Unraveling?

In January, Sweden’s record was reviewed by UN Human Rights Council members. Ecuador asked it to justify long periods of pre-charge detention

Lucas Koerner: New Anti-Poverty Mission, “Households of the Nation,” Gets Underway in Venezuela

The stated aim of the new mission is to tackle extreme poverty and ensure the “total protection” of the Venezuelan family

Ryan Cecil Jobson: Sheikhs, Shale, and Socialism: Oil War in the Americas

When Obama acknowledged the decline in oil prices as one facet of efforts to thwart the Russian economy, it confirmed the suspicions of many that the boom in domestic shale oil and gas production was not merely an avenue of energy independence, but diplomatic warfare

Hector Navarro: I’m Encouraging Rebellion at the Bases of the PSUV

We should not seek only the material satisfactions of the human race, because those are infinite. What’s important is subjectivity, the conciseness to improve upon ourselves

TeleSUR English: Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted

A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled…

Frederick Mills: Latin America Unites Against U.S. Attack on Venezuelan Democracy

A broad based association is calling for the U.S. to cease interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela

Noam Chomsky: The World of Our Grandchildren

Interview on the roots of ISIS and why the United States and its allies are responsible for the group’s emergence

Heather Gies: Social Media Coup? The Vile Virality of Venezuela’s Opposition

Examininh the role of social media in fomenting violence and misinformation in Venezuela

Yesenia Barragan: Repression and Demobilization in Spain

Spain’s Gag Law aims to criminalize and shut down Spain’s social movements by bankrupting them

Henry A. Giroux: Celluloid Heroism and Manufactured Stupidity in the Age of Empire

From Citizenfour and Selma to American Sniper

Patrick O. Strickland: Gaza families live in rubble of their bombed homes

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced during the Israeli assault

Sarah Lazare: Harvard Students Launch Open-Ended Sit-In Demanding Full Divestment From Fossil Fuels

Dozens of students on Thursday morning launched a sit-in at Harvard University to demand that the institution divest its $36.4 billion endowment from fossil fuel companies

Conn Hallinan: Europe: Shaking The Temple

The Syriza government made it clear that Greece was finished with the austerity policies that crashed its economy, made more than a quarter of the population jobless, and shredded essential social services

John Feffer: ISIS Unites the World

Although many commentators have described ISIS as somehow less-than-human, it doesn’t come from outer space. It is decidedly a homegrown product of the turmoil that has engulfed two states

Stathis Kouvelakis: The Greek Hope

Interview on Syriza’s progressive alternative for Greece

Greg Shupak: The Disaster in Libya

If leftists want to build alternatives to global capitalism, we must recognize that claims to internationalism are worse than meaningless when they enable imperialist bloodbaths

James Green: West Virginia Coal Mine Owners Have Blood on Their Hands

The bloody history of mine workers in West Virginia is truly as dark as any dungeon, but the recent indictment of a mine owner suggests that maybe the tide has turned

Justin Podur: The Rojava Revolution and the Liberation of Kobani

The PKK is the only revolutionary force that you can encounter in Kurdistan and maybe in the whole region

David Swanson: Cuba Is Our Family

Cuba and the Estados Unidos have been family for so long that relationships have been reversed, forgotten, turned inside out, and repeated

Joe Emersberger: A German Broadcaster’s Gutter Journalism about Venezuela

Deutsche Welle (DW) claims that the Venezuelan government is “authoritarian” and “press freedom is dying” in the country

Ramzy Baroud: Mending ‘Axis of Resistance’: Hamas Returns to the Start

Some will chastise Hamas’s new strategy, others will praise its return to common sense. But for Hamas and Palestinian resistance in Gaza, it is a mere matter of survival

Richard Falk: A Presumption Against Intervention

Four developments over the course of the last half-century are radically reshaping the debate on the viability and advisability of forcible intervention as a diplomatic option

Thomas Harrison: Panel Discussion on Syriza Victory

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy sponsored a panel discussion on “After the Greek Elections: The Future of Austerity in Greece, Europe, and Beyond”

Andy Piascik: Vietnam: Some Real History

Discussions of Vietnam are hardly academic exercises; falsifying history has paved the way to the US-caused deaths of three million Iraqis since the first invasion in 1991, to cite just one of many recent examples

Patrick Cockburn: Assad’s Weak Hand

Syria, ISIS and the West

Zephyr Teachout: How the Little Guys Beat the Monopolists on Net Neutrality

A year ago, the FCC had sold out. Now it’s pushing real net neutrality. What happened in between proves that people power works

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