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Recent ZNet

Brian Goldstone: Justice for All

Ending the scourge of mass incarceration will require seeking justice not just for the innocent but for the guilty

Bill Fletcher: For a “Third Reconstruction”

Fear is a driving force in the USA and the fear of terrorism obscures so much of what is really at stake in matters of foreign policy

George Lakey: What if Americans protested like Icelanders?

Those who remained at home decided to roll up their sleeves, supplement their inadequate electoral systems with nonviolent campaigns and push the 1 percent out of dominance

ROAR Collective: Protesters take to the streets across Europe — in photos

Tens of thousands of people have occupied the streets of major European capitals in recent days. Could this spring mark the start of a new cycle of struggles?

Nadia Prupis: #ResignCameron: Thousands Call for Prime Minister to Step Down

In wake of Panama Papers, protesters gather in London

Juan Cole: If ISIL falls before November, how will it affect the US Election?

If al-Raqqa and Mosul fall, it seems inevitable that this development would much help the Democrats

Robert Fisk: The ‘one for one’ refugee policy means we’re picking and choosing among desperate people

As the journalist Wolfgang Bauer reminds us, the Syrian people witness the horrors of the Paris and Brussels attacks every single day

Jeff Abbott: Guatemalan Campesino Organizations Mobilize to Demand Agrarian Reform, Energy Nationalization

The campesinos were continuing a decade-long struggle to demand that the Guatemalan government nationalize the electrical system

Pete Dolack: No planet for optimists: Coastal flooding may come sooner than we fear

There is no alternative to a massive change to industrial activity — no amount of re-forestation can come close to canceling out the effect of industrial activity

Charles Glass: Nagmachons

Cablegate, the Afghan War Diary and other WikiLeaks exposures have made little difference to public policy

Richard Falk: Reading Jeff Halper’s ‘War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification’

[Prefatory Note: The review below was published in the current issue of Journal of the Society for Contemporary Thought and Islamicate World. I am posting it here because I believe that Jeff Halper’s book deserves the widest possible reading. It explains clearly and convincingly one of the deepest and least understood roots of Israel’s diplomatic Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: A Key Similarity Between Snowden Leak and Panama Papers: Scandal Is What’s Been Legalized

The key revelation is not the illegality of the specific behavior in question but rather the light shined on how our political systems function and for whose benefit they work

Paul Street: People Over for-Profit Prisons: A Social Movement in Gary, Indiana

It was a remarkable and rapid local victory for people’s power, human rights, and moral economy over a soulless agenda

Dave Zirin: Kevin Turner Dies From ALS, the NFL Does Not Give a Damn

Kevin Turner played in pro football for eight years, but when he died, the NFL said nothing. They could start by apologizing

John Cavanagh: Blogging Our Grand Divide Why I’m Ready to Get Arrested with Restaurant Workers

From April 11 to 18, I’ll be joining thousands of people from all walks of life who will descend on Capitol Hill in waves to risk arrest and offer a primal scream for democracy

Yash Kothari: Shock and Awe: India and Fervent Nationalism

Our fraud nationalists go after their own citizens for their religion, or for their views. Their concern and their passion is the enemy within

Dan La Botz: Labor for Bernie and Beyond Plans for the Primaries and the Future

The Labor for Bernie movement has become a national phenomenon with more than 12,000 supporters

Patrick Bond: Austerity Gathers Pace in Volatile South Africa

A wedge is being quickly driven through Pretoria’s political elite

Naomi Klein: The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview

If we’re to have any hope of avoiding catastrophe, action needs to be unprecedented in its speed and scope

Bernie Sanders: Two Guys From Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee

Interview on free education, guns, Donald Trump and Obama’s legacy

Danica Jorden: Cancun Residents Halt Developers to Protect and Revive Beloved Mangrove

As one of the only green spaces for Cancun residents, the loss of Tajamar Mangrove was felt immediately, and civic reaction was swift

Robert Hunziker: The Panama Papers: Oozing Slime

The Panama Papers is a clarion call for revolt against a neoliberal world economic order

Many Authors: Possible Ideas for Going Forward

Seventy Five Authors offer possible ideas for program for left activists…

Rory Fanning: The Wars in Our Schools

An Ex-Army Ranger Finds a New Mission

Sam Cossar-Gilbert: #NuitDebout: a movement is growing in France’s squares

Fed up with inequality, unemployment and labor reforms — and increasingly outraged at the financial and political elite — tens of thousands across France are taking to the streets and the squares

Greg Grandin:  The Panama Papers Are Only the Beginning

Financial crimes and political conspiracies aren’t discrete events but the essence of neoliberalism

Juan Cole: What’s at Stake for Israel in al-Sharif Killing

If the policy of summary executions of prisoners goes on, Israeli officials could be held accountable at some point

Chris Arnade: Mocked and forgotten: who will speak for the American white working class?

When you listen to poor people who work with their hands, you hear a uniform frustration and a constant anxiety – but it’s not just about economic issues

Ramzy Baroud: Non-violent BDS Should Be Welcomed, Not Condemned

BDS has, thus far, been the most successful strategy and tactic to support Palestinian steadfastness while, at the same time, holding Israel accountable

Madeleine Thomas: Bernie Versus the Banks

Recent criticisms of Bernie Sanders’s plan to break up the banks don’t hold water

Vijay Prashad: Dangerous Times in India: The Country’s Extreme Right Is Targeting College Students

Students, workers, peasants and journalists are vermin in today’s India

Levi Gahman: Dismantling neoliberal education: a lesson from the Zapatistas

The non-hierarchical education of the Zapatistas cries dignity and suggests that the suffering of the neoliberal university can be withstood and overcome

Lucas Koerner: Venezuelan Social Movements Rally Against Open-Pit Mining in the Orinoco Arc

The demonstration is part of a week of action organized by popular movements against a series of agreements signed by the Venezuelan government with Canadian mining firm Gold Reserve

Immanuel Wallerstein: Anti-Trumpism

Discussing the phenomenon of Anti-Trumpism

Simon Davis-Cohen: Meet the lead organizer behind the upcoming mass sit-ins to get money out of politics

On April 2, more than a hundred marchers calling for an end to big money politics set off from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell toward the nation’s capitol

Jamie Kelsey-Fry: Rêve Générale to Panama Papers

From France to Iceland, two seemingly disparate movements converge around the same dream

Paul Street: Disrespecting Obama: Race, Class, Empire, and Identity Politics

Obama’s ongoing criminal record on behalf of corporate rule and American Empire has gone under the radar like no time in recent memory

Mark Engler: Claiming Our Victories

Movements produce important victories

Andrew J. Bacevich: Writing a Blank Check on War for the President

How the United States Became a Prisoner of War and Congress Went MIA

Mark Weisbrot: Attempted coup in Brazil seeks to reverse election results

It is an attempt by Brazil’s traditional elite — which includes, as one of the most important players, most of the major media — to reverse the outcome of Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections

Eleanor Bader: Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules

Since 2013, 56 religiously affiliated colleges and universities in 26 states have been granted Title IX exemptions, and more applicants are in the pipeline

Kristine Mattis: The Cult of the Professional Class

The professional, upper-class orthodoxy infiltrates more than just Ivy League institutions because all others revere and aspire to it, and therefore tend to mimic it

José Adán Silva: Climate Change Dries Up Nicaragua

Nicaragua has lost 60 percent of its surface water sources and up to 50 percent of its underground sources, which either dried up or have been polluted

Esther Yu-Hsi Lee: Berry Farmworkers Toil 12 Hours A Day For $6. Now They’re Demanding A Raise

Farmworkers in the United States and in Mexico have been on a three-year-long fight to get Driscolls — the world’s largest berry distributor — to recognize their unions

Martin Luther King Jr.: Where Do We Go From Here?

In this historical speech, Martin Luther King draws attention to the interrelation between racism, economic exploitation and war

Uri Avnery: Under the Lime Trees

Almost every day our government enacts laws, enlarges settlements, takes measures and makes declarations that push Israel further away from any peace that Arab countries could accept

Michael Lesher: Mall shootings, fear, and the blindness of privilege

In a society where racism and neoliberalism are fashioning increasingly desperate environments for more and more working people, ignorance is too costly a luxury

Dilip Hiro: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

A Nuclear Armageddon in the Making in South Asia

Tariq Ali: Joker Rules: the Crackdown on Press Freedom in Turkey

Onur Erem the journalist interviewing Tariq Ali has already been charged in court with insulting the leaders of the state,

Richard Falk: Three Unshakeable Pillars of American Foreign Policy

It deserves to be noticed that it is only the two anti-establishment candidates who have challenged the foreign policy consensus that has guided American politicians ever since the end of World War II: consistently express unconditional support for the Pentagon, Wall Street, and Israel (especially since the 1967 War). Bernie Sanders has been the first Read more…

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