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Recent ZNet

Florian Zollmann: Tormenting Libya

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s sentence marks the latest episode of the secret war that Western powers have waged against Libya for more than three decades

Richard Falk: Wartime Journalism: Mohammed Omer on Gaza

A look at Mohammed Omer’s extraordinary Shell-Shocked: On the Ground under Israel’s Gaza Assault

David Swanson: Which U.S. Senators Want War on Iran

Don’t just urge the right vote while pushing the propaganda. Oppose the propaganda as well

Norman Solomon: Bernie Sanders should stop ducking foreign policy

Sanders should make clear how he currently differs — or agrees — with Clinton on key aspects of war policies, foreign affairs and the military-industrial complex

Lucas Koerner: Hundreds Attend Caracas Forum on Kurdish Revolution in Rojava

The Kurdish experience has deeply influenced libertarian militants in Latin America

Jonathan Michael Feldman: The Charleston Shootings and Mainstream Society’s Complicity in Murder

The under-regulation of guns is a conscious political project of the NRA

Various Contributors: Cyber Attack on Women’s Health

Women’s health/pro-choice sites have been under ruthless, relentless attack for decades and the cyber front of those attacks has now expanded significantly

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections on the State: Wild Fires, Climate Change and Institutional Capacity

Can we slowly chip away at the militarized state while reallocating its funds, materials and personnel to more worthwhile projects, like preparing for and enduring climate change?

David Swanson: Hiroshima-Nagasaki: 70-Year Nuclear Explosions Not Done Yet

This August 6th and 9th millions of people will mark the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in those cities and at events around the world. Some will celebrate the recent deal in which Iran committed not to pursue nuclear weapons, and to comply with the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and with Read more…

Gar Alperovitz: The War Was Won Before Hiroshima—And the Generals Who Dropped the Bomb Knew It

The top American military leaders who fought World War II, much to the surprise of many who are not aware of the record, were quite clear that the atomic bomb was unnecessary, that Japan was on the verge of surrender

Ryan Lugalia-Hollon: Urban Planning in the Era of New Jim Crow

In 1996, the year the War on Poverty was to be won, nearly one of every three young black men in America was under correctional supervision, whether in prison, on probation or on parole

Taisuke Komatsu: Japan: controversial US army base sparks outrage among local population

It is time activists across the globe extended solidarity to those protesting to prevent the construction of a new military base in Okinawa, who are haunted by their memories

Luke Niebler: Why My Fellow Adjuncts and I Decided To Form a Union at Our Community College

Hopefully, we’ll be able to help push the movement forward as other groups of adjuncts across the country seize power in their workplaces and make their voices heard

Michael Calderbank: It’s Corbynmania Thousands rally for Jeremy Corbyn

Thousands rally for Jeremy Corbyn

Stephen R. Shalom: What’s the Big Deal?

The Iran Nuclear Deal in Perspective

Nikos Raptis: Greece: Reaction of a ‘Conservative’

Here is the reaction of a lady to my article “Misanthropy, Conservatism, and the Referendum in Greece” of July 7, 2015: Vicki  July 7, 2015 7:21 pm So you are calling me an asshole and expect me to participate with you? I don’t vote for liars and lazy politicians s – so stay all warm Read more…

Pete Dolack: High-tech Exploitation Is Still Exploitation

Billionaire Silicon Valley libertarians are attempting to become wealthier at the expense of working people. That’s not disruption, that’s capitalism as usual

Arun Gupta: Crash and #Bern

How presidential elections are detrimental to movement building

Katha Pollitt: How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood

Why does the pro-choice movement so often find itself in a defensive crouch?

Susan Southard: Entering the Nuclear Age, Body by Body

The Nagasaki Experience

Opal Tometi: Building a Transnational Movement for Black Lives

What might a global Black Lives Matter movement look like?

Conn Hallinan: Behind Washington’s ‘Crackpot’ Deal with Turkey to Fight ISIS

Under the guise of fighting ISIS, Turkey’s president is re-igniting a bloody war with the Kurds for his own political purposes

David Golumbia: The Amazonization of Everything

Amazon’s success lies in worker exploitation and intrusions into consumers’ private lives

Kate Bradley: Scrapping grants will inspire another wave of student protests – how can they win?

Student funding changes will hit the poor hardest and transfer wealth upwards

Barry Sheppard: Screwed by vulture funds, Puerto Rico is Washington’s ‘Greece’

We have reached the point where Puerto Rico simply has no more money to pay the loan sharks

Medea Benjamin: 10 Steps to Wean US Foreign Policy Off Militarism

US progressives should clearly define what a progressive foreign policy looks like

Joe Emersberger: The Unmaking of Leopoldo Lopez

A Foreign Policy article by Roberto Lovato represents a crack in a huge propaganda edifice

Z. C. Dutka: How Deep Does the Crisis Cut?

There is little doubt that a coordinated effort to destabilize the country’s economy exists

Juan Cole: Major Indirect Benefits of Obama’s Climate Plan that could save the World

Government steps that encourage business and consumers to take millions of consequential decisions are essential

Walden Bello: Europe’s Big Banks Are Fueling the Continent’s Far-Right Fascists

Greece’s left-wing government stood up to their creditors, only to be politically executed. Is the far right set to pick up the mantle?

Paul Street: Bernie Sanders, Dr. King, and the Triple Evils

Something Missing at the SCLC

Oren Ziv: Photo Essay: Palestinian Baby Burnt Alive by Israeli Terrorists

The arson attack by two Israeli settlers that killed a toddler has been called terrorism and sparked outrage by both Palestinians and Israelis.

Siân Berry: Greening the City

Democratizing the Green Party’s London mayoral campaign and the future of the Greens

Michael Albert: Greece Writ Large and Deep

What lessons does the Greek cul-de-sac hold for left strategy more broadly speaking?

Federico Fuentes: Chavez is gone, but Chavismo is here to stay

This political force is rooted in Venezuela’s poor majority, mobilized within the state and on the street to defend the Bolivarian revolution and advance its revolutionary aims

Yanis Varoufakis: Greek Tragedy

On Greece’s economic crisis

Alexis Tsipras: “Austerity is a Dead End”

I think that what our European partners and creditors wrested is a Pyrrhic victory, but that at the same time it represents a great moral victory for Greece and its left government.

Christian Appy: Our “Merciful” Ending to the “Good War”

Or How Patriotism Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Ramzy Baroud: The Palestinian Bubble and the Burning of Toddler, Ali Dawabsha

Little Ali is no different from the 490 Palestinians killed in Israel’s last summer war on Gaza, which killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians

Luke Elliott-Negri: Seven Lessons From the Sawant Campaign

Kshama Sawant has shown how electoral and movement politics can grow together

Leigh Phillips: A club of ghouls: the need for rupture with the EU

After Greece, the road to a democratic, social United States of Europe passes through ‘Brexit’ and a toppling of the post-democratic tyranny that is the European Union

Z. C. Dutka: Riot in San Felix Highlights Economic War

On Friday morning, residents of San Felix, a city in Venezuela’s southeastern state of Bolivar, overturned a bus and looted various markets, in a mass reaction to rising prices.

Sarah Mirk: Five Facts to Know on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

The prevalence and persistence of the wage gap makes it clear that this is not an isolated, individual phenomena but an inequality that’s reinforced by our national economic and cultural systems

Joris Leverink: Water: source of life and conflict in the Land of Rivers

Oil is often seen as the root cause of conflict in the Middle East, but in the coming years water might come to overtake it as a key source of dispute

Karen J. Greenberg: Dealing With Mass Killings in America

Funding Our Children, Not Our Wars

Victor Grossman: German Know-Nothings Today

The forces misusing the problems of properly treating such increasingly desperate “undesirables” represent a growing threat, far more dangerous than the old Know-Nothings . . . and eager to seize their chances

Sarah Lazare: Obama Touts ‘Historic’ Climate Plan, But Will It Go Far Enough?

The president’s Clean Power Plan includes deeper emissions cuts but also numerous concessions to the industry

Lee Fang: Institute of Peace’s Hawkish Chairman Wants Ukraine to Send Russians Back in Body Bags

The United States Institute of Peace chairperson, Stephen Hadley, is a relentless hawk whose advocacy for greater military intervention often dovetails closely with the interests of Raytheon

Mark Weisbrot: Despite Pressure from Washington, Greek Bailout Increases Grexit Odds

It is now clear that the European authorities do not intend to let the Greek economy recover any time in the foreseeable future

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Sovereign Debt Restructuring Processes as a Geopolitical Dispute

The UN is moving forward in a regulation of debt restructuring processes that threatens to affect the power of the US and its allies

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