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Recent ZNet

Jonathan Cook: Execution of Palestinian exposes Israel’s military culture

The video of an Israeli soldier shooting dead a young Palestinian man as he lay wounded and barely able to move has only intensified the tribal war dance of the Israeli public

Julian Assange: IMF Internal Meeting Predicts Greek ‘Disaster’, Threatens to Leave Troika

Today, 2nd April 2016, WikiLeaks publishes the records of a 19 March 2016 teleconference between the top two IMF officials in charge of managing the Greek debt crisis – Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF’s European Department, and Delia Velkouleskou, the IMF Mission Chief for Greece.  The IMF anticipates a possible Greek default co-inciding with Read more…

Dawn Porter: Director of TRAPPED Documentary: Abortion Care “the way you would want your health care in general”

Filmmaker Dawn Porter pays tribute to the abortion providers of the Deep South.

Deirdre Fulton: The Panama Papers: ‘Biggest Leak in History’ Exposes Global Web of Corruption

An unprecedented look at how the world’s rich and powerful, from political leaders to celebrities to criminals, use tax havens to hide their wealth

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo: Mother’s Demand Justice for Flint’s Children: “Fire Gina McCarthy” Petition

This is your fight. This is our fight. Failure can not be an option

Benoît Bréville: Mobile homes can’t move on

Trailers are the cheapest available homes in the US, but their owner-tenants are always at risk.

Kate Aronoff: Who can afford the status quo?

A lot of Americans are hurting right now, and they stand to hurt even more if fossil fuel companies get their way. Fortunately, the climate justice movement isn’t holding out for anyone

Juan Cole: 3 Surprising reasons Saudi Arabia may be getting out of the Oil Business

Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman announced Friday that Saudi Arabia would use its oil assets to back a $2 trillion sovereign wealth fund. The move suggested to many observers that the kingdom is preparing for a likely end of the petroleum business and transitioning to being primarily an investor. While it is true that Read more…

Noam Chomsky: The Republican Base Is “Out of Control”

The 2016 US presidential election is shaping up to be a fascinating contest between reactionaries (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz), pro-establishment figures (Hillary Clinton) and a progressive of a selective kind (Bernie Sanders). The candidates’ views span a political range that is broader than usual, at least insofar as US political life goes, and several Read more…

Michael Hudson: The Lies of Neoliberal Economics (or How America Became a Nation of Sharecroppers)

CHRIS HEDGES: So, we spoke previously about the parasitic quality of the banks, hedge funds and the speculative class that has in essence cannibalized the country – including, interestingly, industry itself, and forced down the throats of the American public an unsustainable debt peonage, whether that’s through student loans, predatory credit card interest rates where it’s Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela: Dismantling a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Unifying the exchange rate is the first and most important step toward economic recovery

Yanis Varoufakis: Democracy or Bust in Europe

We should establish a pan-European coalition of radical, social, green, and liberal democrats to put the “demos” back into democracy

Jack Rasmus: Neoliberal Economists: Against Bernie Sanders and Common Sense

If the U.S. spent, like other advanced economies with single payer, about 10 percent of its GDP a year on health care, it would cost US$1.8 trillion instead of US$3 trillion a year

John Feffer: Donald Trump: Foreign Policy’s Useful Idiot?

It might take someone of Trump’s vapid visibility to drive home the point that “world’s policeman” is not a viable role for the U.S. to play

Ralf Ruckus: Taming Amazon

Through creative actions and cross-border solidarity, Polish workers are undermining Amazon’s anti-union playbook

Nick Engelfried: How Montanans stopped the largest new coal mine in North America

Montana communities won a victory against one of the world’s biggest coal companies earlier this month, when Arch Coal abandoned the Otter Creek mine – the largest proposed new coal strip mine in North America. The story of how the project imploded is one of people power triumphing over a company once thought to be Read more…

Tariq Ali: Human Landscapes: Turkey’s Secret Trials of Journalists

The secret trial of two Turkish journalists from the liberal mainstream daily CUMHURIYET—its Chief Editor Can Dundar and Erdem Gul—began this. They are charged with high treason for publishing material on a sensitive subject: Turkey’s collusion with ISIS and the US in the Syrian war. Confronted with the human landscapes of contemporary Turkey, what might the Read more…

Marlena Fitzpatrick-Garcia: Trying to Score an Upset on Hillary’s Turf, Bernie Draws Huge Bronx Crowd

Sanders, Spike Lee, actress Rosario Dawson and the rapper Residente all spoke at a rally in the South Bronx.

Dan Baum: Legalize It All

How to win the war on drugs

Ellen Cantarow: A Fukushima on the Hudson?

The Growing Dangers of Indian Point

Jen Wilton: More or Less Dead: Feminicide, Haunting and the Ethics of Representation in Mexico – A Book Review

A review of More or Less Dead: Feminicide, Haunting and the Ethics of Representation in Mexico

Ramzy Baroud: Intifada for Dummies

The current Intifada is an expression of a generation that is so eager to break free, to define itself, to liberate its land, yet resisted by an Old Guard

Noam Chomsky: Indicting the System

Interview on manufacturing consent and the hypocrisy of US foreign policy

Dean Baker: The reign of the robots: economists getting it badly wrong

Real investment in information processing equipment has increased by less than 5.0 percent over the last year. That’s hardly the basis for a productivity boom

Robert Pollin: Bernie Sanders Will Make the Economy Great Again

Does Bernie Sanders’s economic program amount to pie-in-the-sky nonsense? The short answer is no. All of his major proposals are grounded in solid economic reasoning and evidence

Robert Fisk: Guantanamo is being emptied – but its legacy of making the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty will continue

Almost half the remaining inmates are Yemeni, but I have to say that I don’t remember many Yemenis in Osama bin Laden’s camps – and I met the man twice in Afghanistan

Jean Bricmont: Trump and the Liberal Intelligentsia: a View from Europe

A new specter haunts the American elites: the candidacy of Donald Trump in the US President election and his success so far in the Republican primaries. The Republican establishment itself hopes to block his rise, even as he is drawing huge crowds into the party. As for the Democrats, they are hoping that his repugnant Read more…

Jill Stein: ‘The power to create a new world is… in our hands’

Interview on the election and hopes for the American Left

Cal Winslow: SEIU Heavy on the Ropes: Troublemakers Gather in Chicago

NUHW will be well represented at Labor Notes where they can report on achievements as a democratic, militant, worker run union

Philip Weiss: ‘Road to South Africa has never been shorter’ — as U of Chicago launches divestment campaign

Yesterday two signal events took place in the movement to boycott Israel over the occupation. First, Bar Heffetz, an Israeli farmer, kibbutznik and peace activist, writes that BDS is working, and how. (Original Hebrew post here; translation from Sol Salbe’s Facebook page) Contrary to what you get told, the boycott and BDS are working, and Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Brazil Is Engulfed by Ruling Class Corruption — and a Dangerous Subversion of Democracy

The multiple, remarkable crises consuming Brazil are now garnering substantial Western media attention. That’s understandable given that Brazil is the world’s fifth most populous country and eighth-largest economy; its second-largest city, Rio de Janeiro, is the host of this year’s Summer Olympics. But much of this Western media coverage mimics the propaganda coming from Brazil’s Read more…

Russell Mokhiber: In Cold Blood — Feds Call for Max Sentence for Former Massey CEO Blankenship

Prosecutors said that Blankenship “knew full well the awful risks, dramatized time and again in ghastly fashion over the years…”

Amrita Pande: The Politics of Openings, the Politics of Closures State, Nation and Universities in India and Africa

A critical encounter between higher education, student protests and movements, broader society and polity has been playing itself out

Mark Dunbar: Hillary Clinton: Hidden in Plain Sight?

Who is Hillary Clinton? is an anthology that offers little in terms of a definitive answer. Its purpose is clearly to muddy the water

Allie Gross: How Cops Terrorize People Without Even Arresting Them

The fact is cops don’t have to physically harm or even arrest people to do lasting damage

David Swanson: U.S. State Department: Don’t Hurt ISIS

Two goals outweigh all others for the U.S. government: U.S. domination of the globe and arms sales

Noam Chomsky: Organizing for a next system

The Great Depression was objectively much worse than today, much more severe. Subjectively, it was much better. It was a period of hopefulness

Steve Early: A Last Hurrah in Richmond? The Mayoral Candidate With Major Funding From Chevron

Without campaign finance reform of the sort advocated by Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein in their current presidential campaigns, there’ll be no last hurrah for big money in politics

Pepe Escobar: Brazil, like Russia, under attack by Hybrid War

The Wall Street-centered global financial system – which rules over virtually the whole West – simply could not allow national sovereignty in full expression in a major regional actor such as Brazil

Martin Conway: The bitter fruits of alienation: Belgium’s struggle is the problem of our age

“What we feared has happened,” remarked Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, in the immediate aftermath of the horrible and violent attacks on Brussels airport and the Maelbeek metro station on March 22. Yes, indeed. Nothing is less surprising than that the vortex of terrorism and repression that has developed since the November 2015 Read more…

Gareth Porter: How Putin’s leverage shaped the Syrian ceasefire

When Russian President Vladimir Putin had a substantive meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry last week, it was an extremely rare departure from normal protocol. Yet, there was some political logic to the meeting because Putin and Kerry have clearly been the primary drivers of their respective governments’ recent policies toward Syria and their Read more…

Rodrigo Nunes: The Realist’s Dilemma

Brazil’s Workers’ Party thought accommodating capital could save them. That was a fatal mistake

Eric Draitser: President Trump? US War Machine Rolls On

There’s little doubt that, as president, Hillary Clinton will enact the same sorts of disastrous and criminal policies that her predecessors of both parties have pursued. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is being lauded by many as a much needed change in terms of US foreign policy, someone whose ideas and actions will be Read more…

Conn Hallinan: Terrorism: Then and Now

If we are to seriously look for solutions, that requires asking “why,” even if the answers are uncomfortable

Glenn Greenwald: FBI-Apple Fight Tied to U.S. Effort to Access the Communications of Everyone Everywhere

The FBI’s decision to drop its case now raises new concerns about the strength of security in Apple devices given law enforcement’s ability to unlock the iPhone without Apple’s assistance

Patrick Cockburn: US ground troops are back in Iraq as Iraqi division hides in the mountains

The speed with which Isis responded to the arrival of the 15th Iraqi Division and the US Marines at Makhmour shows that they are by no means a spent force

Esther Kersley: Drones, drugs and death

The war on terror’s methods of mass surveillance and remote warfare are not unique. The US is also addicted to covert tools in its ‘war on drugs’, with disastrous consequences

Karl Grossman: Nuclear Power Plants: Pre-Deployed WMDs

Pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction. That’s what nuclear power plants are

John Pilger: Trump and Clinton: Censoring the unpalatable

There is a need, a compulsion, for many liberals in the United States to embrace a leader from within a system that is demonstrably imperial and violent

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