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Recent ZNet

Paul Street: Worse Than Fascism?

The contemporary U.S. model is in some ways worse than classic or real historical fascism in advancing tyrannical imperial and state-capitalist goals

Kostas Arvanitis: Interviewing Greek Left Media: Sto Kokkino

We here on this radio station are saying “We are not stepping back, but rather are accelerating.”

Immanuel Wallerstein: Panic about Panic

Russia and the World-System Today

David Swanson: It’s the Blind Partisanship

If people recognize that their partisanship is hurting the causes they support, they will surely begin to question it

Tom Hayden: Kern, The Mississippi of Fracking

The evidence is growing that communities of color will no longer accept their previous fate of being dumping grounds and sacrifice zones for industry

Uri Avnery: Zionists All

WHAT does Zionism mean nowadays?

Juan Cole: Is ISIL’s ‘Shock and Awe’ more Awe-ful because of One Victim?

The purpose of the bombing was to terrify Iraqis into submitting. That is, it was a form of state terrorism

Gabriel Rubin: Big Problems, Fake Solutions

The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for fundamental change. But all elites are offering is tepid reform

Matthew Harwood: The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap

Why the Cure Will Be Worse Than the Disease

Chloe Maxmin: Harvard Is the Climate Crisis

Harvard University has increased its investments in fossil fuels by almost seven fold over the last few months

Jack Rasmus: Syriza vs. the ‘Troika’: Greek Debt Negotiations Heat Up

The northern European bondholders, investors, central bankers, and Euro bureaucrats that are the true faces behind the Troika, are confronted by a serious democratic challenge by the Syriza government

Yanis Varoufakis: I’m the finance minister of a bankrupt country

The Germans need not trust the Greeks, but should listen to them, says Yanis Varoufakis

Kim Scipes: Hardhats, Hippies and Hawks

Review of Hardhats, Hippies and Hawks: The Vietnam Antiwar Movement as Myth and Memory by Penny Lewis

Ramzy Baroud: Sinai

The question remains: how long will it be before Cairo understands that violence cannot resolve what are fundamentality political and socio-economic problems?

Norman Solomon: CIA Mission: Destroy the Whistleblower and Perfume the Stench of ‘Operation Merlin’

The trial of Jeffrey Sterling shook loose more serious questions about Operation Merlin than it laid to rest. The last big shoe in this real-life saga has yet to drop

George Monbiot: Lost in the 21st Century

Despite the best efforts of those who believe there is no such thing as society, we have not lost our ability to connect

Suraya Dadoo: Je suis Hypocrite!

To have some of the most vicious governmental enemies of press freedom, who are currently waging their own war against journalists and commentators, championing the cause of free speech is an insult, not just to the victims in Paris, but to all those denied basic media freedoms

Vicente Navarro: Why Podemos Poses A Major Threat To The Spanish Political Establishment

The Spanish financial, economic, political, and media establishments are on the defensive and in panic

David Swanson: When Veterans Try to End Wars

IVAW’s core demands have in fact been absolutely right on: bring the troops home, give them the benefits they were promised, and see that Iraq is rebuilt and returned to its people

Pervez Hoodbhoy: Obama the Traveling Nuclear Salesman Just Went to India

Indian public money is being used to shield U.S. corporations from liabilities in the event of a disaster involving an American supplied reactor

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Alberto Nisman’s Death and AMIA: Who Cares About the Truth?

Although he is portrayed as a man who died looking for the truth, Nisman was far from being a justice hero

Tom Engelhardt: Remembrance of Wars Past

Why There Is No Massive Antiwar Movement in America

Julia Wang: Student Campaign Forces 16 Universities to End Sweatshop Contracts

United Students Against Sweatshops has successfully pressured 16 colleges and universities to end their contracts with VF Corp – owner of Jansport, North Face, and Vans

Jim Naureckas: ‘Venezuelan Bomb Plot’ a Figment of FBI’s–and US Media’s–Imagination

What’s wrong is that there was no “Venezuelan nuclear bomb plot,” and the scientist in question, Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni, didn’t offer Venezuela anything

Gideon Levy: A Labor win will only entrench the occupation

On the most fateful issue, another term for Netanyahu would be a disaster, but a victory for Zionist Camp could be a worse disaster

Jasmin Malik Chua: Reality Show Sends Fashion Bloggers to Work in Cambodian Sweatshop

Three 17-year-old Norwegian fashion bloggers travel to Cambodia for an online reality series

Eli Friedman: The Primary Contradiction

While social resistance in China is widespread, it remains largely depoliticized

Nikos Raptis: Did the US Win the Greek Elections?

So, did the U.S. win the Greek elections? No!

Stephen R. Shalom: ‘NYT’ perpetuates myth Israel was ‘fighting for its very survival’ during 1967 war

To offer up the pro-Israel myth as if it were undisputed fact is simply propaganda

Kim Scipes: “US, Ukraine and Russia: What Went Wrong?”

A talk by John Mearsheimer and Rick Rozoff

Marjorie Cohn: Book Review: ‘How Human Rights Can Build Haiti’

A review of How Human Rights Can Build Haiti by Fran Quigley

Gilbert Achcar: What caused the killings?

Interview on the questions the left in France and internationally need to answer to organize an anti-racist, anti-imperialist response

Jenny Brown: Servers, Not Servants

While unions and others tried to outlaw tipping in the early days, restaurant employers saw it as free money

Karl Grossman: Locavore Movement Overlooks Farmworkers

Farmworkers remain without the right to organize unions

Costas Lapavitsas: Syriza has bold solutions to the forces of austerity that are strangling Europe

The new government in Greece wants to spearhead an alliance of leftwing forces across Europe

Eva Golinger: Venezuela: Coup in Real Time

U.S. media is increasing its systematic negative coverage of Venezuela

William J. Astore: War Is the New Normal

Why America’s Wars Persist

Badri Raina: Tweaking the Republic for a Make-Over

They will have their profits as well as be known as lovers of democracy

Alex Doherty: Tragic Kingdom – Reflections on Saudi Arabia

One of the most repressive societies on earth may well be living on borrowed time

Garrett Brown: Labor Movement Malpractice

Relinquishing the Fight for Workplace Health and Safety

Doctors Without borders: TPP Trade Deal Will Be Devastating for Access to Affordable Medicines

We need to keep prices low so our patients — and millions of others still waiting for treatment in the developing world — can get the medicines they need

Eva Shoufi: Domestic Workers in Lebanon Establish Unprecedented Labor Union

A historic event in the struggle of male and female workers in Lebanon happened on January 25

Oliver Tickell: The Meme of “Russian Aggression”

The BBC’s Drums of War

Bill Fletcher: Undermining the Iran Nuclear Talks and Other Irrational Acts

An anti-war movement worthy of its name must be fighting for a more comprehensive shift, a shift in the direction of a democratic foreign policy rather than the foreign policy of the bully

Serge Halimi: A modest and crazy dream

Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain offer a chance at change in Europe’s politics, possibly the only escape from a despair which is inflaming the nihilism and extremism that led to the events in Paris

Winston Alpha: Why Online Privacy is Dead & Why We Don’t Deserve it Anyway

As Snowden disappeared into Russia the movement to defend our privacy seemed to vanish along with him

David Swanson: U.S. Government Tried to Give Nuclear Plans to Iraq and Nobody Cares

The rest of the world already thinks we’re insane. Imagine it they knew that this is the sort of thing we just accept with our morning coffee before going about our wasteful lives

Juan Cole: Why the Israeli-Hizbullah Tit for Tat Probably won’t turn to War

Last week an Israeli helicopter gunship targeted Hizbullah outposts in Syria southwest of Damascus

Gary Olson: Can Capitalism Save Itself?

The challenge for panicky plutocrats and their wholly-owned politicians is to convince the 99.0% that capitalism is the answer, not the problem

Michael Albert: Sick or Psychotic?

We aren’t a “sick” society. It is too tame an adjective

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