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Recent ZNet

Bill Bigelow: Rethinking the 4th of July

In Portland, Oregon, where I live, the 4th of July holiday offers an excuse for a wonderful annual blues festival in Waterfront Park downtown. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, it also provides cover for people to blow off fireworks that terrify young children and animals, and that turn the air thick with smoke and errant projectiles. Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Guardian sinks into gutter on Corbyn – again

Surprise, surprise, the supposedly liberal Guardian’s coverage of this incident is as appalling as that found in the rightwing Telegraph

David Swanson: The Democratic War Platform

Whoever has been running this government in recent years sure has a lot to answer for

Sonia Singh: Workers Walk Out for $15 at Dozens of Quebec Nursing Homes

The 3,000 workers in 32 nursing and retirement homes for the elderly had three days of strikes under their belts

Badri Raina: Love and Hate

Love is a gentle, generous thing, Hate has a mind of its own; Love says nothing is first or last, Hate hisses all is mine. There are those that hate to love, And those that love to hate, Some ancient fault sunders the world, Into a Manichaean fate. What is now down is suddenly up, Read more…

David Swanson: Guess Who Wants Authority to Murder by Drone

If you haven’t been hiding under a partisan rock for the past several years, you’re aware that President Barack Obama has given himself the sort-of legalish right to murder anyone anywhere with missiles from drones. He’s not the only one who wants that power. Yes, President Obama has claimed to have put restrictions on whom Read more…

Jennifer Goett: In Nicaragua, the Latest Zombie Megaproject

The Interoceanic Grand Canal is a threat to the environment and to the Nicaraguan people

Juan Cole: Top 5 Green Energy Good News Stories

Solar power is poised to grow 6-fold by 2030 and could constitute between 9% and 13% of world electricity production by then

Julian Mercille: The coup against Jeremy Corbyn is a case of elites trying to squash popular aspirations

The real reason why Corbyn is facing a leadership challenge is that he is progressive and threatens the whole British establishment

Deirdre Fulton: Critics Skewer Obama’s “Meaningless” Stab at Drone Transparency

‘The drone data could be completely misleading—and provide a veneer of legitimacy to unlawful killings’

Sue Sturgis: A win for women’s rights in landmark Texas abortion case

Rank of the South among regions where women face some of the most severe restrictions on abortion: 1

Emilio Godoy: North and South Face Off Over “Right to the City”

“The right to the city goes hand in hand with achieving a paradigm shift away from the present situation, which is biased in favour of profitability for an elite rather than collective welfare for all.”

Nan Levinson: Veterans lead fight against sexual assault in the military

What support can be provided to survivors and how can change in the military be pushed forward?

John Feffer: The Hangover (British Version)

What the EU needs more than anything else is a new grand bargain that can serve as a powerful response to the far right and its nostalgia for a pre-EU paradise

Kevin Lin: In China, Walmart Retail Workers Walk Out over Unfair Scheduling

This struggle offers a chance to build international solidarity. Walmart has been mistreating its employees in China and in the United States—often in very similar ways.

Janette Sadik-Khan: ‘Streetfight’: The Battle for Bike Lanes, Open Space, and Quality Urban Life

Excerpt from a new book about what it takes to transform urban policies for a sustainable future

Dick Nichols: Spanish general election: snapshot of a big disappointment

The key question about the result of the June 26 Spanish general election is also the most difficult to answer: why did 1.09 million people, who in the December 20 elections voted for Podemos, the United Left (IU) and the three broader progressive convergences Together We Can (Catalonia), Podemos-Commitment (Valencian Country) and In Tide (Galicia), Read more…

Michael Albert: Why Are We Sliding Toward Hell…?

Most working people have never encountered a capitalist. Not once. But, they routinely encounter doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and others who have highly empowering jobs

Paul Street: Homo Sapiens in the Exterminist Age of Capital

The project of building a united, militant, revolutionary, organized, durable, environmentalist, powerful, antimilitarist, and global Left is now an urgent life or death matter for many of us and for future generations

Pete Dolack: Brexit will only count if everybody leaves the EU

The EU is a bonanza for multi-national corporations and an autocratic disaster for working people across Europe

Thomas Frank: The Life of the Parties

The Influence of Influence in Washington

Dan Read: Brexit’s Aftermath: Xenophobia and the Rising Right

A renewed impetus to combat the myriad and far-reaching problems now brought to light under Brexit may be in the cards

Kali Holloway: Cheap Meals From Big Pharma Can Make Doctors Prescribe Expensive Drugs

A new study suggests pharma can spend a little and get a lot in return

Colby Hopkins: Activists occupy major park in Budapest to stop unwanted development

To correct the power imbalance, Ligetvédők activists are demanding the public be involved in the plans to renew the park

Manuel E. Yepe: The Southern Giant Will Have to Fight

The first three governments of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) –two with Lula and one with Dilma Rousseff– represent the best in the republican history of the South American giant

Ramzy Baroud: Palestine’s ‘Prayer for Rain’: How Israel Uses Water as a Weapon of War

Entire communities in the West Bank either have no access to water or have had their water supply reduced almost by half. This alarming development has been taking place for weeks, since Israel’s national water company, “Mekorot”, decided to cut off – or significantly reduce – its water supply to Jenin, Salfit and many villages Read more…

Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up

We must create national and global economies that work for all, not just a handful of billionaires

Gareth Porter: Why the Sanders “Revolution” Must Take on the Permanent War State

The People’s Summit in Chicago June 17-19 dramatically displayed both the strengths and the vulnerabilities of what has emerged in 2016 as one of the most potentially powerful movements for fundamental change in the United States in many decades. The event, which brought together 3,000 committed movement activists to rally in support of the “political Read more…

Phyllis Bennis: From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks

U.S.-led military campaigns “against terror” continue to set the stage for more terror attacks, and to create more terrorists, as anger turns to rage

Vijay Prashad: We Owe It to the Victims of the Latest Bombing Tragedy in Turkey to Ask Why These Attacks Happened

Terror acts like these can produce a dangerous kind of nationalism

Mike King: The “Free State of Jones” in Trump’s America: Freedom Beyond White Imagination

“[H]istory is literally present in all that we do. It could scarcely be otherwise, since it is to history that we owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our aspirations. And it is with great pain and terror that… one begins to assess the history which has placed one where one is, and formed Read more…

Badri Raina: Brexit Alas

You did not heed my counsel sane, And are now at sixes and sevens; In the larger brotherhood of man, There are no parochial heavens. Proverbial cat in the adage you, That covets the other’s fish, But keeping your English feet above The wet and watery dish. No common market now for you, If you Read more…

Ebony Slaughter-Johnson: Mamie Till and Tarsha Jackson: ‘Mothers at the Gate’

Jackson is one of a growing number of family members nationwide, mostly mothers, who have taken up the mantle to advocate for juvenile justice reform

Mohammed Mesbahi: The intersection of politics and spirituality in addressing the climate crisis

The following interview with STWR’s founder, Mohammed Mesbahi, examines both the contemporary political and profounder spiritual implications of sharing the world’s resources in relation to the escalating climate emergency. Beginning with a policy-related discussion of the relevance of the principle of sharing to the Paris Agreement and UN climate change negotiations, he goes on to Read more…

Mark Evans: Occupy +

Resurrecting Occupy and Breathing Life into Shared Program by Taking it to the Streets

Paul Street: Understanding and Defeating Working Class Nativism

If you don’t believe immigration is used by employers to depress living and working standards in the U.S., then take a job in any U.S. factory that has a significant number of unpleasant low-skill tasks

Richard Falk: Are We Heading Toward Global Autocracy, Ecological Collapse, Political Malaise?

What follows are preliminary reactions to both the BREXIT vote and the world according to Trump, but also a commentary on the related alienation of large segments of the public that are being badly served by both the established elites and their demagogic adversaries. The failures of neoliberalism, the successes of digitization, the scourge of Read more…

Jérôme Roos: Brexit Confirms: The Center Cannot Hold

Brexit has less to do with Britain’s relationship to Europe than it has with neoliberal elites losing control over the monsters they have created

Joseph Todd: Building a progressive majority: Left strategy after the Brexit vote

After the EU referendum we are seeing both horror at anti-migrant sentiment and pandering to it

Bill McKibben: The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform

The Democratic platform process is finally underway, and the main issue is this: Did the campaign of Bernie Sanders really alter the Democratic Party?

James Bradley: Omar’s Motive

The idea that loving each other more will solve this problem shows that most of us are unaware of the regular U.S. drone killings of Muslims beyond our borders. Perhaps we need to love more peoples than just ourselves

Ronan Burtenshaw: Stand With Jeremy Corbyn

The embattled Labour Party leader is hated by his opponents for all the right reasons

George Monbiot: Roots in the Rubble

The decision to leave the EU is a disaster, but also a great opportunity for renewal

Les Leopold: Bernie’s Next Big Task: Build a Large-Scale, National Progressive Movement

Sanders should concentrate on launching a new movement organization right now — one that would mobilize for his democratic socialist agenda

Jane Slaughter: In Push for Education Reforms, Mexican Government Kills Teachers in the Street

Teachers said they would hold “demonstrations, protests, blockages, marches, and rallies, till we have something definite from the government”

Thomas Ferguson: Defying the Investors

Alienation from corporate candidates produced this year’s dizzying election results

Patrick Cockburn: The Age of Disintegration

Neoliberalism, Interventionism, the Resource Curse, and a Fragmenting World

Paul Mason: Making Sense of Brexit

Interview on Britain’s growing economic and political crisis

Leonard Peltier: 41 Years Since Jumping Bull, 500 Years of Trauma

As the First Peoples of Turtle Island, we live with daily reminders of the centuries of efforts to terminate our nations, eliminate our cultures, and destroy our relatives and families

Barry Finger: Brexit: A Victory for the Populist Right

The left needs to make the case that it has an alternative, a credible alternative; and that this alternative is implementable on the path to social transformation

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