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Recent ZNet

Richard Falk: Is the Middle East America’s to Lose?

I was appalled by the embedded colonialism of a recent issue of The Economist [June 6-12, 2015], boldly proclaiming its mood of geopolitical angst on its cover titling its featured story “Losing the Middle East.”

Lawrence Davidson: Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project

From the 1920s on into the 1990s, the Zionists controlled the storyline in the West on the Israel-Palestine conflict

John Bellamy Foster: Marxism, Ecological Civilization, and China

In recent decades there has been an enormous growth of interest in Marx’s ecological ideas, first in the West, and more recently in China

Pete Dolack: Keynesianism Will Not Save The World

The only route for capitalists is to reduce wages and benefits. The only route for the 99 percent is an entirely different world

Nathan Guttman: Secret Summit Raises up to $50M for Strident Anti-BDS Push

Pro-Israel activists headed home from Las Vegas last weekend resting easy that raising money to fight boycott and sanction campaigns on campus just got a lot easier

Vincent Emanuele: Arranging Our Lives for Activism

Only through hard work, discipline and commitment can we move from hoping to win, to preparing to win

Medea Benjamin: Can the UN Talks Bring Peace to Shattered Yemen?

The fighting in Yemen is not just destroying the fabric of that nation; it has broader implications for the region

Ben Reynolds: After the uprising: lessons from Rojava for Baltimore

The Baltimore uprising showed that direct action can force concessions from the state. What is still lacking is a coherent strategy for radical change.

David Swanson: The Financialization of Fiction, and Vice Versa

The Utopia of Rules by David Graeber is an engaging riff on the theme of bureaucracy and the BS people think about it

Vijay Prashad: G7: out for number one, and damn the consequences

The masters of the universe were busy with each other. They have currencies to protect and countries to bomb.

Mark Weisbrot: Obama’s Cuba legacy may run through Venezuela

There are many people in the Obama administration and Congress who do not want to normalize relations with Venezuela

Glenn Greenwald: Major Questions Remain Unanswered in Boston Killing of Alleged ISIS Beheading Plotter

The police can now accost someone in the street who, by all accounts, was doing nothing wrong at that moment, kill him, and then just scream “ISIS” and “Terrorist” and “beheading” enough times and no real questions will be asked

Gideon Levy: For the Sins of Occupation, Boycotts Are a Light Punishment

Orange or SodaStream, academic or artistic boycott, the penalties will grow worse the longer Israel persists in settling, exploiting and stealing Palestinian land.

Costas Lapavitsas: The Looming Austerity Package

The European “institutions” are seeking a public defeat of Syriza and the closing off of any alternative

Jérôme Roos: In Turkey, a perfect storm gathers on the horizon

The historic gains of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in the Turkish elections have upset the autocratic ambitions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Phyllis Bennis: Obama in Iraq: New Strategy, Old Mistakes

As the war escalates, Congress is largely sitting on the sidelines

David Swanson: The Last Jeb Killed for Slavery, The Last Bush Killed for Oil

t’s a guessing game that cannot alter the fact that either Jeb or Hillary would run the war machine into apocalyptic crises and the natural environment into collapse

Richard Falk: Israel’s Shimon Peres Reacts to the Turkish Elections

The outcome of the Turkish elections is far better interpreted as a Kurdish HDP victory rather than an Erdoğan AKP defeat

Conn Hallinan: Turkey’s Election Earthquake

The AKP lost the election because almost 60 percent of the Turks opposed its domestic and foreign policies

David Volodzko: Nine Points of the Law: America in the South China Sea

The real interloper here isn’t China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam or Brunei. It’s the U.S.

Ryan Gallagher: Inside the Secret World of NSA Art

Denny has brought to life images from the trove of classified files on government spying leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

David Cay Johnston: The top .001 percent are different from you and me

New IRS report reveals new details that will anger almost everyone, including those in the top 1 percent

Mark Weisbrot: Germany is bluffing on Greece

Berlin is not going to force Athens out of the eurozone anytime soon

Michael Albert: Left Media?

Our priority, of course, should be to aid changing the world for the better

Mark Evans: Rethinking False Consciousness

Understanding that we can be socialized into adopting an ideological position that is detrimental to our own interests is an important step towards the development of revolutionary consciousness

Jen Marlowe: Expelled for Life

A Palestinian Family’s Struggle to Stay on Their Land

Diana Johnstone: Playing Hard Ball With Soft Power

The United States insists on imposing a system of global “free enterprise” that inevitably breeds all kinds of unmanageable corruption, but then tries to make it look good by cracking down selectively on corruption

Conn Hallinan: The Dark Saudi-Israeli Plot to Tip the Scales in Syria

The Saudis and the Turks are scaling up their support for Syrian jihadists while the Israelis contemplate a new war with Hezbollah

Dave Zirin: The Politics of David Blatt and the Passion of Steve Kerr’s Father

Steve Kerr, without fanfare and without a bullhorn, walks in the path of the late Dr. Malcolm Kerr. It’s a path that sees peace as arriving only through education, empathy, and justice

Nafeez Ahmed: Pentagon report proves US complicity in ISIS

A declassified Pentagon report confirms that the West accelerated support to extremist rebels in Syria

Ellen Meyers: Inequality fight moves beyond wages

Chipotle will offer hourly employees benefits such as sick pay and tuition reimbursements starting July 1

Bill McKibben: Shell’s Arctic drilling is the real threat to the world, not kayaktivists

As usual, the rich and powerful are using the legal system to further exploit the planet

Steven Greenhouse: How Walmart Persuades Its Workers Not to Unionize

America’s largest private employer cares a lot about preventing its workers from organizing, a leaked training video reveals

Jeremy Brecher: Reversing Climate Change: What Will It Take?

What would a climate insurgency look like?

Vincent Emanuele: The United States: A Most Violent Nation

Extreme violence ravages the US. In this context, activists and organizers face a series of challenges that many of our international counterparts do not

Ramzy Baroud: What This World Needs is Some Really Honest Journalists

To question the term “Middle East” is to become conscious of the colonial history

Steve Early: What’s The Matter With Indiana?

Winning Hearts And Minds For Labor in Hoosier-Land

Johannes Hautaviita: UN nuclear conference ends in failure

At the UN nuclear summit, the US continues its long-standing policy of shielding Israel’s nuclear weapons monopoly in the Middle East

Costas Lapavitsas: If the eurozone thinks Greece can be blackmailed, it is wrong

Greece’s creditors do not have the country’s best interests at heart. Syriza, which still has enormous popular support, will not be afraid to examine the alternatives

Samuel Farber: Cuba’s Challenge

What did the Cuban Revolution accomplish and where can it go from here?

David Swanson: The Bravery of Vince Bugliosi

Bugliosi will be deeply missed in a way that thousands of authors and prosecutors sitting right now on their plump posteriors will never be

Peter Bloom: Bin Laden’s death and the fairy tale of the War on Terror

Recent revelations have challenged the official version of Bin Laden’s death, but the real cover-up concerns the motivations behind the War on Terror

RT.com: Chile police deploy tear gas, water cannons as 200,000-strong rally turns violent

The latest student rally that gathered some 200,000 people on the eve of the Copa America, the South American football championship, has turned violent with Santiago police shooting tear gas and water cannons

Noliwe Rooks: Racism, a pool party in Texas and the Supreme Court

A Supreme Court case has the potential to either reaffirm our commitment to, or fully gut, fair housing laws designed to promote racial and economic integration

Van Gosse: A New Internationalism

Internationalism is not a future goal, or utopian dream, it is an active practice. We must begin where we are, and make a new road by walking it

Alfredo Lopez: USA Freedom Act is Anything But

There is nothing — nothing at all — in any recent law or legislative action that will in any way weaken the police state structure our government has put into place

Robert Jensen: American journalism’s ideology: Why the “liberal” media is fundamentalist

Mainstream journalism is failing to engage all relevant views on the state of the ecosphere

Joris Leverink: The HDP’s victory is a barrier against autocracy in Turkey

For the first time, a pro-Kurdish party has entered into the Turkish parliament, throwing a spanner in the works of Erdoğan’s autocratic ambitions

George Monbiot: Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life

In the cause of self-advancement, we are urged to sacrifice our leisure, our pleasures and our time with partners and children

Laura Gottesdiener: A Magical Mystery Tour of American Austerity Politics

One State’s Attempt to Destroy Democracy and the Environment

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