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Recent ZNet

Sheldon Richman: Smedley Butler and the Racket That Is War

From 1898 to 1931, Smedley Darlington Butler was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. By the time he retired he had achieved what was then the corps’s highest rank, major general, and by the time he died in 1940, at 58, he had more decorations, including two medals of honor, than any other Marine. Read more…

Charity R. Carney: The Troubling World of Corporate Christianity

Can Americans tell the difference between religion and consumption?

Jon Queally: ‘Collect It All’

NSA Targets Those Seeking Web Privacy

Jason Hickel: Are Economic Growth and Social Justice Incompatible?

Professor Jason Hickel and activist Alnoor Ladha discuss the fallacy of economic growth, the battle for social justice and how to organize against the neoliberal system

Jérôme Roos: Palestine: Caught Between Selective Sympathy And Collective Punishment

Once again the savage murder of young civilians is being used as a political ploy by hardliners and extremists on both sides of this asymmetric conflict

Michael Albert: Parecon: Envisioning A Life Beyond Capitalism

ROAR interview exploring the idea of participatory economics

Medea Benjamin: On July 4, Be a Patriot

Stop Another US Military Intervention in Iraq

Democratic Socialists of America: Overturning the Court’s Undemocratic Attacks on the Rights of Women and Workers

DSA Statement on the End of June 2014 Supreme Court Rulings

Juan Cole: When Will Palestinians get their Fourth of July?

The Palestinians do not have any of these rights, whether God wants them to or not

Danny Schechter: Frederick Douglass Echoes Through The Ages

Of all the oratory and debate on “our” independence, nothing in the literature surpasses the speech by abolitionist, editor and former slave, Frederick Douglass,

Tony Iltis: Behind Iraq’s crisis: New US war is no answer

The 2003 invasion cost 1.5 million Iraqi lives and made the Middle East and the world more dangerous. This latest military intervention must be opposed

Patrick Tucker: The Military Doesn’t Want You to Quit Facebook and Twitter

The Defense Department is already using social media to track your mood.

Z. C. Dutka: Maduro Initiates Government “Shake-Up” in Venezuela for July

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday the need for “a complete and profound revolution within public administration”

Katha Pollitt: Where Will the Slippery Slope of ‘Hobby Lobby’ End?

It’s not reassuring that a CEO’s views of a fertilized egg get deference today, but workers’ contraceptive coverage is left to the fates

Elaine Yu: Occupy Central

The migrant workers in democracy’s blind spot

Joe Emersberger: Whitewashing Venezuela’s Right Wing

In the heated media war over Venezuela, studies produced by well-funded NGOs (usually with ties to powerful states) have been regularly cited by the western corporate media to paint a grim picture of the country

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Vulture Funds Against Argentina

The law of predatory capitalism

David Swanson: Pay No Attention to the Apocalypse Behind the Curtain

The United States doesn’t need another peace prize for a war maker, it needs a popular movement for the abolition of war

Noam Chomsky: On Israel-Palestine and BDS

Those who are sincerely dedicated to the Palestinian cause should avoid illusion and myth, and think carefully about the tactics they choose and the course they follow

Michael Albert: Thoughts and Deeds 2: Perspectives

This is part two of a five part interview. It mainly deals with attitudes to some political perspectives and a possible alternative

Stephen F. Cohen: The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities

The regime has repeatedly carried out artillery and air attacks on city centers, creating a humanitarian catastrophe—which is all but ignored by the US political-media establishment

Cecily McMillan: Statement from Rikers

That bridge right there, that divides the city from Rikers Island does not only divide two worlds, today I hope to bring them closer together

Ramzy Baroud: On Ramadan, Socialism and the Neighbor’s Beat up Car

Ramadan was an exacting platform through which poverty and deprivation were devalued so that when Ramadan was over, we felt grateful for the little we had, before we resumed our struggle for the rights and freedoms we truly deserved

Laurie Penny: Facebook: When do we start to worry?

When you clicked the little box that said you agreed to Facebook’s terms of service, you agreed to be a lab rat

Steve Early: Send In A Sub: Life In The Blackboard Jungle

“We substitute teachers like to think of ourselves as the marines of the public education system. Whenever a breach opens in our nation’s educational front lines, off we go: The few, the brave, the stupid.”

Joao Pedro Stedile: Popular Agrarian Reform

An Alternative To The Capitalist Model

Linda Gordon: Sexism + Racism = Tea-Party Power

I do not suggest that racism and sexism are parallel. They are entirely different forms of domination. But they combine well

David Marty: Can We Really Podemos?

In the recent European Parliamentary Elections, a new political party in Spain called Podemos caused a sensation by gaining nearly 8% of the votes after only 4 months of existence

Noam Chomsky: Whose Security?

How Washington protects itself and the corporate sector

Danny Byrne: Return to Turmoil

Debt crisis is back – the class struggle and tasks for the Left

Ewan Robertson: Maduro Offers to Bury the Hatchet with Internal Critics

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has offered to renovate his government and end the dispute with the former ministers who recently criticized his leadership

Tom Angotti: A Tale of Two Housing Plans

De Blasio’s Drive to Build Big Undermines Neighborhood Preservation

Moshe Z. Marvit: Impossible Standard for Unions

The Harris v. Quinn decision may have done irreparable damage to a long-standing precedent

Patrick Cockburn: The Appeal of ISIS

The move by al-Baghdadi and Isis, which wants to be known as simply the Islamic State, has the power to convulse many of the 57 countries that follow the Islamic faith

Ola al-Tamimi: The Depth of the West Bank’s Occupation

What does the occupied West Bank look like 47 years into the occupation?

William i. Robinson: Global Capitalism Is In the Midst of Its Most Severe Crisis

Interview on the demise of capitalism, the future of globalization, the setbacks and failures of the US foreign policy and the human consequences of Washington’s military adventures

Marina Prentoulis: The end of tolerance and the new populism

A new left is taking shape, one that has been with these people in the streets of Europe

Dick Nichols: Spanish State: Eruption of Podemos

The five seats (7.9%) won by the platform Podemos (“We Can”) in the May 25 European election was an earthquake in Spanish politics

Chris Hedges: Pity the Children

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be over soon. We will leave behind, after our defeats, wreckage and death, the contagion of violence and hatred, unending grief, and millions of children who were brutalized and robbed of their childhood

Gyanendra Pandey: Ruling Hindu Tea Party wants to “Develop” India for its 1%

Through the President’s address to Parliament on June 9, 2014, the newly elected Indian Government has officially outlined its short and longer-term agenda. The emphasis, as expected, is on faster economic growth

Ewan Robertson: Social Programs Expanded in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has initiated its policy of expanding social programs in the country’s most deprived areas in a bid to eradicate extreme poverty

George Monbiot: Purging Dissent

The principal threat to expression comes not from state regulation but from censorship by editors and proprietors

Juan Cole: In Deaths of 3 Israeli Teens, Likud Policies are also Implicated

If the Likud really wants an end to such incidents, then it should negotiate in good faith

Shamus Cooke: Regional War Swallowing the Middle East

When the Syrian war jumped its borders into Iraq, surrounding nations had a perfect chance to peacefully cooperate. They’ve thus far refused

Juan Cole: The Arab Millennials Will Be Back 

Three and a half years ago, the world was riveted by the massive crowds of youths mobilizing in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand an end to Egypt’s dreary police state.  We stared in horror as, at one point, the Interior Ministry mobilized camel drivers to attack the demonstrators.  We watched transfixed as the protests spread Read more…

Soraya Chemaly: Undercounting Rapes

How Did the FBI Miss Over 1 Million Rapes?: Systematic undercounting of sexual assaults in the US disguises a hidden rape crisis. Earlier this month, a 911 dispatcher in Ohio was recorded telling a 20-year-old woman who had just been raped to “quit crying.” After she provided a description of her assailant, the caller went on to say, Read more…

James Hamblinjun: Silencing Gun Control

When one writer suggested that guns can be regulated without anyone’s rights being infringed, he lost his job. Dick Metcalf told his story this morning to a skeptical crowd.  ASPEN, Colo. — “I pose this question, Mr. Metcalf, as a hunter of birds. I have a concealed carry permit for a pistol. And I think Read more…

Hiba Ali: Tunisia’s New Constitution

On August 13, 2011 , a scorching summer’s day in Tunis, mobs of the disheartened, infuriated, and passionate flooded the streets. Over a thousand women marched to convey a simple message: the time for equality had come. The rally set into stark relief that for decades, under grueling regimes and imposing tyrannies, Tunisia has lacked Read more…

Richard Falk: Hopeful Horizons?

Ever since governments disappointed the world in Copenhagen at the end of 2009 by not producing a global agreement that would mandate reductions of carbon emissions, there has been a mood of despair about addressing the challenges posed by global warming. The intense lobbying efforts by climate deniers reinforced in the United States by a Read more…

Tom Hayden: Message to Gov Brown

Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. State Capitol, 1st Floor Sacramento, CA 95814 RE:  Doubling the rate of greenhouse gas reductions by 2030   Dear Governor Brown, We appreciate your steady leadership over the decades as California continues to forge a clean energy model for our country and the world. But, as you have said, Read more…

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