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Recent ZNet

Roberto Savio: Brexit: Voting With Your Guts?

In the wake of Brexit, what will Merkel now do?

Marjorie Cohn: US Bombing Syrian Troops Would Be Illegal

In an internal “dissent channel cable,” 51 State Department officers called for “targeted military strikes” against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, a proposal that President Barack Obama has thus far resisted. However, were he to accept the cable’s advice, he would risk a dangerous – possibly catastrophic – confrontation with Russia. And, such a use of military Read more…

Sergi Cutillas: What’s at Stake in Spain

A guide to Spain’s election

Oscar Reyes: Five keys to understanding the Spanish election

The insurgent left has also shown that it is here to stay

Robin Hahnel: Brexit: Establishment Freak Out

Brexit is a blow to the powers that be in Brussels, and adds wind to the sails of progressive forces within the EU as well as reactionary forces, no matter what political strategy progressive forces opt for

Jonathan Cook: Brexit and the diseased liberal mind

The debate about Brexit was never about values or principles – it was about money. It still is

Michael Hudson: How Western Military Interventions Shaped the Brexit Vote

Interview on how military interventions in the Middle East created refugee streams to Europe that were in turn used by the anti-immigrant right to stir up xenophobia

Patrick Cockburn: Brexiteers Have Much in Common With Arab Spring Protesters

The potential for Brexit to produce toxic results for everybody is greater than it looks, because it is one more source of instability in a region already under great pressures

Lauren McCauley: Betraying Progressives, DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation

Appointees by Clinton and Wasserman Schulz resoundingly reject numerous proposals put forth by Sanders surrogates

Dean Baker: In the wake of Brexit, will the EU finally turn away from austerity?

If the EU leadership goes the route of tit for tat and tries to punish Britain, Brexit will be the first round of a very unhappy story.

Sima Kadmon: Our Girl

Apparently, the army fears, that with the many who lie and are released each year, the number of conscientious objectors will double and maybe even reach the number of six

Colin Fox: Brexit Vote Spells Political Crisis in Scotland and UK

The left must face the new political circumstances and highlight the social and economic problems facing working people

David Swanson: Party’s Over, Quarter Billion Dollars on Bernie, Now What?

The truth is that we have far more power than we’re told, we just don’t have it where we’re told to look for it

Gregory Wilpert: Wilpert Replies to Albert on Left Unity

Regarding the debate on whether and how to participate in the US presidential election, I think Michael, Vincent, and Bill outline the different strategies very well. However, there is one issue that seems to me to be in danger of being forgotten. That is, the whole discussion – except perhaps the abstain argument – tends Read more…

Howie Hawkins: Hawkins Replies on Left Unity

A Response to Albert’s we need left unity essay

Bill Fletcher: Fletcher Replies on Left Unity

The first thing that struck me about Michael Albert’s commentary was its call for a principled and humble debate within the Left and the recognition that there is no short distance between God’s mouth and any of our ears. Such an approach seems to be in the minority these days with sanctimonious commentaries offered in Read more…

Stephen R. Shalom: Shalom Replies on Left Unity…

Responding to Albert’s We Need A United Left

Noam Chomsky: Plenty of Possibilities

We can be very optimistic. Things like this have happened before and they’ve been overcome

Roberto Savio: Brexit and EUexit

All the xenophobic right wing parties have expressed their enthusiasm for the Brexit, which is going to give them more push

Peter Dreier: Three Strategies to Beat the NRA

Gun safety advocates who until now have relied largely on traditional lobbying need to broaden their strategy to include partnerships with gun owners and civil disobedience

Akiba Solomon: I Assumed It Was Racism—It Was Patriarchy

Why are some women more invisible than others? To grow new anti-patriarchal movements like Black Lives Matter, we need to start opening our eyes

Robert Fisk: What does the Middle East think of Brexit? A lot more than you’d assume

Gulf governments to whom Britain and especially David Cameron have traditionally grovelled took a predictably rosy view of Britain’s potential catastrophe.

John Pilger: Why the British said no to Europe

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy

Daniel Denvir: Enough with the spectacle: How about we just ban all assault weapons instead?

The Dems’ campaign should inspire nothing but cynicism — our gun problem has nothing to do with terror watch lists

Various Contributors: Spanish Left: 50 Steps to Govern Together

The coalition between Podemos and IU (called “Unidos Podemos” – Together We Can) is the only one that, on 26 June, could overturn the situation created by the 20 December Spanish election. In order to do that, Podemos and IU have agreed on a 50-point programme to end austerity and bring democracy to the country. Read more…

Kshama Sawant: Beyond Bernie: Still Not With Her

Since the June 7 California primary, the historic upheaval that coalesced around Bernie Sanders’ campaign has continued to defy the demands of the political establishment, but has also increasingly turned into a search for the way forward. After a powerful, year-long mass campaign over the hostile terrain of a rigged primary, our political revolution is at Read more…

Richard Eskow: Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

A major crack has appeared in the edifice of globalization, and the neoliberal order that has dominated the world’s economy since the end of World War II is now in danger

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight

Sanders tells Stephen he is still very much a candidate for the nomination, and will take his 1900 delegates to the convention to push for change

Pepe Escobar: Why the UK Said Bye Bye to the EU

So what started as a gamble by David Cameron on an outlet for domestic British discontent, to be used as a lever to bargain with Brussels for a few more favors, has metastasized into an astonishing political earthquake

Conn Hallinan: The Brexit: A Very British Affair

The Brexit vote was a British affair (and promises to be a messy one). The Spanish election is a continental affair that will have reverberations worldwide.

Henry A. Giroux: The Violence of Forgetting

What I have called the violence of organized forgetting signals how contemporary politics are those in which emotion triumphs over reason, and spectacle over truth, thereby erasing history

Sarah Lazare: Refugees and Migrants Wake Up to Brexit and Brace for What Comes Next

Some are left asking, “What has happened to my home?”

Lamont Lilly: Movement for Black Lives Yields New Targets of the State

Those on the front line must be defended, by us, the people, the community

Loren Balhorn: Die Linke: Ten Years On

A decade after its formation, can Germany’s Die Linke manage its contradictions and live up to its promise?

Vanessa Baird: Brexit to hell

Farewell cosmopolitan Britain – hail mean, delusional (and rather elderly) little England

Vincent Emanuele: Emanuele Comments on Left Unity

A Response to Albert’s We Need Left Unity…

Kathy Kelly: What’s at Stake

The continuously assertive military posturing of NATO undermines and conflicts with the mission and development of instruments for international negotiation and constructive cooperation

Alfredo Lopez: An Emancipation Proclamation for the Digital Age

The problematic relationship of Black people and the Internet persists

Vandana Shiva: The great seed piracy

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the new World Bank when it comes to using finances to influence policies in agriculture

Paul Street: Miranda, Obama, and Hamilton: an Orwellian Ménage à Trois for the Neoliberal Age

Miranda’s Hamilton is in this sense a perfect cultural wrap up to the ugly neoliberal Obama years. It is a brilliant ahistorical monument to Orwellian, fake-progressive bourgeois identity politics

Robert Fisk: The relationship between Israel and Lebanon is deteriorating again – and it’s civilians who will suffer

The Lebanese-Israeli border has endured its quietest, most peaceful history over the past decade – in gentle contrast to the constant cross-frontier wars over the border of the previous quarter century

Bernie Sanders: Here’s what we want

“What does Bernie want?” Wrong question. The right question is what the 12 million Americans who voted for a political revolution want

David Bacon: Why are Mexican Teachers Being Jailed and Killed for Protesting Education Reform?

A striking teacher from Michoacán demonstrates in Mexico City in front of a line of police. Canadian and US teachers have organized the TriNational Coalition to Defend Public Education to support Mexican teachers’ efforts to defeat proposals to introduce standardized testing and remove job protections, which have come from USAID and private foundations promoting corporate Read more…

Shane Burley: Historic Justice for Janitors campaign inspires a new generation of janitorial organizing

With SEIU’s Raise America campaign, which looks to raise the standards for union janitors across the country, the Justice for Janitors legacy holds critical lessons for how public campaigns win concessions

Murtaza Hussain: Students in California Might Face Criminal Investigation for Protesting Film on Israeli Army

The incident is only the latest in which officials at UC Irvine and other major universities around the country have taken harsh measures against pro-Palestinian activists

Patrick Bond: Flight of corporate profits poses biggest threat to South Africa’s economy

The only short-term solution is a radical tightening of exchange controls against corporations and wealthy individuals

Nick Turse: The Numbers Racket

AFRICOM Clams Up After Commander Peddles Contradictory Statements to Congress

Pete Dolack: Killing ourselves with technology

What do we do when technology spirals out of our control? Or, to put it more bluntly, when does humanity’s ability to build ever more dangerous weapons become a self-fulfilling prophesy? Albert Einstein is said to have remarked that he didn’t know what weapons the third world war would be fought with, but the fourth Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Hillary’s third way

It says a great deal about American society that Hillary Rodham carries the last name Clinton. When she married Bill Clinton in 1975, Hillary Rodham kept her own last name. Born in Chicago and educated at Wellesley College, she was influenced by the second-wave feminist movement. A student of political science at the celebrated all-women’s Read more…

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