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Recent ZNet

David Swanson: Imagine There Are No Countries

The U.S. peace movement is currently drenched in nationalism, uses “we” to mean the U.S. military, and thinks of “global citizen” as a bit of silly childishness. That needs to change. And fast

Cora Currier: The Ghost Of Ronald Reagan Authorizes Most NSA Spying

U.S. intelligence agents have broad authority to spy on U.S. companies as long as they are “believed to have some relationship with foreign organizations or persons”

Kali Holloway: Racism is so insidious, even black people underestimate it

Another day, another senseless killing. These days, firsthand experiences with covert racism make defensiveness not just understandable, but warranted

Hassane Zerrouky: Kurds Accuse the Turkish Military Of Supporting DAESH

The offensive launched by DAESH Jihadists against Syrian Kurds is said to be supported by the Turkish military

Various Contributors: A National Call: Save Civilian Public Education

The combined impact of the military, conservative think tanks and foundations, and of corporatization of our public educational systems has eroded the basic democratic concept of civilian public education

Tithi Bhattacharya: 100,000 marched in Kolkata saying ‘Hok kolorob’ Let there be uproar

On September 20, 100,000 people marched in Kolkata, India against police violence and for gender justice

Kim Scipes: A Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

“You know your government has failed when your grandma starts to riot”

Glenn Greenwald: The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria

Administration officials began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS

David Swanson: A Good End Date for the New War Is Today

We’ve been so strategic over the past decade that everybody in the United States knows the war on Iraq cost U.S. lives and money, but most have only the vaguest idea of how it destroyed Iraq

Cory Fischer-hoffman: Hundreds of Rural Families in Venezuela Retake Idle Land for Agricultural Production

Supporters of the recent takeover emphasize the urgency to expedite land expropriations considering the shortages and economic war that Venezuela currently confronts

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Why the Showdown with Islamic Extremists Is the War the Pentagon Was Hoping For

As the U.S. escalates its bombing campaign against ISIS (or IS or ISIL), U.S. officials seem to have found an enemy we can all love to hate and fear

John Holloway: Cracking Capitalism Vs. The State Option

With left parties on the rise in Spain and Greece, John Holloway reflects on his influential 2002 thesis: can we change the world without taking power?

Fred Magdoff: Some suggestions for an ecologically sound and socially just economy

The environmental movement is lacking any kind of meaningful vision as to what a truly ecologically sound and socially just society would look like

Richard Falk: Living Together on Planet Earth

Global policy is mainly shaped outside the UN by a bewildering array of formal and informal actors that participate in a variety of ways in international life

Angela Caputo: Thousands Charged with Drug Possession Walk Free

It’s no surprise that drug possession is the No. 1 reason people were in Cook County Jail last year

Paul Krugman: Our Invisible Rich

Most Americans say, if asked, that inequality is too high and something should be done about it

Ronnie Kasrils: Gaza and the ‘Crime Of Crimes’

Russell Tribunal on Palestine finds that Gaza is on the brink of a genocidal apartheid

Ming Chun Tang: Occupy Central: Hong Kong’s Fight Against Neoliberalism

As protesters flood the streets of Hong Kong demanding free elections in 2017, the international media puts on its usual spin

Richard D. Wolff: Four-Day Workweeks: Change for the Better?

Changes in the capitalist system’s operating procedures, rules and regulations are always presented as if they were in everyone’s interest

Mark Evans: Economic Norms for Mental Health Promotion

We know that social exclusion is bad for people’s mental health. It follows therefore, that an economic system that is inclusive will help remove this social determinant of mental illness

Marjorie Cohn: I’m Just a Kid”: Tariq’s Ordeal

Do those shared values include slaughtering civilians, torturing children, and holding people in custody indefinitely without charges?

Juan Cole: Why Obama Underestimated ISIL in Syria and Iraq

President Obama admitted on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday that the US had underestimated the military potential of ISIL

Charles R. Larson: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

Edward E. Baptist’s brilliant book, The Half Has Never Been Told, soars because of the author’s decision to root his analysis in the human dimension

William deBuys: The Wilderness Act Turns 50

Celebrating the Great Laws of 1964

Badri Raina: How is the Cookie Crumbling?

Is it too foolish to think that a day might come when Modiji will do more than say what he has said, namely, come to believe the truth of his words?

Florian Zollmann: The Rise of German Imperialism

On 31 August 2014, the German government decided to supply the Northern Iraqi Kurds with arms shipments in support of their struggle against the Islamic State

Joel Jaeger: Arms Trade Treaty Gains Momentum with 50th Ratification

With state support moving at an unprecedented pace, the Arms Trade Treaty will enter into force on Dec. 24, 2014, only 18 months after it was opened for signature

Bruno Jäntti: What do WikiLeaks, Manning and Snowden Reveal about US Political Culture?

Although WikiLeaks has been the target of a considerable amount of attention in the US and the EU, it is noteworthy that the principle of the rule of law barely figures in this debate

Paul Street: Krugman Needs New Sunglasses: Science Fiction, Ecocide, and Cheap Change

Spaceship Earth” presents its own urgent social and ecological justifications for massive public works programs and investments

Jessica Bernstein: New Yorkers Call Lyme Disease the New Plague

Sick Lyme patients are fighting a David and Goliath war against the CDC and HMOs

Carl Drott: Fighting Power in Kobanî

In northern Syria, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) have held their ground against intruders for over two years, despite lacking any kind of external support

Bruce Watson: Google, GE And Others Contribute To Climate-Change Deniers In Congress, Report Finds

Some of America’s pro-sustainability companies are helping to fund climate denial

Cynthia Peters: White People and the Perils of Post-Ferguson Parenting Advice

A private conversation between you and your kids is exactly that – private. Racism is not private at all. It often plays out interpersonally

Michael Albert: From Each to Each?

Parecon’s institutions instead not only get the allocative tasks accomplished justly, they also facilitate desirable personal and social commitments and habits

Vijay Prashad: Tough guy Modi is the man of the moment for wealthy Indian Americans

Concerns about his role in a vicious 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom and his poor environmental record are swept away as Modi’s feelgood effect sweeps the US

Michael Karadjis: Syrian rebels overwhelmingly condemn US bombing as an attack on revolution

The US aim now seems to be to further eviscerate the revolution, in a number of different ways

Naomi Klein: “Capitalism Is Stupid”

Interview on why liberalism is not enough, why billionaires can’t save us, and what we need to do to save ourselves

Brendan Fischer: Tens of Thousands of WI Students Face New Voting Hurdles

The last-minute reinstatement of Wisconsin’s voter ID restrictions could create voting problems for over 32,000 students attending state universities

Luke Savage: Scotland’s Democratic Horizons

Scottish independence achieved mass support because it gave ordinary people the sense that they can control their own destiny

Pam Bailey: Gaza: Inspiring new forms of resistance?

Gaza’s ‘war artists’ adapt to occupation by using technology to create and share

Nick Turse: Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea

In the Face of Rising Maritime Insecurity, AFRICOM Claims Success and Obama Embraces a Strongman

Joris Leverink: Kobanê Under Siege

Kurds Resist Fierce IS Attack

Shamus Cooke: The Unspoken Consequences of Bombing Syria

Obama’s “coalition of the willing” is largely a mirage

Atilio Boron: Vulture(fund)s Reloaded

Madeleine Albright Comes on the Scene

Ian Sinclair: ‘It Never Happened’ – US Intervention in Syria

Why are all of these professional journalists – supposedly a profession made up of stroppy, questioning cynics – incapable of stating the most basic of facts about the US role in Syria?

Harry Targ: Moral Mondays Comes To Indiana

People left the rally with a renewed passion to move above the snake line to a higher ground. They vowed to build a powerful new political voice in the state: Indiana Moral Mondays

Meredith Tax: Ten Points Towards a Two-State Solution

The parameters of a two-state solution have been clear for many years

Patrick Bond: Climate Justice Resurfaces Amidst New York’s Corporate Sharks

The world’s largest-ever march against climate change on Sunday brought 400,000 people to the streets of New York

Phyllis Bennis: The Speech We Didn’t Hear

Obama at the United Nations

Walden Bello: Will Europe Enlist in Washington’s War Again?

It is helpful to review the record of Europe’s response to Washington’s imperial overtures

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