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Recent ZNet

Marjorie Cohn: Israel’s Blatant Flouting of International Law Requires Presidential Response

After 50 years of denial about Israel’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, the US Defense Department has finally admitted that Israel has nuclear weapons

Suzanne Goldenberg: Students occupy Swarthmore College in fossil fuel divestment protest

Wave of sit-ins by divestment campaigners starts at US college founded by Quakers and whose alumni include UN climate change chief Christiana Figueres

Henry Norr: Some Things NPR Doesn’t Tell Its Listeners 
About the “Iranian Nukes” Controversy

The biggest problem is not so much what the media have been reporting as what they leave out: not just critical perspectives, but also undisputed facts that are essential to understanding the situation

Liam Cooper: Greece: Solidarity centres push change from below

I visited Athens recently as part of a solidarity delegation from the British party Left Unity. On January 25, the day before radical left party SYRIZA’s election victory, two of us were fortunate enough to take part in a tour of some of the self-organising structures in Athens supported by the Solidarity for All network. Read more…

Vincent Emanuele: USSR, Ukraine, Iraq and Activism

An Interview with Sergio Kochergin

Ramzy Baroud: Netanyahu the Mythbuster: ‘Special Relationship’ No More

Using an imagined Arab threat as a fearmongering tactic is an Israeli political staple

Juan Cole: Washington’s 2 Air Wars: alongside Iran in Iraq, Saudis in Yemen

The United States is now involved in two air wars in the Middle East, not to mention more widespread drone actions

Justin Podur: The North American, All-Administrative University

In an administrative world view, then, closing down an english department or a math department and allocating those resources to a parking lot is a perfectly rational thing to do

Preeti Kaur: Race, Immigration and Vulnerability as Scapegoats for Economic Crisis

Racism exists, and we should talk about it. Instead, those in power, are scapegoating those experiencing poverty, immigrants and refugees as over burdening a highly indebted State.

Marwan Bishara: Yemen and Beyond

Saudi Arabia, in coordination with several other Arab states, has started airstrikes against Houthi controlled positions and bases to stem the tide of their military advance

Taylan Tosun: A Multi-Faceted Crisis Surrounding Turkey

There is a growing crisis on the political scene, i.e., concerning the classical political parties and representative system in Turkey

Andrew Smith: Selling repression around the world

The UK’s role, and that of UK arms companies, in promoting tear gas and weapons for state repression around the world

Joseph Lacey: Juncker’s call for an EU army is an affront to democracy

It is not the outcome of a genuine international democratic debate that should concern us, but guaranteeing that such a debate is had in the first place

Michael Hirsch: The Seattle Socialist

Fifteen months after her election to the Seattle City Council, Kshama Sawant is still attracting support

Ryan Gallagher: Documents Reveal Canada’s Secret Hacking Tactics

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency has secretly developed an arsenal of cyberweapons capable of stealing data and destroying adversaries’ infrastructure, according to newly revealed classified documents. Communications Security Establishment, or CSE, has also covertly hacked into computers across the world to gather intelligence, breaking into networks in Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa, the Read more…

Chris Brooks: Volkswagen in Tennessee: Productivity’s Price

The Chattanooga plant provides a window into the state of the art of brutal productivity-maximizing management schemes

Rachael Boothroyd: But What About the Oil?

US Senators Get to the Heart of the Matter in Wake of Venezuela Sanctions

Marina Sitrin: Nac & Pop Sin Patron

It has for sure been a struggle and is all the time, and as I said before, we started from zero, but what we have is a desire to go forward, the will and, so we do

Howard Zinn: Finishing School for Pickets

Excerpt from a longer 1960 piece by Howard Zinn and Paula Giddings

Eric Mann: Danny Schechter Lives

A Voice for Liberation: From Vietnam to South Africa

Eric Toussaint: Why should the Greek debt be audited?

About thirty Greek and International experts will take part in the commission and a preliminary report is expected in June. Citizen participation is fundamental to a rigorous and independent audit process

John Hanrahan: Whistleblowers and the Press Heavyweights

Why do these stars of the news media so readily brush off concerns about our dangerous warfare/surveillance state revealed by Snowden, Manning and the others?

Phyllis Bennis: Jim Crow in the Holy Land

The naked racism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last-minute electioneering was repellent. But more horrifying was the fact that it worked

Juan Thompson: Brooklyn’s Aniah Ferguson Isn’t an “Animal,” or Even an Adult—She’s a Troubled Girl

“I hope she gets help because this ain’t life. At least it shouldn’t be”

Tyler Zimmer: Questions about Chuy

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s campaign to replace Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t present a real break from neoliberalism

Gloria Dawson: Poor fetishes, poor critiques: gentrification as violence

If we actually want to build a city for everyone, we should support and participate in those organizing efforts against displacement, against privatization, for housing held in common and at rents everyone can afford

Steve Early: Future Blast Zones?

How Crude-By-Rail Puts U.S. Communities At Risk

Vijay Prashad: The Kurdish Front

Unity in action against the IS is the spur for Kurdish unity

Joe Emersberger: Does Venezuela Have an Amazingly Efficient Health Care System?

The “sharp departure” is in how the US government now regards Venezuela – and the corporate press follows the US government’s lead

Federico Fuentes: Vale Roger Burbach

On March 5 this year, a great compañero, colleague and friend, Roger Burbach, passed away at the age of 70

Conn Hallinan: Greece’s Golden Dawn: Fascists at the Gate

Golden Dawn is deeply rooted in the political culture of Greece

Glenn Greenwald: US Threatened Germany Over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that the U.S. government threatened to cease sharing intelligence with Germany if Berlin offered asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Matt Huber: Too Much Oil

Taking on climate change will require massive state investment and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry

Rebecca Gordon: Can You Say “Blowback” in Spanish?

The Failed War on Drugs in Mexico (and the United States)

Kim Scipes: Strike Back

A Review of Strike Back: Using the Militant Tactics of Labor’s Past to Reignite Public Sector Unionism Today, by Joe Burns

Richard Falk: Stalking Netanyahu’s Victory: Palestine and Iran

It is entirely possible that Netanyahu has swallowed his own propaganda, and honestly believes that Iran poses a real threat to Israel’s security

Chris Hedges: Journalism as Subversion

Global capitalism seeks to erase our stories and our histories

Paul Mason: To move beyond boom and bust, we need a new theory of capitalism

The fundamental question in economics still concerns the 2008 crisis. Was this event the last in a series of shocks needed to allow a third technological revolution to take off? Or was it evidence that capitalism’s tendency to adapt and reshape in response to technology has stalled, or is even finished?

Jim Naureckas: Danny Schechter, ‘News Dissector’ and Creator, Dies at 72

Danny Schechter, an outsider who got to the inside and came back out again, never forgot that news–far from being just another programming format–is the lifeblood of democracy

Antonis Markopoulos: Greece’s New ‘Government of the Whole People’

Since the Greek political party Syriza: “Coalition of the Radical Left,” formed a Government with the right-est party, the Independent Greeks, Jan. 25, 2015 the new government has faced many challenges. Mainstream media immediately reported on how this change in Government impacted markets. The new Government, however, has attempted to highlight the plight of the Greek people. Read more…

Sarah Lazare: Tens of Thousands Flood Dublin Demanding Abolition of Austerity Tax On Water

‘We refuse to be bullied and intimidated into acquiescence’

Romi Mahajan: The Academic Ideology: Perry Anderson and his Accusers

Much ado about nothing? No. In fact, much ado about something very important- the blunting of radical, meaningful work by the Academic Ideologues

Sarah Anderson: Off the Deep End

The Wall Street Bonus Pool and Low-Wage Workers

Robert Parry: Ukraine’s Poison Pill for Peace Talks

By adding a poison pill to legislation implementing the latest Minsk agreement, the Ukrainian government has effectively guaranteed a resumption of the civil war

David Swanson: Opposing War With a Smile

I don’t think one should work to prevent death and suffering for the purpose of enjoying success. When you do that, you end up working for peace only in those cases where success is guaranteed or highly likely to arrive fast

Isaiah Poole: A Platform for People and the Planet

The platform lays out 12 key planks of a progressive agenda that the two organizations expect to become the foundation of independent progressive political organizing over the next two years

Sayed Kashua: Dear Mr Netanyahu: Sorry we dared to dream. Yours, Israel’s Arab population

A Palestinian state will not come into being without massive and immediate international intervention, but Netanyahu has already proved that he will get backing from the US administration for all his actions

William Greider: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too

People are beginning to grasp that lopsided wars—contests between high-tech and primitive forms of destruction—do not necessarily lead to victory or peace. They have led the United States into more wars

Alexandros Orphanides: “This Is A Big Deal”

Trade agreements are about more than business—they’re about who has final say in the way people around the world live, what they eat, how much they are paid, what medicines they can buy and whether they have jobs

Jérôme Roos: Blockupy vs ECB: a battle for the future of European democracy

Yes, the Eurozone is running itself into the ground. And no, it cannot be reformed. For European democracy to thrive, it must be torn asunder

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