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Recent ZNet

Vincent Emanuele: The War Against Women: College Campuses and American Culture

For decades, women around the world have resisted patriarchy and the culture and institutions that produce it. But where are their allies?

Ted Snider: The Venezuela-Guyana Conflict: Historical Irony & Historical Precedent

The idea of cutting off territory from a nationalistic government who has the crazy idea of using its own resources for its own people, as the American oil giant ExxonMobil is now doing in the disputed territory between Venezuela and Guyana, is as old as American expansionism

Ramzy Baroud: Huffington Post Arabic and the Absurdity of ‘Liberal’ Expectations

What one should expect from ‘Huffington Post Arabi’ is to challenge the media polarization and operate outside the destructive framework of the media war underway in the Middle East

Paul Street: Bernie and the Donald

Sideshows before the main event

Bill Fletcher: The counter-attack that Planned Parenthood needs to launch

The existence of Planned Parenthood has been a victory for women. We do not simply need to defend it. We need to expand its work in service of women’s health from one end of this country to the other

Patrick Bond: South Africa’s Deal with the Devil, Revisited

New controversy emerges over Mandela’s ‘Faustian Pact’ with world capital

Linda Gordon: Social Movements And Electoral Politics

To keep democratic politicians in office, social movements must counteract pressure from big money

Belen Fernandez: Humans of the White House?

Obama’s empathetic Facebook comment about a father and son in Iran was lauded in the press. But would he have done the same for U.S. drone victims?

Eugene Nulman: Left-wing Corbyn Is Electable in UK, but Wouldn’t Be In US

In the UK, one candidate for leader of the center-left Labour Party – a position that usually competes for Prime Minister in general elections – is actually on the left

Marjorie Cohn: One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You

North Dakota has just become the first state to legalize police use of drones equipped with “less than lethal” weapons

Arun Gupta: Field Notes to Life During the Apocalypse

Humanity, after taking over the driver’s seat of evolution, has crashed it into the brick wall of industrial civilization

Joe Emersberger: Media Rubbish about Venezuelans Who Have Left to Live Abroad

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 145,000 Venezuelans immigrated to the U.S. from 1990 to 2011

Juan Cole: Top 10 signs of Extreme Climate Change in Alaska and why it Should Scare Us

The Portage Glacier is only one of many natural features now changing in Alaska

Jeffrey R. Webber: Ecuador’s Impasse

Left and indigenous forces in Ecuador are attempting to create an alternative to both Rafael Correa and the Right

Leehi Yona: Strong Words, But Little Action at Arctic Summit

After a one-day summit in the U.S. Arctic’s biggest city, leaders from the world’s northern countries acknowledged that climate change is seriously disrupting the Arctic ecosystem, yet left without committing themselves

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuela Responds to International Criticism Regarding Border Closure

Venezuela accused the United States and the European Union of hypocrisy after both bodies criticized the South American nation for deporting over 1000 undocumented Colombians

Paul Street: Strange Words From St. Bernard and the Sandernistas

If you listen closely to candidate Sanders, you can hear some odd and disturbing things

Glen Ford: #BlackLivesMatter Hurts Democrats’ Feelings

As with popular upheavals in previous eras, the movement will earn its name, and will be rooted in the streets, not the suites – and certainly not in the Democratic Party, which is where movements go to die

Toure: I Asked a Black Cop What He Thinks About America’s Policing Problem

I think the police’s job is always to de-escalate the situation

Louis Proyect: Jacobin and “The War on Syria”

Higgins presents an addled history of the war in Syria that is meant to demonize the FSA

Robert Fisk: In treating needy refugees like invaders, we risk losing our humanity

Barbed wire along the Hungarian border. Barbed wire at Calais. Have we lost the one victory which we Europeans learned from the Second World War – compassion?

Justin Podur: Even if Modi is running out of steam, there are many dangers for India ahead

Modi may be running out of steam, or he may find a second wind. The deeper issues India faces preceded his rise and will continue after he’s gone

Medea Benjamin: Iranian economic boom will be a bust for US businesses

There’s a lot of money to be made doing business with Iran, and the global business community, minus U.S. companies, is ready to roll

Michael Albert: Why Do We Lose?

Why hasn’t the much discussed arc of history reached a desirable destination?

Yiannis Baboulias: Briefing Note On Recent Political Developments In Greece

To all members and observer parties of the European Left and to all fraternal and friendly left and progressive parties

Alex Doherty: Corbynism and Being Late for the Future

If Jeremy Corbyn is to succeed, he must go beyond the politics of 20th century social democracy

Paul Mason: What unites the new movements of the left?

‘All over the world, centrist politics is being challenged from the left and right because the neoliberal economic model is broken

Dick Meister: Labor’s Day — And Yours

Labor Day. Time again for politicians and union adherents to praise organized labor. Time again for others to pontificate about the supposed decline and growing irrelevance of unions as they continue to lose members and continue to argue among themselves over the future direction of the labor movement. Time again for most other people to Read more…

David Bacon: The Pacific Coast Farm Worker Rebellion

Mixtec and Triqui farm workers in the U.S. and Mexico also share a common history of labor organizing

Jelle Bruinsma: Cop Watch: protecting neighborhoods from the police

To protect their neighborhoods against police violence, Cop Watch groups in the U.S. patrol and document police activity, hoping to abate the harassment

Dr. Hakim: Afghan girl, Sakina, buries toy gun and says…

After burying the toy guns, surrounded by the evergreen and poplar trees which they had planted, the youth shed their black coats and donned sky-blue scarves

Stathis Kouvelakis: After Syriza

Syriza failed to stop austerity in Greece. What can Popular Unity do differently?

Jack Rasmus: The New Colonialism: Greece & Ukraine

What both Greece and Ukraine represent is the development of new more direct management of wealth extraction, and the transfer of that wealth in the form of financial assets

Eduardo Gudynas: Sow Extractivism, Reap Violence

It is slowly becoming evident that today’s extractivism [economy based upon the extraction and export of natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals] is advancing in a context of increasing violence. This is not an exaggeration: distinct forms of violence are being employed to impose and protect extractivism, a situation in which popular mobilization Read more…

Chris Hedges: The Great Unraveling

The ideological and physical hold of American imperial power, buttressed by the utopian ideology of neoliberalism and global capitalism, is unraveling

Andrés Antillano: Economic Recession and Increased Repression Are the Spark for Social Explosions

Andrés Antillano, chair of the Department of Criminology at the Central University of Venezuela School of Law, discusses the relationship between violence, criminality, and the state in Venezuela under the Bolivarian Revolution. On the basis of his field work, the social scientist analyzes the crime surge in Venezuela as well as the Maduro government’s recent Read more…

Richard Falk: The Nuclear Challenge (6): 70 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Fukushima and Beyond

The terrifying nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011 associated with the reactor meltdowns, hydrogen explosion, and release of radioactivity at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor complex was an anguishing complement to the awful collective memories of the Japanese people arising from the atomic attacks seven decades ago. We can only wonder about the lingering effects on Read more…

Agnès Sinai: Climate change conflicts

Climate change refugees and war provoked or exacerbated by drought and crop failures are already with us, and they will worsen through this century

Kevin Watkins: The EU’s phoney war on people smugglers

The victims in that war are not the people traffickers but the people forced into their hands by the policy inertia gripping the EU’s leaders

Russ Wellen: Pope Francis Blesses Environment, McKibben Gives Pope His Blessing

Laudato Si’, the papal encyclical letter written by Pope Francis, is helping to move global warming to the forefront of the world’s consciousness

Kathleen Wallace: The Id(iots) Emerge

The escalating rhetoric of the crazies is very concerning

Joe Emersberger: The Economist Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel to Attack Rafael Correa

Correa’s government is already one of most successful in Ecuador’s history because it has rejected the neoliberal dogmas promoted by the Economist

René Rojas: Challenging Chile’s Neoliberal Consensus

New movements in Chile are fighting to bring down the country’s post-Pinochet establishment

Juan Cole: Austrian Truck Tragedy echoes Palestinian Story, reminding us of 7 mn still stateless

Often the great refugee crises, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, end by the refugees returning home when peace descends. The Palestinians don’t have that prospect

Owen Jones: Refugees are human. This simple fact seems to have been forgotten

It is horrific that people are drowning and suffocating to reach safety. These stories should be a reminder that migrants are not just statistics

Conn Hallinan: How Austerity Economics Is Fraying Europe’s Social Contract

It’s a new kind of barbarism, one that sacks countries with fine print

Renee Maltezou: With election near, Tsipras faces widening rift within Syriza

Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras has seen off a threat from far-left rebels but his anti-austerity-turned-pro-bailout Syriza party is struggling through a deeply divisive identity crisis weeks before a national election

Jean-Michel Dumay: Francis, the whistleblower pope

Francis is determined to restore the Vatican’s place in international diplomacy, reform the administration in Rome and make the world a better place

Grahame Russell: Rios Montt Case Symbolic of Impunity Guatemalans Must Overcome

Corruption and impunity are not a “crisis” in Guatemala; they have been and remain the “norm”

Sarkis Zeronian: Syriza Purges ‘Traitors’ Ahead Of Election, Varoufakis Will Not Stand

The left-wing Syriza party says Yanis Varoufakis and others who voted against Greece’s latest bailout package will not be allowed to run for parliament under the Syriza banner in the upcoming snap election. For his part, Varoufakis said he would stand in the “sad” elections anyway. The former Greek Prime Minister and head of the left-wing Syriza Read more…

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