From SDS to Life After Capitalism: A Conversation

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Inspired by Michael Albert’s memoir, Remembering Tomorrow, which offers a first-hand look at activism and the radical left from the 1960s to today, Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert got together in early May at MIT–with Amy Goodman as moderator–to reminisce about the past as it provides lessons for future anti-imperialist efforts. (Chomsky was on the faculty at MIT when Albert was a student organizer there in 1967-68.)
Three current student activists then asked questions about past SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) anti-war organizing and future possibilities. A separate, later interview with Michael Albert about his history in organizing and activism is also included.

Filmed May 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1 hour 32 minutes: discussion and interview, 62 minutes; Q&A 20 minutes.