Hugo Chavez at the 2005 World Social Forum

Hugo Chávez gives a powerful speech at the 2005 World Social Forum where he declares that capitalism needs to be transcended via democratic socialism.
The DVD also contains three more short features:

  1. Interviews with people from all over the world right after the speech. Spanish, Portuguese and English with English subtitles for the Spanish and Portuguese speakers and Spanish subtitles for the English speaking people interviewed. (10 minutes.)
  2. An introduction by Ignacio Ramonet, of ‘Le Monde Diplomatique’ explaining why Chávez is a “new kind of leader”. Spanish with english subtitles. (6 minutes.)
  3. A short mini-documentary on the 2005 World Social Forum capturing the festive atmosphere at the event. English with Spanish subtitles. (10 minutes.)

Chávez talks about a wide range of issues, from Latin American History, to how Venezuela is confronting the Imperial attacks, to the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution.
The DVD offers the choice of watching the speech in Spanish, with optional subtitles; or dubbed to English, with optional subtitles. Recorded in Porto Alegre, Brazil in January 2005. 90 minutes.

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