Imagine A Baby

$22.00 (USD)

Lydia Sargent prepared this talk for a Left Forum panel/workshop on “Reimagining a Non-Sexist Society.” This video is a revised version of that talk. It tells the story of an individual born in 1942 who grows up in a society where her life, and the life of those born around that time, is prescribed in excessive detail by her class, race, and gender. This situation might have continued her entire life. But just as she was to become a corporate lawyer’s wife, the social revolutions of the late 1960s and early 1970s happened. We follow her trajectory from 1942 to 1969 and beyond as she experiences men in and out of the movement, learns new political skills, joins collective efforts to institute a participatory workplace, and imagines what kind of world she would like to have grown up in.

Recorded in January 2011. Runtime 60 minutes.