U.S. Occupation of Iraq & The Problem of Palestine & Afghanistan

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The participants on this  World Social Forum panel present the case against the U.S. (and Israel) for continued imperialist actions in Iraq and elsewhere. Informative and passionate, they detail U.S. crimes and the suffering brought by corporate globalization. The speakers from Afghanistan and Palestine detail the horrible living conditions in their respective countries–violent drug lords in the former; the wall and checkpoints in the latter. Achin Vanaik points out the current demonization of Islam and how that has added to an atmosphere of violence and hatred.

Panelists include Joseph Gerson (U.S./AFSC), Michael Warshawsky (Israel), Nabila Faani (Afghanistan), Achin Vanaik (India), Hanna Rishmawi (Palestine), and Rani Masri (U.S.).

Filmed at the World Social Forum 2004; 56 minutes.