Z SESSIONS ON VISION & STRATEGY 1: Participatory Economics in Practice & Theory

This is the first DVD from the Z Sessions On Vision & Strategy held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts in June 2006.
This DVD covers participatory economics (parecon) in theory and practice in two different talks. In “Worker Occupied Factories in Argentina,” Marie Trigona talks about new forms of working together in the many worker occupied factories there. In “Building a Pareconish Movement” Michael Albert outlines principles and values of parecon and the economic institutions that could foster those values; and he makes the case for prioritizing vision and strategy in activist efforts for social change. Each of these two sessions is approximately 54 minutes; an introduction is also included.

At the June 2006 Z Sessions On Vision & Strategy, 31 activists, writers, and teachers from the U.S., Canada, France, the UK, and South America gathered in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Various participants presented papers on economics, gender, politics, race and ethnicity throughout the seven-day event. The goal was to explore ideas about long-term vision and to consider forming an international project for a participatory society.

Copies of the papers associated with these video presentations can be found at Z Sessions; information on the group IPPS, which formed from these sessions, is available at International Project for a Participatory Society.
108 minutes.

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