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Recent Audio

Lonnie Atk: Track 03: An Economy Ain’t Nothing but a Recipe

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=69 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=83 Chorus: What’s on the menu – well that depends on what you want / We can continue – with the same old shit you got / Or we can switch it up – and give you something worth the wait / Open the kitchen up – so we can all participate / Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 04: PARECON Values

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=70 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=84 CHORUS: Equity / Solidarity / Self management / Diversity Equity Verse: we want equity – no unjust disparity / in income and circumstances / proper contribution and fair distribution / of health, wealth, resources, and chances / where what you make’s a fair share, a fair shake / not what you can Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 05: Class Dismissed: PARECON and Classlessness

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=71 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=85 Verse One: And they tell us there ain’t no class war / Tell that to the working poor / Tell it to the dreary eyed souls on the assembly line / Tell it to those working mandatory overtime / Tell it to the poor slob juggling three jobs / Walking home late Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 06: Who owns what: PARECON and Productive Property

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=72 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=86 Verse One: capitalism is like an apple pie for sure / you take the apples out it ain’t an apple pie no more / so tell me baby what’s the apples in our capitalist pie / the concept that anyone should own their own slice / of farmland, factory, machinery / basically Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 07: Ingredient One: Worker and Consumer Councils

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=73 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=87 CHORUS: when there’s power to the people, baby, who calls the shots / worker and consumer councils we call the shots / who calls the shots who calls the shots / worker and consumer councils we call the shots / (repeat) Verse One: In a PARECON services and goods / ain’t figured Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 08: Ingredient Two – Balanced Job Complex

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=74 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=88 Verse One: If the thought of Monday got your face turned red / and the end of every break got you shaking your head / whether it’s aching shoulders – bad back – swollen feet / shivering from the cold or soaked from the heat / if you collapse from exhaustion or Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 09: Ingredient Three: Reward for Effort and Sacrifice

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=75 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=89 Chorus: you ain’t gotta have a phd / you ain’t gotta have a master’s degree / you ain’t even gotta have a ged / to understand work and getting paid what you worth / (repeat) Verse One: What you worth when your sweat hits the ground / what you worth when your Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 10: Ingredient Four: Participatory Planning

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=76 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=90 Verse One: In a market, prices and wages are set by competition / No solidarity, ’cause everyone’s on a mission / to get theirs – in other words, to get yours / sure, you could do the right thing, but what for / when bargaining power’s dressed up as justice, bust this Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 12: A Call for Cooks: PARECON Outro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=78 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=92 CHORUS: P-A-R-E-C-O-N / that’s the vision we want to live in – we’ll never give in / Pareconos, Pareconistas – please to meet ya / coming with def rhymes and beats to reach ya Verse One: So what you say, hip hop – it’s time we make a choice / I ain’t Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 13: Bonus Track – No Gangsters

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=79 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=93 Verse One: The gangster – we see what they got and we sweat ‘em / But it ain’t just the dollars that you got but how you get ‘em / yo it ain’t just crooks and killers and wild west shit / it could be as subtle as your choice of  investment / Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 14: Bonus Track – Gluttons for Punishment

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=80 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=94 Verse One: I don’t trust conventional wisdom any more than I can throw it / When most of us been following TINA and don’t even know it / Knowing just enough to get to work and to the store / Yo who you think is getting played when they the ones keeping Read more…

Raj Patel: Value, Price, and Profit

What relation does the price of an item have to its actual worth — an especially pertinent question in the middle of ecological crisis and as the economic meltdown massively devalues assets from stocks to houses? Radical academic Raj Patel believes much can be learned from thinkers like Karl Marx, Karl Polanyi, and even Adam Read more…

Phyllis Bennis: Israeli construction in East Jerusalem threatens renewed peace talks

(Wed, 3/10/2010) — Vice President Joe Biden is in the Middle East this week to promote a restarting of the stalled peace talks in the region. Today, he met with President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. But the meeting was dominated with Tuesday’s news from Israel that it had approved and planned Read more…

Derrick O\'Keefe: Canada Violates Olympic Truce

As the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics were taking place on Feb 12, NATO launched the largest offensive in the 9 years of the war in Afghanistan. Yet Canada was one of 191 member nations of the United Nations that passed an Olympic Truce motion by consensus in October 2009. Derrick O’Keefe gave Read more…

Antonio Or: Si me Vas A Eliger

MANU CHAO  SI Me Vas A Eligir (If You Were to Choose Me)

Michael Albert: New Left Lessons

If you want to win, then you want to listen to this lecture from Michael Albert. It’s almost 10 years old, but is still very relevant!   Credits: Michael Albert, Z Media Institute, Rich Points (for recording). Recorded ZMI 2000  

Noam Chomsky: Gaza, One Year Later

A report back and critical look at Gaza, one year after the invasion. Noam Chomsky is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a world renown linguists, philosopher, cognitive scientist and political activist. Here, Chomsky speaks about the strategic isolation of Gaza from the rest of the Palestinian territories, the continued US/Israeli crimes, Read more…

Noam Chomsky: The Political Philosophy of Noam Chomsky

He’s one of the most influential intellectuals of our age — cited in more academic works than almost any other living scholar — and yet many progressives are not familiar with his libertarian socialist ideas. Noam Chomsky talks about anarchism, the state, conspiracy theories, science and the Enlightenment.  

Shamus Dark: Song Of Steel

This Radio Ballad was made in 2006 and follows the groundbreaking programmes made in the 50’s and 60’s by Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. Song Of Steel tells the story of the Sheffield steel workers and was produced by John Leonard, with songs by John Tams, Ray Hearne and Julie Matthews. For more Read more…

Shamus Dark: Song Of A Road

A short excerpt from a radio ballad from 1959 depicting the building of the UK’s first motorway. For more information, please see previous file upload Radio Ballads-introduction.

Shamus Dark: The Ballad Of John Axon

Here’s the opening to The Ballad Of John Axon, the story of the demise of a railway engine driver in the UK in 1957. For more information, please see the file upload labelled, Radio Ballads-introduction.

Shamus Dark: Radio Ballads-introduction

Earlier this year, the BBC broadcast some of the Radio Ballads from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. These were radio programmes of roughly an hour each in length and created by producer Charles Parker and musicians Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. Their focus was on industrial life in Britain and the programmes, a collage Read more…

Marie Trigona: ESMA: Survivors of torture in Argentina await trial

In Argentina, the President and a council of judges postponed a human rights trial for crimes committed during the nation’s military dictatorship of the 1970s and 80s. The trial was supposed to examine crimes committed at a Navy Mechanics School, which served as a clandestine detention center, and was used to torture and disappear thousands Read more…

Paul Fitzgerald: Afghanistan Now

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould discuss the United States’ outmoded thinking on Afghanisan, what needs to be understood about the relationship between India and Pakistan, and non-military solutions for peace that Obama can adopt. Fitzgerald and Gould are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story (http://www.citylights.com/book/?GCOI=87286100741260) recently published by City Lights Books, www.citylights.com.

Victor Grossman: The Failure of Capitalism After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

(Nov. 10,2009) — Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, symbolizing the end of Communist power in 1989 and the beginning of a reunification of Germany. The wall was a separation created between East Berlin and West Berlin as a result of the agreement between the four post-World War II Read more…

Paul Brockley: Something in the Air

Something in the Air

Paul Brockley: Whats


Mumia Abu Jamal: G20 Speech

From Death Row, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Paul Street: Ringmaster

An interview with Paul Street, one of Mr. Obama’s earliest critics from the left, who had the opportunity back in Chicago to see him in action. Total runtime an hour and one minute.

Neve Gordon: Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions

Guests: Neve Gordon is a long-time Israeli peace activist, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University, and  the author, most recently, of Israel’s Occupation. Hosts: Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark In a recent op-ed in the LA Times, Neve Gordon explained why he has come to support the Boycott, Divestment and Read more…

Paul Fitzgerald: Understanding Afghanistan

Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story (City Lights Books 2009). Their websites are www.invisiblehistory.com and www.graelwerk.com

Francis Boyle: US Strategy for Color Revolution in Iran: A continuity of American policy under Bush and Cheney

Francis A. Boyle is a scholar in the areas of international law and human rights, Professor Boyle received a J.D. degree magna cum laude and A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in political science from Harvard University. Prior to joining the faculty at the College of Law, he was a teaching fellow at Harvard and an associate Read more…

Marie Trigona: Monsanto soy chemicals could pose health risk

Monsanto soy chemicals could pose health risk

David Sienema: Mujeres Creando

This song was very difficult to write because I had to balance some very delicate opinions and positions. There is certainly an argument to be made that I have appropriated the words of this group and have no right to claim this representation of their words and work. However, graffiti, which is one of the Read more…

Michael A. Lebowitz: What would Marx say today?

  Michael Lebowitz addresses the World at a Crossroads conference. Photo by Alex Bainbridge.   Michael Lebowitz has recently been in Australia as a featured guest of the World at a Crossroads conference, held in Sydney April 10-12, organised by the Democratic Socialist Perspective and Green Left Weekly. He was interviewed by the ABC Radio’s Read more…

Michael Albert: Michael Albert, Julio Chávez, Noam Chomsky and Gregory Wilpert Speak on Building a Society from Below

Cambridge, MA – Michael Albert of Z Magazine and Prof. Noam Chomsky of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology spoke to an audience of over 200 at a panel on Building a Society from Below in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States. They were joined by Gregory Wilpert of Venezuela Analysis and Julio Chávez, former mayor Read more…

Andrej Grubacic: Wobblies & Zapatistas: Talk at the Anarchist Book Fair

On Sunday at the 14th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco, over a dozen speakers covered a broad range of topics, from sex worker rights to the rise and fall of DASW, from Venezuela to arts and action. Here is the complete audio from three sessions. Andrej Grubacic speaks first here on Read more…

Michael Albert: Venezuela

(Note: Interview begins 2min 30sec in) Michael Albert interviewed by Ron Daniels on his midnight radio program…  

Mark Stevens: Workers’ Councils by Anton Pannekoek: Growth

From the back cover of Workers’ Councils (2003 AK Press Edition)   "Workers’ Councils is good, solid, working-class literature." – Noam Chomsky "What the working class strives for in its strugge, liberty and security, to be master of its own life, is only possible through control of the means of production. State socialism is not Read more…

Mark Stevens: Workers’ Councils by Anton Pannekoek: Objections

From the back cover of Workers’ Councils (2003 AK Press Edition)   "Workers’ Councils is good, solid, working-class literature." – Noam Chomsky "What the working class strives for in its strugge, liberty and security, to be master of its own life, is only possible through control of the means of production. State socialism is not Read more…

Mark Stevens: Workers’ Councils by Anton Pannekoek: Shop Organisation

From the back cover of Workers’ Councils (2003 AK Press Edition)   "Workers’ Councils is good, solid, working-class literature." – Noam Chomsky "What the working class strives for in its struggle, liberty and security, to be master of its own life, is only possible through control of the means of production. State socialism is not Read more…

Mark Stevens: Audio Recording of ‘Marxism’, Chapter 15 of Realizing Hope

This audio recording was created for members of The Study Group in Cardiff (initiated by members of Project for a Participatory Society-UK), to listen to for next meeting. Some members of the group found it difficult to engage with theoretical text, their situation being that of after having worked all day and then seeing after Read more…

: The Battle for Gaza Gas Reserves

In 1999 the news came out that there were significant natural gas supplies off the coast of Gaza. Negotiation soon took place between the Palestinian Authority, Israel, British Gas, and a Athens based company. The deal they produced would have given the PA 10% of the profits, though it was to be put in a Read more…

Pavlos Stavropoulos: The Roots of the Greek Revolt

The fatal police-shooting of a 15 year old boy in Greece earlier this month has sent shock waves throughout the country with thousands of mostly young people revolting. The protests began in an Athens district called Exarchia — described by one commentator in Spiegel as "a traditional haunt of artists, anarchists and left-wing intellectuals." The Read more…

Stephen R. Shalom: System Upgrades

If part of the Left’s agenda involves building a new society, what should that society look like? In the new book Real Utopia (AK Press 2008), Stephen Shalom proposes a participatory system of political decision-making based on nested councils, and Cynthia Peters examines how family, caregiving and sexuality could be better structured and supported.

Chris Spannos: Real Utopia Interview

Chris Spannos interviewed by Redeye’s Peter Royce about his book Real Utopia. Real Utopia explores the paradox of a transformative vision of society rooted in realistic political action. In the book, various authors explore the idea of revolutionizing everyday life, particularly within the framework of participatory economics.

Neve Gordon: Israel’s Occupation

Pacifica interview…

Robert Jensen: Taking Politics Seriously: Looking Beyond the Election and Beyond Elections

In his Nov. 8 lecture "Taking Politics Seriously: Looking beyond the Election and Beyond Elections" at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fresno, Jensen talked about the vision, analysis, and strategy for a left/progressive movement in the aftermath of the election.   Recording by Mike Rhodes, editor, Community Alliance newspaper, Fresno, CA Time: 49:27   Robert Read more…

John Pilger: Journalism and the War on Terror

John Pilger is an acclaimed Australian journalist and documentary maker. On Oct. 28 he discussed journalism and the War on Terror in front of an audience at the University of Texas with journalism professor Robert Jensen acting as interviewer.

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater and Moving Beyond Obama

Jeremy Scahill is an award-winning investigative journalist who reports for Democracy Now! and The Nation, as well as an expert on privatized military companies as a result of his reporting. He gave a talk on the mercenary company Blackwater and moving beyond Barack Obama on Nov. 2 at the University of Texas at Austin. The Read more…

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