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Recent Blogs

Joe Emersberger: AP and the Myth of Voiceless Opposition in Venezuela

One of the lies most relentlessly peddled about Venezuela by the international press is that the opposition is voiceless. It is certainly true that the government, since the 2002 coup that briefly deposed it, has aggressively worked to alter the media landscape. It has gone from one where an oligarch owned media had so much Read more…

Aaron Cynic: “Roza is a leader: that’s why they jailed her”

On 16 December, worker activists across the former Soviet Union and western Europe will mark the second anniversary of the police massacre of oil workers at Zhanaozen, western Kazakhstan, with protests.  The massacre put an end to a seven-month strike movement demanding better pay and conditions and the right to organise independent unions. (Details about Read more…

John Andrews: Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro

The British Press has had a field day in remembering Nelson Mandela. Many of the papers have issued glossy, colour memorial brochures celebrating the life of the great man. Given the speed in which the brochures have appeared, I can only asume that they were printed some time back and stored. Upon his release from Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Dissenting views on Nelson Mandela

Here are two excellent dissenting pieces on Nelson Mandela by John PIlger and Jonathan Cook. I have a quibble with Cook’s piece. Cook wrote “It is an indication of what Mandela was up against that the man who fought so hard and long against a brutal apartheid regime was so completely defeated when he took power Read more…

David Peterson: Michael Andrew Hourigan

Michael Hourigan has died.  Michael Hourigan, you may recall, was an Australian national who in 1996-1997 served as an investigator for the Office of the Prosecution at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.  Established in late 1994 by UN Security Council Resolution 955, the ICTR was charged with “prosecuting persons responsible for genocide and other Read more…

Bob Simpson: A Child’s Paradise Lost

“Every tree has its enemy, few have an advocate. In all my works I take the part of trees against all their enemies”.—- J.R.R. Tolkien It was the largest tree my seven year old eyes had ever seen. Stately thick limbs spreading out into a huge leaf canopy that seemed to reach skywards forever. Beneath Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Note to Sharmine Narwani re Amnesty official bad-mouthing Mother Agnes on Twitter

An Amnesty official had supplied a question to Mother Agnes which Narwani relayed to her in this piece "Mother Agnes Mariam: In her own words"  The question this Amnesty official asked was "What does she think should happen to those in command positions in the regime who have committed or commissioned war crimes and crimes Read more…

Bob Simpson: The Chicago Neighborhood Schools Fair: Colorful balloons and courageous resistance

"I'm proud that this Neighborhood Schools Fair came from neighborhood parents— from neighborhood moms. And that they invited people from all over the city to be involved."— Kim Bowsky, Chicago Public Schools teacher You might not associate colorful balloons and a room full of school displays with a bold act of resistance, but that is Read more…

robert schmidt: Chekhov was an Anarchist

Chekhov was an Anarchist   I like Anton Chekhov. I believe he is the most humanist of short story writers, and like most serious writers of literature, his stories are premeditated to convey his philosophical commitments. If it were a crime he would surely be guilty in the first degree. His concern with human nature Read more…

Joe Emersberger: AP lies about Venezuela But So Does the Rest of the International Press

Is there anything as futile as asking the AP to correct a grossly dishonest claim made in an article about Venezuela? I wrote to them about this article which says the Venezuelan opposition has ““virtually no access to televised media”. I explained why this was a straightforward lie and a rather easy one to expose. Read more…

David Peterson: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

On November 25, Micah Zenko wrote in one of the Foreign Policy blogs (“The Real Nuclear Option”):   “[A]ccording to LexisNexis, since Jan. 1, 2000, ‘Iran’ and ‘nuclear’ appear in New York Times headlines 603 times; ‘Israel’ and ‘nuclear’ appear 21 times.” I checked this claim as it pertains to Israel.  I used the Nexis Read more…

Mitchell S: 10 Problems with Markets

In a time when supposedly nothing is taboo and anything goes and everything is up for re-evaluation, it's as close to an untouchable taboo catechism as there is in current times:  Markets (by which I refer to the formal economic institution of markets) are awesome.  Markets are efficient.  Markets can do no wrong.  Markets are Read more…

Roger Bybee: Retailers’ Xmas strategy reflects iinequality

Income inequality colors retailers’ expectations The imposition of mandatory work on Thanksgiving for low-wage workers at Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers has attracted extensive media coverage, spotlighting how the holiday season is less than merry for many low-paid workers. But another effect of America’s inequality is becoming visible in retailers’ plans for sales during the Read more…

Ira Woodward: AC/DC is sexist, dude

AC/DC– not really current anymore, you'd think, yet like an unexpected turn of phrase, they might just surprise you. Forces aligned to make their 1980 album "Back in Black" the second best-selling album of all time after MJ's "Thriller." They still sell out arenas around the world despite being as old as cliched jokes about Read more…

Alavari Jeevathol: Gatekeeping is in the Eye of the Beholder – A Critique of James Corbett’s podcast entitled “Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper”

SUMMARY In his podcast on the 27th of October 2013,[1] online blogger and current affairs analyst James Corbett aims to show that Noam Chomsky,[2] the influential linguistics professor and political dissident, is an “academic gatekeeper” that is stifling or diverting dissent or critical engagement in three specific areas of public discourse: attitudes towards the Federal Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Note to Jeremy Scahill re Mother Agnes, Syria

This note was sent to Scahill through his website     Dear Jeremy,    I read your book "Dirty Wars" and admired it greatly. It led to me to obtain a great deal of respect for your courage and poltical judgement.    You tweeted that you "informed organizers of @STWuk that I will not participate Read more…

: Russell Brand and Revolution

Russell Brand is little known outside Britain and the USA. Nevertheless, since he was invited to guest edit an issue of the British soft left weekly magazine The New Statesman at the end of October 2013 his thoughts about politics and the world have, as they say on the internet, gone viral. Tens of thousands Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Raise the Minimum Wage

First established under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, the nationwide minimum wage was designed to lift millions of American workers out of poverty and to stimulate the economy.  Unfortunately, however, it was not indexed to inflation, and big businesses – hostile from the start – fought, often successfully, to prevent congressional action to Read more…

Alice Dubi: Response to Nichols Blog

response to  John Nichols blog today In recent years, community resistance to corporate and resource extraction interests has increased, making room for more progressive voices. Four years ago, the election of Mike McGinn, Sierra Club activist, to defeat an established, progressive Democratic mayor, revealed dissatisfaction with the aggressive banking strategy of Washington Mutual/Chase and its Read more…

Michael Ross: Food Safety Modernization Act

Hi All, If you are a farmer, a CSA shareholder or someone interested in supporting small scale farmers then you may be interested in this. The FDA is drafting new rules for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The proposed rule changes could have harsh consequences for small scale farmers, CSA distributors and aggregators. The Read more…

Don Fitz: Health Care in a Global Environment

It is possible to provide health care much more cheaply and with vastly smaller environmental effects than the US does.  Cuba is rapidly becoming a model of how to accomplish this on an international level.  While guaranteeing free health care to all of its citizens, Cuba sends brigades throughout the world to give medical assistance Read more…

Ira Woodward: Bullying, the NFL, Patriarchy Revealed

This Incognito thing just won't go away. It continues to strike deep for me as well. I'm going to try to be as explicit and clear as possible, though I have serious doubts I will satisfy my own need to describe the situation. People, as social animals, need hierarchy in order to function in a Read more…

Bob Simpson: The Turnaround: At the dangerous intersection of race, class and masculinity

I was 4 chapters into the George Pelecanos crime fiction novel The Turnaround when a sudden chill ran down my spine. Omigod, this is the story of the Ken-Gar 5. I had to put the book down as my mind traveled to 1972 Kensington, Maryland where an ugly racial incident ended in tragedy. I had Read more…

The Polemicist: Dropping a DIME: Max Blumenthal and the Erosion of Liberal Zionism

Go to source Zionism, like capitalism, is losing its aura of beneficence and inevitability, as its fangs become harder to hide. Israel is not the Upper West Side overseas. (No matter what many people on the Upper West Side may like to think.) It is a violently racist colonial enterprise, with all the ideological and practical viciousness that implies. Read more…

Tapani Lausti: US grip of the world weakening

US grip on the world weakening By Tapani Lausti Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek, On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare. Pluto Press 2013. Noam Chomsky has thought about world politics all his life. Andre Vltchek has spent years travelling around the world reporting from conflict areas. Thus it is not surprising that their Read more…

Bob Simpson: Neo-liberalism, climate change and militarization: The Perfect Storm

In October of 1991 a convergence of powerful weather systems created a monster storm in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. It killed the entire crew of the fishing boat Andrea Gail among other storm casualties. Journalist Sebastian Junger used the phrase “The Perfect Storm” as the title of his book about this unusual Read more…

Joe Emersberger: How low must Capriles go before the international press calls him out on it?

In a recent video made in support of Venezuelan opposition candidates in upcoming municipal elections, Henrique Capriles, the opposition leader, made this incredibly cynical remark:   A strategy they use is to say that they know who you vote for. But that’s a lie. I say to all our people, especially our public servants and Read more…

: “Justice for Kazakh oil workers” – Kyiv conference

The “justice for Kazakhstan oil workers” campaign was the central focus of a conference of independent trades union activists, socialists and human rights campaigners from across the former Soviet Union at the weekend.   Two hundred activists decided at the meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, to unite around the campaign. They called for the release of Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Human Rights Watch not naming corporate names in Colombia report

Daniel Kavlik noticed that a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report on Colombia avoided naming the corporations on whose behalf millions of people have been driven from their homes over the past three decades: HRW refers vaguely, but ad nauseam, to “businesspersons,” “businessmen,” “landowners,” “cattle ranchers,” “regional elites,” “mining and agro-industry,” “private companies,” and to Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Dear Amnesty, when would foreign attacks on US soil be legal?

Amnesty says in a very recent report “Because the US government refuses to provide even basic information on particular strikes, including the reasons for carrying them out, Amnesty International is unable to reach firm conclusions about the context in which the US drone attacks on Mamana Bibi and on the 18 laborers took place, and Read more…

Brad Wilson: De-Mystifying ‘Means Testing’ for Commodity Farmers

This is a response to the article, “Means Testing Rich Farmers,” by Mike Lavendar, Ag Reform Coordinator, Environmental Working Group, 10/23/13, (http://www.ewg.org/agmag/2013/10/means-testing-rich-farmers).   There are several things that are false, misleading or missing in this analysis, and which are discussed below.  These are:     1.  The biggest direct beneficiaries of Commodity Programs over the Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Exchange with John Rentoul re Death Toll from Iraq War

Below is an exchange I had with John Rentoul, who writes for the UK Independent, regarding the latest peer-reviewed scientific study of the death toll from the Iraq War. Rentoul corrected one false thing he wrote about the study in response to our exchange, but continues to misinform readers about the study's conclusions. I didn't Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Half-Million Iraqis Died in the War, New Study Says

Aljazeera put out a useful article about a new scientific study of death toll from the Iraq war that was initiated in 2003. The peer reviewed study, published in the journal PLoS Medicine, concludes that half a million Iraqis died from all war related causes, not just violence. In May, when ComRes, a professional polling Read more…

David Peterson: The Chemical Weapons Convention Today

Earlier today, the Norweigan Nobel Committee awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), citing its "extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons" since the The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction (CWC) came into force Read more…

David Peterson: Was Sarin Gas Used in West Ghouta, Syria?

Was the chemical weapon agent Sarin gas used in the Damascus suburb of Moadamiyah on August 21 of this year? Based on the United Nations' Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus on 21 August 2013, released to much fanfare back in mid-September, I put together this Summary Read more…

Michael M'Gehee: Chomsky’s Wager

Noam Chomsky Like many from my generation, my political consciousness took an evolutionary leap forward in the aftermath of 9/11. One morning before work I awoke, turned on the television, and heard an old man argue that the US government was the leading terrorist state. I stopped what I was doing and watched the rest Read more…

Tapani Lausti: Occupy: Human imagination will not die

Occupy: Human imagination will not die By Tapani Lausti David Graeber, The Democrcy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement. Allen Lane 2013. Every mass movement based on direct democracy and participatory instincts broadens the human imagination of what might become possible when the current social system loses its credibility. The American occupy movement and Read more…

: Why? Why? Why? Wasim’s Tragedy is Our Tragedy

These past few months have been deeply affecting. For us the tragedy of Wasim and the death of his wife and 2 young children at the end of July has overshadowed most of our thoughts. That they died in the forests of Samos is still very raw and fresh. Why? Why? Why? This is the Read more…

Roger Bybee: One-side striker massacre a ‘clash’

Text flawed in its coverage of labor-management violence

Roger Bybee: The shutdown and “Obamacare”

  Be sure to check out this great comic, The Strip | By Brian McFadden New York Times  Sept. 29, 2013  URL: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/07/08/opinion/sunday/the-strip.html?ref=sunday#1 Next   September 29, 2013–updated Oct. 1   THE GOP AGENDA: FORCING DELAY OF AFFORDABLE CARE ACT UNTIL GOP GAINS MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES IN ORDER TO PERMANENTLY KILL IT Despite Republicans having Read more…

Roger Bybee: The shutdown and “Obamacare”

  Be sure to check out this great comic, The Strip | By Brian McFadden New York Times  Sept. 29, 2013  URL: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/07/08/opinion/sunday/the-strip.html?ref=sunday#1 Next   September 29, 2013–updated Oct. 1   THE GOP AGENDA: FORCING DELAY OF AFFORDABLE CARE ACT UNTIL GOP GAINS MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES IN ORDER TO PERMANENTLY KILL IT Despite Republicans having Read more…

Michael M'Gehee: Why the Tea Party Republicans ‘Shut Down the Government’

Señor Don Quixote, a delusional middle class American white guy, is seen tilting at windmills he believes are ferocious giants. The government has not shut down. The Republicans have simply cut off funding for the left hand of the state (i.e. certain aspects of unemployment benefits, housing, clinical health research, food stamps, workplace safety), in Read more…

Gregory Alan Norton: The New Wave of Class Struggles

           The newest wave of resurgent working class struggles has brought picket lines and protests to many retailers including Wal-Mart. And finally the fast food chains are experiencing the wrath of the working class in an economic environment where changing jobs has become difficult and clawing a path toward upward mobility has disappeared. Thousands are Read more…

: Wasim’s story and the cruel fate of refugees in Greece

Wasim is a refugee from Syria. In late July he was dropped by boat on a remote, densely wooded and rocky shore of Samos island, with his wife, young son and baby daughter. Without enough water or food, he swam to find help. Ignored by passing boats, he eventually found help, and from there went Read more…

: What Counts

Poster from PFAR Legions of protesters marched on Tokyo yesterday in an ongoing campaign to wipe out racism in Japan's capital city and beyond. Prompted largely by a growing number of anti-Korean demonstrations that have ripped through the heart of Tokyo's Koreatown, yesterday's anti-racism rally swelled with supporters who numbered anywhere between one and three Read more…

: Searching for our Happy Lands

Review of The Happy Lands (directed by Robert Rae, 2013; a Theatre Workshop Scotland production). From the People and Nature web site. This remarkable film is set in an East Fife pit village during the 1926 general strike and the lock-out of mineworkers that followed. It depicts communism as understood and practiced in a working Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

The apparent employment of chemical weapons in Syria should remind us that, while weapons of mass destruction exist, there is a serious danger that they will be used.   That danger is highlighted by an article in the September/October 2013 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.  Written by two leading nuclear weapons specialists, Read more…

Mark Evans: Why the New Cannot Be Born

I wrote the following in response to a transcript of a talk given by Dan Gallin to Greek activists and unionists, posted on the New Unionism Network site. Excellent analysis, apart from one major mistake… Gallin writes “our present crisis, […] has several basic elements” the third of which is the “hugely destructive impact of Read more…

The Polemicist: The New Privateers: Civil Forfeiture, Police Piracy, and the Third-Worldization of America

Go to source  I know you're already mad about various injustices, but when you read Sarah Stillman’s recent New Yorker article, “Taken,” your blood will boil. It’s about the laws and practices – developed over the last 15-20 years as part of the "war on drugs" and the general encroachment of police-state tactics – regarding Read more…

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