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ZSchool Now Open

We now have an online school. The first 8 week session for April/May is proceeding.  Faculty for ZSchool so far includes: Michael Albert, Bridget Anderson, Patrick Bond, Avi Chomsky, Rosa Clemente, Bill Fletcher, Eva Gollinger, Andrej Grubacic, Arun Gupta, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Bruno Jantti, Kathy Kelly, Harpreet Paul, Justin Podur, Jack Rasmus, Jerome Roos, Chris Spannos, Paul Street, and Tom Vouloumanos.

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Recent Graphics

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consume, consumerism, consumption, spending

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George W. Bush, Bush, dictators, democracy

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stocks, stock market, wall st., pokemon

Site Administrator: Humanitarian Interventions

Tony Blair, New Labour, Third Way, kosovo, yugoslavia, iraq

Site Administrator: Youthful Indiscretions

Bush, election, drugs, coke, prison, drug war, health,

Site Administrator: The Wrath of Jahovah

creationism, darwin, education, youth, testing, science, religion, kansas

Site Administrator: Pepsi Purple

media, genetics, corporations, television, poverty,

Site Administrator: Less is More

hmo, healthcare, insurance, doctor, single payer, canada,

Site Administrator: Precious Natural Resources

environment, roads, perception management

Site Administrator: Good Eats

flag waving

Site Administrator: Lottery

lottery, rip-off, regressive taxation

Site Administrator: Hair of the Dog…

Tony Blair, Third way, special relationship, UK, Britain

Site Administrator: Meltdown

asian contagion, tiger economies, depression

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