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Z Commentaries are sent every night to all Z Sustainers, and have been for many years. They are a kind of thank you mailing, you might say, for those who are supporting our overall operations. 

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Recent Z Commentaries

Lauren McCauley: Walmart Admits: ‘Our Profits’ Depend on ‘Their Poverty’

Critics cite irony of annual report filing: ‘This is a company that everywhere it goes it creates poverty’

Pete Dolack: State Department Tells Environment to Drop Dead

The U.S. State Department appears to be cooking the books in its studies of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Henia Belalia: Why are so many Migrants here in the First Place?

The migrant justice movement has mobilized an unprecedented wave of protest

David Swanson: The War Activists

War activists are not journalists, not researchers, not academics. They don’t inform or educate. They advocate

Sarah Lazare: Students & Faculty Occupy University

Facing mass lay-offs and program slashes, University of Southern Maine faculty and students demand ‘human right to education’

Paul Street: “People Forget,” the Earth Does Not

The Earth does not forget the pollutants that have been poured into it under the direction of concentrated power structures

Sue Sturgis: The Hell That Is Louisiana’s Angola Prison

Rank of Angola among the largest maximum security prisons in the United States: 1

Keith Brunner: The Rise of Vermont’s Fracked Gas Battle

The entire pipeline project was dealt a major blow on March 4, 2014, when three affected communities passed Town Meeting Day resolutions opposing the pipeline

David Swanson: From Helen to Hillary: Women in War

Young women reading about the glories of “saving the nation” by building nukes should think hard before joining the military

Bill Bigelow: The Real Irish American Story Not Taught in Schools

The school curriculum could and should ask students to reflect on the contradiction of starvation amidst plenty, on the ethics of food exports amidst famine

Sarah Lazare: Florida Farmworkers Take on Industry

The Immokalee, Fl. farmworkers who have won battles against some of food industry’s biggest corporations take aim at Publix and Wendy’s

David Swanson: The Genius of Erasmus

What ought to amaze us is the extent to which the Complaint does address the same troubles we face today and the same bad arguments used today in defense of wars

Danny Schechter: The Case of Mortgage Fraud

We were all victims of the financial crisis that began in 2007 (not 2008) but some of us suffered more than others

Rolando Avila: Solidarity with Immigrant Hunger Strikers

The collective voice of 1,200 immigrants echoed through the halls

Nadine Bloch: Reclaiming the Radical Spirit of Women’s History Month

Widespread actions continue to focus on the needs and conditions of women and girls worldwide

Norman Solomon: The Feinstein Syndrome

“The Fourth Amendment for Me, But Not for Thee”

Bryan Farrell: There’s No Success Like Failure

If the campaign against the Keystone XL fails to stop the pipeline, it may still succeed at the far more necessary and long-term goals of building a powerful movement

Andy Piascik: $5 Billion for Fascists, Cuts at Home

It’s remarkable how the United States spends massive amounts of money on war

Sue Sturgis: Why Coal Ash is an Environmental Justice Issue

Risk of cancer for people living within a mile of unlined coal ash pits: 1 in 50

Carl Finamore: Healthcare Costs Go Viral

Emergency Declared by San Francisco Labor

Kathy Kelly: Women’s Liberation at Barefoot College

The common sense messages taught at Barefoot College of service, sharing of resources and a firm declaration of equality among all people, transported our young friends into yet another realm

Joseph Nevins: The Global Color Line

Making visible what is hidden is central to the struggle to put an end to the extrajudicial killings and the associated impunity in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, Yemen, and beyond

Juan Cole: 4 Darknesses

Internet being manipulated, deceived by western intel trolls

Mike Marqusee: Fifty Years Ago, Cassius Clay “Shook Up The World”

These days it’s a statement that might grace an advert for running shoes, SUVs or ipads. But in context, it was incendiary

Jack Rasmus: The Emerging 3rd Phase of Global Economic Crisis?

Three significant global economic trends have begun to intensify and converge in recent months

Sarah Lazare: Spying on Muslims Is OK, Reporting On It Is Not

Critics say ruling is reminiscent of legal justification for Japanese American internment camps

David Swanson: Operation Nazification

Is it possible that Nazi scientists blended into the U.S. military so well because an institution that had already done what it had done to the Philippines was not in all that much need of nazification?

Agustin del Castillo: Indigenous Group Defends Water, Land

The Cora community refuses to accept the artificial reservoir in the San Pedro Mezquital River

Nikos Raptis: On Human Nature

Both Shirley Temple and Lela Karayianni were endowed with the same human nature, yet they spent their lives in different “universes”. Hence they differed

Polly Cleveland: Increasing Minimum Wage Actually Creates Jobs

It follows that big low-wage employers like Wal-Mart may rationally follow a strategy of paying as little as they can, holding down employment

Nick Engelfried: Indigenous Organizing Drives Montana Tar Sands Opposition

The enormous role Native American organizations played in the protest was largely lost in media coverage immediately following the action

Thomas S. Harrington: Hypocrisy in Sochi

Oh, what fun it is to mock Putin and his attempts to present a civilized and modern face to the world

Clarence Lusane: Missing from Presidents’ Day: The People They Enslaved

How Many US Schoolchildren will learn that 1 in 4 US Presidents trafficked and enslaved people for profit?

Paul Street: No Debate, Fake Debate

The New Gilded Age isn’t about $17 per-person tabs at Olive Garden. It’s about $71 per-person bills at the Capital Grille and $3 lunch deals at Taco Johns

David Swanson: Is a Policy a Law? Is Murder Murder?

Notice those words: “legally” and “policy.” No longer does U.S. media make a distinction between the two

Chiara Milan: Why Bosnia is Burning

Failed privatizations, rampant unemployment and a thoroughly inefficient and unaccountable political system lie at the basis of the Bosnian protests

Elizabeth Thiel: Portland Teachers Vote to Strike

Portland, Oregon, teachers have voted nearly unanimously to strike

John Pilger: Paid To Keep The Record Straight

The Faustian pacts that contrived a world war a century ago resonate today across the Middle East

Theodoros Karyotis: Gathering in Marseille

Workers, activists and academics gather at the occupied and self-managed Fralib factory in Marseille for Europe’s first “Workers’ Economy” meeting

Peter Watt: MINT Theory a “Perfect Storm”—for Whom?

A more realistic forecast for Mexico’s future might indeed be that of a “perfect storm,” but one which is indifferent to poverty and inequality

Brian Terrell: Making Iowa into a War Zone

Drone warfare is based on the lie that war can be made more exact, limited and humane through technology

Chris Kromm: The Power of Southern Song: How the South Shaped Pete Seeger

No place seemed to shape New York native Pete Seeger, both musically and politically, more than the U.S. South

Andy Piascik: Latin America: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

                       Recent elections in Latin America continue that region’s remarkable surge toward democracy and away from the clutches of U.S. imperialism. On December 14, moderate socialist Michelle Bachelet was elected president of Chile while Camila Vallejo, revolutionary leader of the 2011 student rebellion, was elected to Congress. In Venezuela, the ruling United Socialist Party of Read more…

Nick Dearden: Gates Unmasks the Real Face of Davos

The global elites meeting at the World Economic Forum must not get away with pretending they have the interests of the world’s majority at heart

David Swanson: The Thugs of Halftime

I don’t recall the exercise of one’s rights under the First Amendment requiring an invitation

Danny Schechter: “I Have Been To The Mountain Top”

While awesome in their beauty, mountaintops are not any longer a pathway to the promised land. Not today, not in the world of inequality in which we live

Raul Zibechi: Learning from the Defeat of Monsanto in Córdoba

The initiative is always taken by small groups, without taking into account the power balance, but rather the justice of their actions

Clarence Lang: Celebrating MLK Day: Dream Defenders, Moral Mondays, and the Fight for 15

There is ample evidence of activists around the nation celebrating King’s legacy in ways that expose ongoing racial and economic inequalities

Kathy Kelly: For Whom the Bell Tolls

We must never forget the full range of Dr. King’s vision, nor the full tragedy of the world he sought to heal, nor the revolutionary spirit which he saw as our only hope of achieving his vision

Chuck Collins: Wealth of Forbes 400 billionaires = wealth of all 41 million African-Americans

Racial wealth divide reaches new heights

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