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Z Magazine is an independent monthly magazine founded in 1988. Our mission is to publish in depth articles that critique society's political, economic, social life and institutions. We see the race, class, and gender dimensions of personal life as equally important in understanding current circumstances and as necessary for developing visions and strategies for progressive change.






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Recent ZMagazine

Compiled by Joel Chaffee: Free Listings

Press releases,events, new books, music, and other items of interest to progressives

Alex Bradshaw: Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940

This volume should be seen as a history of transnational radicals and visionaries, who saw the need to unite the entire international working-class to dismantle both capitalism and imperialism

Paul Gottinger: Where is Egypt’s Revolutionary Movement?

An interview with Abdulla al-Arian

Jack Rasmus: Economists Discover Inequality (But Have Yet To Explain It)

The overall share of incomes from Capital is rising at the expense of workers

Stephen Bergstein: Supreme Court Continues to Break Apart Campaign Finance Law

The McCutcheon Case

Bruce Levine: Psychiatry Keeps Anti-Authoritarians Off Democracy Battlefields

The use of oppositional defiant disorder

John Malkin: Police Surveillance Takes a Bite Out of Privacy, Part 2

In the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts, people decided they didn’t trust a license plate reader system that would share data outside of their community.

Ted Glick: The New “CIA”

The Cowboy and Indian Alliance to stop Keystone

Roshan Bliss: Portland Student Union Plays Key Role in Faculty Union Win

A tale of the success of support and solidarity

Ramzy Baroud: The U.S. Empire and the Peace Process

U.S. media made much noise about fighting terror, restoring democracies, and heralding freedoms, the neo-cons highlighted redrawing the map of the Middle East to slow the rise of China

Ajamu Baraka: Beyond Donald Sterling

What reveals the superficiality of the outrage about racism in sports is the dissociation between this outrage against black people and the ongoing assault in sports on indigenous people.

Edward Harris: Net Neutrality Turnaround as FCC Plans for a Fast Lane

Companies will be allowed to pay Internet service providers for special, faster lanes to send video and other content to their customers…

Matt Wuerker: Cartoons

Surveillance and Comcast

Paul Street: Those Who Have Put Out The People’s Eyes

It is no accident that many United States citizens seem bewildered when it comes to current events. It’s hard to make sense of a complex world when huge swaths of reality are denied serious and honest coverage and commentary in the nation’s reigning corporate “mainstream media” (“MSM”).

Tom Finn: Will Climate Change Wash Away Louisiana’s Remaining Tribes?

The effects of global warming. The Biloxi-Chitimacha stand on the frontlines of this ecological transformation.

Chris Hedges: The Crime of Peaceful Protest

The Cecily McMillan Trial

Midge Quandt: The New Mole

The title of The New Mole is taken from Marx to refer to the revolutionary impulse, which burrows quietly underground until it comes to the surface of history.

Ramzy Baroud: Al-Aqsa vs. Israel: The Lurking Danger Beneath

While the danger of Al-Aqsa Mosque collapsing is real, it is a representation of the mentality that rules Israel: one of annexation and military occupation…

Jane Slaughter: How To Fan The Flames

The worse our situation gets—economically, politically, ecologically—the more we yearn for a vast movement to erupt and transform the landscape.

Zoltan Grossman: The Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend

Ukraine now has the first European government in decades in which outright fascist parties have gained a significant role…

Paul Street: Beyond the Deep State

…popular governance is a myth in the United States. There are, Lofgren writes, two U.S. governments in and around Washington DC…

Z Staff: About Z

Information about z’s mission and how to subscribe and submit material

Edward S. Herman: The Fool, the Demagogue, and the Former KGB Colonel

The fool is John Kerry, rushing around between Washington and Tel Aviv, assailing Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela, and, of course, denouncing the Russians for “aggression”…

Lydia Sargent: Our Dilemma, Your Dilemma

Since “Our Dilemma” appeared in the March issue, things have improved and we can take more time with our decision. Meanwhile, we would like to assure you that we have never asked ourselves, “Why Bother?”

Diana Johnstone: Ukraine and Yugoslavia

Up to now, I have remained speechless in the face of what appears to me to be utter madness.

Noam Chomsky: What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream?

An institutional analysis of the mainstream media, including some excerpts on the “propaganda model” from Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman

Colin Jenkins: Coming Home to Roost, Part 2

The changing face of law enforcement is indicative of this process as forces that are traditionally advertised to “protect and serve” have become noticeably militaristic…

Allen Hines: Rumorology: Elections in El Salvador

In Latin America, where media control often rests in few elite hands, a group of political advisers have mastered the use of rumorology and legal processes to influence elections and lay the groundwork for future coups…

Compiled by Joel Chaffee: Announcements

Events, press releases, cultural and activist items of interest

John Malkin: Police Surveillance Takes a Bite Out of Privacy, Part 1

As more details of federal surveillance come to light, revelations of the domestic use of similar tools and systems of surveillance by police are surfacing as well

Josh Eidelson: Say Goodbye to Public Education

… kids are getting test prep for test prep. And the more time that is devoted to testing and preparing for tests, the less time is devoted to actual instruction. u

Brian J. Trautman: Covert and Endless War Budget

Despite the cuts to traditional aspects of the military, the DoD has no plans to shrink or limit programs that would undermine America’s ever-growing hegemonic objectives

Z Staff: About Z

Information about Z’s mission, structure, subscription fees, etc.

Roger Bybee: Rustbelt Republican Governors Trample Democracy

It is in these once-liberal states where the Republicans have advanced astonishingly anti-working class measures and pro-corporate subsidies—to the delight of their donors—and enacted major cuts in education and environmental protections.

Edward Herman: A Review of Manufactured Crisis

Journalist-scholar Gareth Porter has published another fine book on U.S. aggression, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, which follows in the footsteps of his 2005 study, The Perils of Dominance.

Colin Jenkins: Coming Home to Roost, Part 1

Any discussion involving American militarism must include the underpinnings of white supremacy

Alex Bradshaw: Exclusion and Disability

Those at the top of the U.S. economic pyramid continue to benefit from the economic and social exclusion of disabled people.

Ajamu Baraka: Ukraine and the Pathology of the Liberal Worldview

They call President Yanukovych a dictator but, curiously, there was no outcry against the governor of Michigan when he engineered the passage of an anti-democratic piece of legislation.

Chandra Muzaffar: Ousting A Democratically-Elected Leader

If Ukraine is on the brink of a catastrophe, it is mainly because the present regime in Kiev and its supporters, backed by certain Western powers, had violated a fundamental principle of democratic governance.

Norman Solomon: Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?

Unfortunately, during the last five years, no world leader has done more to undermine international law than Barack Obama.

Andrew Gavin Marshall: Assassins of Argentina

The role played by former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan in creating the conditions that led to the 2008 global financial meltdown is known to many. What is less known is that Greenspan is a former member of the Group of Thirty.

David Swanson: Operation Nazification

After World War II, the U.S. military hired 1,600 former Nazi scientists and doctors, including some of Adolf Hitler’s closest collaborators.

Various Contributors: Six News Items That Never Made the News

Although a majority of U.S. citizens believe in the scientific evidence of climate change, a number of powerful individuals and corporations are determined to undermine public faith in the scientific evidence for climate change.

Ramzy Baroud: Preserving the Abu Ghraib Culture

While post-U.S. invasion Iraq was not a heaven for democracy and human rights, the “new Iraq” has solidified a culture of impunity that holds nothing sacred.

Derek Ide: From Radical Resistance to Propagating Imperialism

The purpose of this piece is to help illuminate the role that wealthy expatriates play in propagating a narrative conducive to their own and, by extension, U.S. interests in Venezuela.

Roger Burbach: The U.S. and the Confrontation in Venezuela

What is occurring in Venezuela is a critical battle in the struggle for national sovereignty and 21st century socialism.

Kim Scipes: The Stealth Destabilizer

As protests have been taking place in Venezuela the last months, it is always good to check on what the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been up to in Venezuela.

Mark Weisbrot: The U.S. Push to Topple the Venezuelan Government

When is it considered legitimate to try and overthrow a democratically-elected government? In Washington, the answer has always been: when the U.S. government says it is.

Bill Berkowitz: Probation Privateers Prey on the Poor

Putting people in jail for failure to pay their private probation handlers is part of what is called the “‘offender-funded’ model of privatized probation”

Roger Bybee: A Leading Contender?

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s latest agenda

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