Economic Hitmen (a capella)

Economic Hitmen (add your flavor/remix this tune)
Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson (shout out to John Perkins for the title)
This song is about Economic Hitmen and the global finance racket. For music, I was thinking something world based. The vocals are quite raw with no effects. If you are interested (or you think you know someone that might be interested) in adding some music (or better vocals) to the mix, you can download the raw a capellas here at ccMixter (just click on the word "download" under the word "stream"). When you are done, you can email me any mp3s here.
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chorus one:
when the soul of capital reaches out, it's not to save you, it's for profit, baby
and when one of the bargaining chips is death, it's not the market, it's extortion

verse one:
- world bank – who runs it – imf – who runs it – wto – who runs it – the world – who runs it
- the contracts – who writes them – the projects – who works them – the development – who's it benefit – the loans – who pays them back
- conditions – what are these – conditions – who decides – conditions – who do they help – conditions – who do they hurt

 chorus two:
just because a despot signs his name, it's not the will of the people, baby
and when the one you elected sells you out, it's not democracy, it's corruption

bridge one:
when promise rests in access
and poverty is a given
what chances do we have
against economic hit men

verse two:
- world bank – who runs it – imf – who runs it – wto – who runs it – the world – who runs it
- resources – who stole them / state industries – who sold them / our labor – your property / austerity – no security
- displacement – pollution / indebtedness – collusion / poor schools – poor healthcare / poor people – don't nobody care

chorus three:
do the leaders even know who their people are, if not, then how do we remind them, baby
and if the rich won't hear our songs of grief, maybe they'll hear our songs of anger

bridge two:
are we supposed to die here
while you're there getting fatter
well, what do you suggest, man
or do we even matter

we are people we are people do we matter we are people
we are people we are people yes we matter we are people

This song is under the Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0.
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