A letter to all my representatives in Congress!


As a senior citizen from Washington State, I am completely appalled by the actions of Israel, the United States, and its military, in its treatment of unarmed, unprotected, civilians! The most powerful nation on the earth did nothing to help these humane and compassionate people! This is insane! The US must be implicated in the deaths of innocents because we would not act to protect them. The President, Vice President, and Secretary of state, and all Americans, have been made to look just like fools, in front of our own citizens, and the rest of the world, by the Israel governments actions! This military action by Israel is worse than the treatment of Iraqi’s by Saddam Hussein, because the whole world knew we were going to allow them to kill innocent individuals who were only trying to help ease Palestinian suffering…and we did nothing?? (As I hope you remember, the Kurds were gassed with the American military s help, and behind the backs of the American people).We did not know about the massacre of the Kurds until much later.

I do not want you to support any actions like this when they are taken by Israel against any country that has not attacked Israel! If I do not hear much about this from you and the other senators and congressmen, or if you take no action on this to let Israel know this must be corrected right now, then I will know that you no longer represent me! When the time comes I will vote accordingly, and lobby (protest) fiercely, to make sure you are not re-elected. My vote, and my political activism, is all that I have and I hope you are able to understand that! I will work with you if the reverse is also true. It had better be true though!

PLEASE!!!Do something about Israel’s boot being stomped into the bodies of the Palestinian women and children, and men! Their only crime is not being jewish! I am not a jew either, and I would not want to be… and by their actions I do not think I could ever consider their religion as anything but socialized insanity!

I understand now that our government is really only interested in being in countries that have valuable resources, and that we are only interested in stealing all of their natural resources using military, and economic terror, leaving them in a terrible situation so that they have to acquiesce to our monstrous demands.

Tell Israel to stop this nonsense right now or the United States will become the enemy of their actions in the middle east. I dare you to act like you represent me!

I, personally, think most politicians are just trying to start another war in the middle east for the wealthy arms contractors of this world. You spend all of our hard earned wealth on wars overseas and cut all of our domestic programs for yet more money for your horrible wars, and you completely lie about and ignore the terrible situation that American’s are in right now! It is just not as important as wealth creation for the already wealthy, is it?

It is super obvious that not one of you elected officials gives one (s)hit about this country or its people. If you did, something would get done! Just look around! No jobs…but yet you send representatives overseas to try to get other countries to manufacture what we could make here! You do this BEHIND OUR BACKS!!! You allow the American media to be completely co-opted so that the lies of those you really represent, the wealthy, are more effective. You close American factories and buy overseas for profits, all the while knowing that you are killing the American economy. You could reopen these American factories and employ Americans right now…but you do not want to upset your wealthy patrons who are depending upon you to keep us in the dark, and very poor! It has just become cheaper to lie to the American people, hasn’t it, and aren’t you folks all for more insane profits for your billionaire buddies?

You cannot argue with this truth because you cannot hide it from us...we have to live in this dying country! And it is dying because you people will not do your work for the people you were elected to represent…not bury, but represent!!

All of you in the senate and congress are sending a terrible message to the people of this country. A message that you are incapable of governing according to the constitution, according to the real tenets of our law as it was written!. What do you expect us to do? Are we supposed to just do nothing and watch you sell off to the highest bidder everything America stands for?  Those are fighting words you are saying to me!

I am extremely concerned that there is no one that we have elected, anywhere, even in our highest offices, in this country, that has the humanity to object to, and act upon, what has happened in Palestine, the West Bank, and Gaza, and on memorial day to say the least. This is a very telling statement about the aims of American diplomacy in the middle east….THERE ISN’T ANY! It is all about wealth creation!

You are not my heros, but you are my enemies!

We see what you are doing in congress every day and it is making us all, every American, sick!

Why are you letting everyone break the law? The bankers break the law, and the politicians break the law, and the hedge fund managers break the law, and these people defraud us of trillions of dollars and you do nothing…..NOTHING?

except lie to us, for them!

We are not stupid and we know that you don’t represent us because you just told us so!!!!.


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