A nation with PTSD!

The Power of an inside job.

What the Israeli government and their military have done this Memorial Day must, surely, become the downfall of their ability to ever act like this again as a nation! It would really, really, be much better for our world if this were so. To act without care, too act as they did without compassion, too act without any kind of pretext of humanity at all in our world, and then to not care one little bit that all of the world was watching! How horrible can you get? Is this hubris or is this something else entirely? Their actions were not of protection, but of hate and aggression. They attacked when they were not being attacked by anyone, and when aid was being delivered in a humane fashion they treated it like an act of war! Their heinous actions, against unarmed, caring, citizens of the world, must become their monument, their cathedral, their memorial, that we all openly see that these religious zealots are building…and that is visible to all…so to speak, and that speaks to the hate and oppression that Israel has forced upon the people of Palestine, and Gaza, and the rest of the middle east.
 Until Israel ceases these types of actions I must consider them, as I do the government of the United States, as an enemy of any real democratic processes! These are rogue governments when they create war as an excuse, or as a reason, for their existence!
 Israel is, very obviously, ruled by leaders that are as insane as the American military leaders are! They are quickly showing themselves to be nothing but very efficient, cold hearted, military predators! This must be the legacy of their almost maniacal religion upon their inept attempts at living socially in a non-democratic, religous state.. A disaster it would seem that they love to blame on the excesses of others, but now we see what excesses they are able to muster themselves, and it is the hell of pure firepower coupled with their hate of any other religion that they seem to think is so god like!

The people in charge in Israel, just like the USA, are a bunch of sicko’s and wacko’s! War, or some other horrible outcome, is the result of their every, dangerous, move!

Israel is completely incapable of understanding what emotional intelligence in a human being might mean. As far as they are concerned, their minds are still grappling with the horrors of the holocaust. A whole nation suffering incredibly from PTSD, living forever in the past, inculcated into incredible religious superstitions their whole life time, and they elect the most deranged one of them to lead their charge into international insanity. In any normal human being, actions like this would be considered criminal… or the result of mental problems. I must choose the former, that their actions are on purpose and exceptionally criminal.

Israel must face some immediate penalty for its actions.

These actions must be taken by the international community with the same affection for the Israeli’s as they, themselves, have for the Palestinians.  NONE!

The United States must immediately hold back on the transfer of any funding to Israel. Even though it has legally agreed to aid in the past, the United States, because this criminal action has been taken by Israel, and because their actions violate any and all agreements at cooperation in creating any form of middle east peace, must withhold funding. To do otherwisw will be to declare that we were partners, with Israel, in these unprecedented actions against unarmed, international, civilians. This is probably the real truth of the situation that the Palestinian people face, and that is… that it is the power of the United States, and Israel, working together in secret, that is keeping the Palestinian suffering going. Israel could not do this to Palestine without American cooperation and knowledge before hand. They wouldn’t dare do it either!

Therefor: We knew what Israel was going to do and our elected officials approved of the move! What does that tell you?

We can view Israel as being in favor of a middle east that is forever on the brink of war, and we must view their reasoning for this belligerence as a copy cat stance of the United States’ well known, winning, ways of disrupting other countries that their wealthy business people see as ripe for the picking! Shades of Ronald Reagan!!!!

Israeli citizens, and their political infrastructure, must be seen as the enemies of any real democracy in this situation, and should get nothing more or less than the same treatment that Iran is getting right now for destabilizing the politics of the whole region. It is not getting these sanctions from the United States right now because Israel is acting in concert with the U.S. to create this destabilizing situation in the first place. This is meant to create an international situation that benefits both parties at the expense of the Palestinians..the Chinese, the Russians, and the people of India…,oh, and everyone else, to say the least.

The actions taken against Israel must, at a minimum, be as severe as the horrible retribution, for next to nothing, that they have handed out, in international waters, to the citizens of other legal nations that were bringing aid, not weapons, to the Palestinians. This must happen or we can all declare that our world has become a world without laws!

The question is not so much ‘How do you deal with rogue governments’, but becomes …how do you keep yourself and your movement alive when you threaten the power and prestige of the powers that be within those rogue governments? They have all of the guns, and control all of the armies…so, what normally happens in situations like this is, when you oppose them–BANG, you’re dead!

This is what people in all of our nations are facing when they fight for liberty, or human rights, or a clean environment, against these monsters, and these monsters is us!

Those wonderful people who chose to help the starving of Palestine and Gaza got the message, didn’t they?

BANG….You’re dead!

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