A Possible Parecon Sympathiser

The title almost seemed The-Onion-inspired, China’s Suicidal Worker’s Get Pay Raise. But then it gets serious.

Higher wages for Chinese workers would be a great boon to the world in general, boosting local demand and reducing wage pressure on developed-world blue-collar workers.

He almost sounds like a decent economist, Dean Baker, Mark Weisbrot or somebody at CEPR.

Andrew Leonard then branches out with the obvious, stating decent values and naturally bring Parecon to mind.

It just doesn’t look good when your employees start jumping out of windows in steadily increasing numbers. It is a sign that something is very, very wrong in how humans are organizing themselves on this planet.

So much for the feel-good, look-good, iGadgets.. If anyone know how to send this writer a copy of Looking Forward, I’ll pay for it.

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