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Spurred on by Michael Albert’s interview ‘Which Way’ I’m plunging into Znet participation. One of those things that were needling the back of my mind, like going to the dentist you have to do it, you’ll feel better after you do, but you just can’t bring yourself to make that appointment.

  I took a couple of the polls, Bioregionalism was mispelled in one of them. No biggie, just thought someone might want to know. Anyway the poll about political comitments asked about being intellectually and emotionally left  and intentions to get active. The only choices for action were ‘radical activity’. I feel like I’m doing something every weekend, volunteer work, community involvement. I feel like just getting me and my 3 person family away from the boob tube, out of the house, and involved in a community somehow is the best I can do. If it’s non-commercial I’m happy.  Was I lying when I checked the (Do something radical once a week box? I just think grass roots is good, get involved. It’s hard to communicate about social and political ideas. The polls were great to get your thoughts going. What is ‘anarchism’ as a goal and aim? It was much easier to check the Parecon box. YOu have a better idea of what it is thanks to _Looking Forward_ with the cute graphics and inicisive quotes.

  I was moved by Juliette Schor’s _Born to Buy, and Susan Lynn’s _Consuming Kids_ so I talk about that wit h other parents, but I’m afraid I can’t measure up to ‘radical’. Here in Miyazaki I can’t even imagine what might pass muster as radical. I know a lot of grass roots activists, labor union people, I’m as supportive as I can be. But radical? I’m getting an inferiority complex because I haven’t created a parecconnish institution yet. I guess this is Mid Life Crisis for Znet sustainers.

   I rediscovered Critical mass thanks to Democracy Now. (Introducing Amy Goodman and team to as many Japanese people as I can – is that radical?) and the You Tube video that went viral. I’ll be back in the Philadelphia area (from Japan) at the End of August. Can anyone recommend a way to experience Critical Mass in Philly or New York in August? A search showed that there used to be Critical Mass in Kyoto. Some people in Miyazaki have plans for a tram along the main drag. I wonder if a low key critical mass event would help popularize that?

  There’s a lot of grass roots movement on Global Warming and Nuclear energy here. TeamGOGO does organizing through a commercial networking site Mixi. They tried to get a mini newspaper on global warming (with a blurb on militarism’ s contributions and suggestions for starting your own bank), and spent nuke fuel reprossessing. A comedian, a fair trade company and NGO/NPO acitivist/writer were the main impetus. The people I’ve met involved with that seem to be creating a hippyish spritual eco culture with surfing garnish. I guess I should find ways to sit down and chat with them, see if they’re radical. but does it matter, if they’re doing decent stuff?


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