Afghanistan vanishing

Is Afghanistan an embarassment to the left? Is the invasion – itself a war crime – now forgotten?  The daily tally of civilian lives is routinely ignored by the UK mainstream media, probably by the USA media as well, leaving the ‘propaganda model’ unchallenged.  In the UK we are given almost nightly updates of the deaths of soldiers, such is the casualty rate – our brave boys, of course – but very little in-depth coverage.  The supposed war aims are forgotten, the expansion of the war into Pakistan is ignored, the multitudes of refugees silenced. This much is expected of the main-stream of course but what of the rest?  And where are the challenges to the main-stream message, in the UK or the US?

As Obama steps up his favourite war, there seems little but distaste and perhaps a certain embarassment – on the left -  for the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, mixed perhaps with a certain fear of ‘terrorism’?  Has the propaganda model triumphed so easily, are the ‘rag-heads’, the most common racist term round here, now sufficiently demonised that any level of atrocities can be committed against them, mostly in secret and without comment?  This is an imperialist war. Troops Out Now.


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