Afghanistan: We are not defending anything but Empire

It has now been ten years of aggression in Afghanistan, and the fact that it is still considered a "just war" only goes to show how obedient the corporate media is intertwined with political power.

A B-52 carpet-bombing Afghanistan
How is a just war? In what way?
Revenge for 9/11? Revenge isn't justice. Justice requires some relation to a judicial process, or law.
But the war is a violation of international law, as well as the U.S. Constitution.
The UN Charter authorizes war in one of two ways: (1) you are using force against an armed attack; or (2) the UN Security Council has authorized the use of force.
Neither of those two fits the bill.
Whatever we want to say about the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001 one thing is for sure: they were not an armed attack. They were an isolated, solitary incident. There was no invasion. Between September 11 and October 7 there was no other attack.
Furthermore, when we attacked Afghanistan ten years ago we had no idea who was behind the 9/11 attacks. Even in the Summer of 2002 we still didn't know.
So when we attack one of the poorest and most defenseless countries in the world without the authorization of the Security Council and not in defense of an armed attack, and under the banner of revenging an attack in which we did not even know who were the perpetrators then this is anything but a "just war."
But what about the Taliban? Aren't they awful? Didn't we "liberate" the people of Afghanistan? For the last two questions I answer yes and no, and in that order. Yes the Taliban is awful. No doubt. But the Northern Alliance and the drug lords and warlords we have been supporting are not liberatory forces. We have not liberated Afghanistan. We have spent ten years and billions of taxpayers money to carry out an illegal war of aggression that has done nothing but continue the misery of the people of Afghanistan.
Even today the Washington Post acknowledges that,

The militant Islamic Taliban movement, which controls more than 90 percent of the country . . .

In 2007 it was just over half. So Obama's "surge" has only strengthened the Taliban. Our war and occupation is not helping. On top of that, most Afghanis have never even heard of 9/11.
Summary: for ten years we have been waging an illegal war and occupation on one of the poorest and most defenseless countries in the world, in which we are propping up a corrupt government made up of warlords and drug lords, where most of the people have no idea why we are there and are so fed up with our bombings of weddings and turning a blind eye to the sex trafficking of young boys (Wikileaks revealed that) that one of the most despotic Islamic movements is gaining power and influence.
This war has nothing to do with justice or defending ourselves. The idea that the U.S. is defending itself from Afghanistan is a sick joke. This is about Empire, and nothing more.

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