Alexandros Gregoropoulos

Today the European Union took a step to the right as tens of millions of people voted in the European Parliamentary elections.


Exit poll results show many voters chose right-wing parties across the EU. Here in Greece, among almost 10 million voters, the PASOK (neo-liberal "socialist" party) captured the largest share with 37 percent. 


However, washed out before and after the spectacle of electoral celebrations filling T.V. screens, radios, and public squares across the country, yesterday, June 6th, was another significant date—the six months since a police bullet murdered 15 year-old Alexandros Gregoropoulos here in Athens, and the subsequent uprising that took place across the country last December.



A few days ago some friends gave us a walking tour of Exarhia and explained the significance of many locations, specifically relating to the events six months ago. And last night there were many people in the area paying homage to Alexandros.


There is an occupied park, Navarinou, just a few steps away from where the boy was murdered, and where 200-300 people gathered. An equal number of people gathered in the exact place where the shooting took place. Riot cops stood on the outskirts of the area.



Above: Navarinou Occupied Park 


At the location of the shooting there is a memorial with flowers in a glass encased box, except the glass is shattered and the flowers are dried. Dust covered the inside and outside of the monument. Our guides explained to us that police had broken the glass.   


Above: Memorial to Gregoropoulos


Next to the memorial is a wall where dedications to Alexandros are posted. Above that there are new street signs that now bare his name.


On the same wall is a colorful painting sent from the EZLN as their dedication to last December’s events. (Pictures below)


Above: Letters to Alexandros


Above: EZLN Dedication


Above: Street Sign Dedication 


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