Americans are ruled by corporations!

The ship of state cannot just be allowed to plow along without the people’s nuanced hands manning the political/economic wheel of our future… for all its citizens…not just its wealthy and powerful citizens to the exclusion of everyone else!

Can elected officials use their constitutional right to not incriminate themselves when they betray their oaths and their responsibilities, say for money, to the electorate? Are they above the law at this juncture? I wonder if it is possible to define this type of deceit as a type of financial ‘treason’ in a time of known economic war that is being waged against the citizens of this country by the super wealthy and super powerful?

When wealth has so entrenched itself within the several branches of government, or society, that its use defines and creates its own innocence, or its opposing parties guilt, in almost any given situation, then only wealth will be able to adequately use the law to defend its position. There is no doubt at all, then, that this is where our legal system resides right now! COMPROMISED BY WEALTH….. This is where our legal beagles ceased to cling to a legal definition of what constitutes a democratically created law, and went rogue for all of the cash they could get! They have never looked back since! Can this be called real democracy, or do the wealthy and powerful need to use their wily lawyers to redefine the term ‘legal’ to fit their sneak attack on the wealth and future of this country and its people before we incarcerate their phony act?

When the supreme court can be used to overturn important citizen protections at the behest of those groups who would benefit from those decisions, (corporations, the wealthy, and powerful), then a way must be made whole that allows the citizens themselves to reverse these decisions by a vote of the people that is decided by the people when, and how, it will be taken…and what its exact wording will be. If that way is not made whole and available to the citizen, then; in effect, WE, the citizen’s, have lost effective control of the decision making processes in our country…and obviously our form of government, then, no longer resembles a functioning democracy. A functioning democracy must function democratically in more than just name. Its actions must define a functioning democracy; which would allow the people to use their political power to turn the direction of this country in the direction the people need to go… which ours does not right now.

A functioning democracy must allow for a public means of correcting unlawful behavior, by those who have been elected and given the power to represent the people, when those same elected people will not make the corrections themselves because they would incriminate themselves in doing so. Those whom we elect and appoint, and those who are appointed by those we elected, must be held to the highest standards in the performance of their elected office. Their actions must not be allowed to redefine/destroy our democracy! A failure to abide by these rules and regulations should be immediately enforceable by the citizens in a united effort and those offenders should be provided with a stiff penalty for breaking the law! How can we control our elected and appointed officials, let alone the wealthy of this country, if their wealth and power allows them to manipulate the laws at their will and guide the country in a direction that is directly at odds with a majority of the population?

It has also become very obvious, in this present American oligarchy, that the actions and the future of this country are not in the hands of its people, but are in the hands of a very powerful few who generally represent their aims and goals of wealth creation and not those of this democratic country.

Americans are ruled by corporations!

One complete sentence that sums it all up right now.

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