An End to Capitalism?

The state-corporate system is quite remote from anything that might be called “capitalism” or a “market system,” though it has elements of both.

This system will doubtless continue to change, as it has in the past. The recent global investor-rights agreements change it substantially, as do ongoing steps to reduce or dismantle the benefits systems (particularly limited in the US) and to restrict the threat of democracy, hence potential public influence, by neoliberal measures.

As to how it will evolve, and how long people will be willing to tolerate it… we can’t know. Prediction in human affairs is generally abysmal, because so little is understood in any depth about such extraordinarily complex systems, and because so much depends on will and choice. That’s the real issue: can we make the choice and exert the will to avert the disasters you describe and create a decent world.

It would not be hard to argue that the system will destroy the species before it is significantly changed. Today’s headlines give a good reason. The non-proliferation treaty (NPT) is one of the thin threads on which survival of the species hangs. The 5-year annual review conference just collapsed. The prime reason is that we did not make the choice, and have the will, to compel our own government to abide by its essential provisions — in fact, to refrain from tearing them to shreds, as it has been doing.

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