Beware the Mouse that Roared

I’m a bit of a gloom and doom prophet, when it comes to "my" government. I’ve put off any real analyzation, until I’ve reached solid conclusions (not to mention until they’d finish the reeling-and-dealing and construct themselves already!). Now that I’ve heard the speeches, seen the conduct, I think I can start predicting doom.

My Thoughts on The Man of The Hour
I think I need to interject some of my personal experience with this man. When Benjamin Netanyahu first stepped on the Prime Ministerial scene, back in 1996, I was 12 years old. I knew nothing about politics and didn’t care much for it, but elections were always regarded as a big deal (as they usually are in psudo-democracies), so I paid the minimum required attention. I remember thinking this guy’s face is like a rubber mask- he means nothing of what he says, no matter what he’s saying.

That was a little girl’s intuition, today my opinion is that Netanyahu is a true capitalist- he has no loyalty, but to money. (Just look at his appointment of economical-dud Yuval Steinitz, only to place himself as some kind of "super finance minister".) What does this mean? As always with Netanyahu the question is relative, so I rephrase: What does this mean, to whom, and in what context?

Netanyahu and the US
Netanyahu has always been a big fan of "The American Way" and will generally adopt the strategies of any American president that gets elected, because that means the man is a "winner". Obama saw great success utilizing the internet? Netanyhu was all over it! Twitter, Facebook, and using the exact same Obama tactics on his own website. Obama sees Iran as a "terrorist threat", Netanyahu is only too eager to press the big red button! Just let the eager beaver at’em.

IN the USA’s offense, I have to say they have been covering for Israeli diplomatic blunders, for ages. The latest being our new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman’s statement (as stated in Ha’aretz):

"Netanyahu’s Israel was not bound by commitments it made at a U.S.-sponsored conference to pursue creation of a Palestinian state."

To this debacle, US State Department had the following reply (same article):

"We have full confidence in, and will continue to support, the government of Israel, and we will work together for a durable and lasting peace in the region… As for statements made [by Lieberman], or comments made, I point you to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments, that he will work for peace with the Palestinians and peace in the region"

I’d only like to add the ever so perceptive words of Aretha Franklin: "Who’s zommin’ who?"

The True Man of The Hour
We all know it. The true winner of these elections was Avigdor Lieberman. Not only for his meteoric rise to the top three leading parties of Israel, but for the power it afforded him. Even though a convicted felon that’s being investigated on new felonies, Leiberman has been appointed the very prominent role of Foreign Affairs Minister. He makes demands and gets what he wants, frivolous anti-diplomatic attacks on other countries are forgiven, not to mention how destructive he is for a viable peace process (not that I call it that) or any chance of Israel mending its shameful violations of international law and human rights.

Gloom and Doom
Who am I, right? Frankly, nobody (not in this pseudo-democratic system). Nevertheless, allow me some free-stylin’:

Lieberman has only begun. First, he’ll get all he wants from Netanyahu, who’ll be too busy keeping his eye on the money, to notice he’s being shafted by the next Prime Minister. Laws will be changed (Basic or otherwise), Arab Ministers and their supporters prosecuted and jailed, along with a big chunk of the Arab population- joining their Palestinian wives, sons and fathers in overcrowded jails (this is a good time to mention that Israel has a death penalty for "crimes against the Jewish people" and "treason in wartime"). Riots will ensue in the West Bank, as the settlers will try to take it over. That’s when the army will have to "protect its people"- they’ll call it a "Civil War for Liberty". Ties with the Arab countries will be incinerated and our grand armament will be displayed for all the world to see.

Too pessimistic? Orwellian? Fantastical? The links are there to give you a hint as to how close to reality this all is. I could be wrong about Lieberman. He might not be the next in line to follow Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. I could be wrong about Israel. It may be an innocent society, just trying to protect itself with over a hundred nuclear warheads… Beware the mouse that roared.

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