Book Launch for ‘Catastrophe: What Went Wrong in Zimbabwe’ October 6th

You are invited to the launch of

What Went Wrong in Zimbabwe?

By Richard Bourne

6th October 2011
Room 104, Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

Panel includes:

Richard Bourne, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth   Studies, former education correspondent of The Guardian and deputy editor of the Evening Standard

Professor Jocelyn Alexander, Oxford University

Wilf Mbanga, editor of The Zimbabwean

Dr Leo Zeilig of the Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

Professor Philip Murphy, Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (Chair)

No one in 1980 could have guessed that Zimbabwe would become a failed state on such a monumental and tragic scale. In this incisive and revealing book, Richard Bourne shows how a country which had every prospect of success when it achieved a delayed independence in 1980 became a brutal police state with hyperinflation, collapsing life expectancy and abandonment by a third of its citizens less than thirty years later.

Beginning with the British conquest of Zimbabwe and covering events up to the present precarious political situation, Catastrophe is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and readable account of the ongoing crisis. Bourne shows that Zimbabwe's tragedy is not just about Mugabe's 'evil' but about history, Africa today and the world's attitudes towards them.

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