British public opinion, Iraq and the Chilcot Inquiry

British public opinion, Iraq and the Chilcot Inquiry


Below is a summary of three British public opinion polls released while the Chilcot Inquiry in to the Iraq war has been taking evidence:



17 January 2010, YouGov/Sunday Times poll:


-          “52% of people believe Blair deliberately misled the country over the war.”


-          “Almost one in four – 23% – think he should be tried as a war criminal.”



31 January 2010, BPIX/Mail on Sunday poll:


-          “70 per cent thinking the war was illegal.”


-          “28 per cent feel so strongly about the issue that they think Mr Blair should be tried for ‘war crimes’.


-          80 per cent of people believe he lied over Iraq



3 February 2010, ComRes/Independent poll:


-          “the passage of time has done little to change the public’s view of the Iraq conflict.  Only three in 10 people (29 per cent) regard the war as largely a success, while 63 per cent do not.”


-          “Some 37 per cent of people believe that Mr Blair should be put on trial for going to war with Iraq


-          “Younger people are the most hostile towards  the former Prime  Minister. Some 46 per cent of 18-24 year-olds and 43 per cent of 25-34 year-olds agree that he should face a trial, compared to less than one in four of those aged 65 and over.  The C2 skilled manual workers and the bottomed DE social groups are the most likely to support a trial, while the top AB group is the least likely to agree.”



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