Clinton and Who Gets to be an “American”

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Wednesday’s debate in Pennsylvania underscores Hillary Clinton’s willingness to distort the truth, resort to smears and mimic classic Republican attacks…anything to defeat Obama.

There is a lot to be criticized about Obama (relations with the nuclear industry, vote for the Peru Freet Trade Agreement, etc.). But activists should respond to what is essentially an attack on the "Americanness" of the Left.

For me, the most embittering part of the evening was watching Clinton and the two debate moderators roll out a typical right-wing attack line, implying that Obama was "un-American" (whatever that means) for having a pastor who speaks up for social and racial justice or for choosing not to wear a flag lapel pin from time to time.

This is ridiculous. We cannot let Hillary Clinton or the Republicans decide who counts as a "real American."

The worst sin of all is, of course, the now infamous quote from San Francisco where he recognized that the right-wing exploits working class white fears to win votes on social issues.

This is news?

What was missing from last night’s debate: a discussion of how to end the war in Iraq, a war that Hillary voted for and that Obama has consistently opposed.

Write to your local paper, or one of the national papers (NYtimes, etc), and tell the media that it’s time to discuss issues that matter and to stop the inane personal attacks on Obama.

While you’re at it, mention the problem in America that you’re most bitter about: the war, the environment, health care, etc.

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