Closing down the new feature testing attempt


I want to wish a quick and successful job hunting to Khin, not only because the economic crisis is hard on every one, including us elders, who have to stretch to the limits the SS monthly check to survive, but also because it will be great to count with a practitioner of the "occult art of computer programming" among the people people, as the "tireless walkers" of the Honduras Resistance are calling themselves.

Enable Quick Edit feature is a nice improvement at the new ZCom, especially for those of us coming here as adults immigrants, and having to pick up English with no schooling. Languages difficulties should not be a deterrent for expressing our thought while trying to learn more, yet the sensibility of some "English speaking natives" might be offended if we don’t try to correct the faults, which invariable show in our writing, notwithstanding Unamuno’s advice, that one only has the obligation to speak correctly the language learned before age what? 3…6…16 years old perhaps? (native language in any case), but not 25 to 35 when the people of our interest, non members of the upper class, choose or are forced to leave their countries. This was BC (before Chomsky) of course, and may no longer hold water.

At the risk of repeating my self, Quick Editing activation is the only feature I probably would be able to test for my silly experiment.

I have worked my self up to a corner, to separate the ropes from my back before a knockout, I will need the brute resiliency of Rocky Balboa or the graceful movements of Ali, nether of which are portions of my natural endowment and so, instead of waiting for the "golpe de gracias" comes upon me, an alternative is to be attempt is desapear for a while. Vanishing from the scene may be a wise move, after all, "Commandant Marcos" has successfully used this strategy before. He periodically makes himself invisible for periods of time, be that he retires deep in the Lancandón jungle or stay put in wherever he goes to think how to further his cause.

No offence is intended to the non violent purists with the use of these "lyric" images, being Hollywood made or of the real life.

If we are to talk among ourselves as "people people", I think using our own parlance should be more effective. For example, we all know some of and admire excellence in sports, special movies, the Zapatista Revolt and The Honduras Non Violent Resistance against the military coup, among many other good thing happening during our life time.

Hasta la vista.


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