Comment o Article by Ted Glick



Lovelock and Gaia.
By Baldwin, Anthony

I think it is a bit unfair  for Ted to impute ignoble motives to Lovelock and noble ones to himself regarding opposition to windfarms.No doubt Ted looked at the relative footprint for windfarms compared to other forms of enegry providers which Lovelock illustrates.

Ted also says that Lovelock takes his belief in Gaia to a questionable place in putting Gaia before people. i don’t agree. If we don’t look after Gaia there won’t be any people. We got off to the wrong track with Genesis, all that stuff about multiplying and having dominion over the Earth ,and when we got rid of that we replaced with hubristic Humanism.We are in real difficulties unitl we develop a philosophy whch takes into account all life.


                                                                  Anthony Baldwin

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