Crocker and Petraeus Do Washington II

According to the New York Times, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the much-demonized former pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, once issued something called a "War on Iraq I.Q. Test" which included the following question: "Which country do you think poses the greatest threat to global peace: Iraq or the U.S.?" ("A Candidate, His Minister, and the Search for Faith," Jodi Kantor, April 30, 2007.)


Although the March 2003 U.S. military invasion of Iraq and the savage pacification that continues to this very day mooted this particular item on the Reverend’s old "Iraq I.Q. Test," imagine, let us say, that instead of it being April 8, 2008, it was six years earlier, April 8, 2002. —


Knowing what you know now, how would you have answered the Reverend’s question about the "greatest threat to global peace" back then, in April 2002


More important, how would you answer a revised version of the same question, were it posed to you today as follows:


Which country do you think poses the greatest threat to global peace:

The U.S. or [ fill-in blank with any other country in the world ]? 


I won’t presume to tell you how you should answer a question such as this.  Just remember that this is the United States we are talking about here — not the "terrorists" but, rather, the state waging the global "War on Terror."  As Seumas Milne reports in this morning’s Guardian (London), a "draft strategic framework agreement between the US and Iraqi governments, dated March 7 and marked ‘secret’ and ‘sensitive’, is intended to replace the existing UN mandate and authorises the US to ‘conduct military operations in Iraq and to detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security’ without time limit."


By "existing UN mandate," Milne means UN Security Council Resolution 1546 of June 8, 2004.  This notorious resolution handed to the U.S. military the keys to the pacification regime in Iraq, under the auspices of a phony "Multinational Force" commanded by none other than Washington and prosecuted by the generals at the U.S. Central Command.  No less notoriously, it also included as annexes to the official resolution an exchange of phony letters between Ayad Allawi, then the puppet Prime Minister of the so-called Interim Government of Iraq, and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Therein, the Puppet PM pled with the Puppet Master to seek a "new resolution on the Multinational Force (MNF) mandate to contribute to maintaining security in Iraq" — "[u]ntil we are able to provide security for ourselves…."  Upon receipt of the Puppet PM’s plaintive plea, the Puppet Master replied:


Recognizing the request of the government of Iraq for the continued presence of the Multi-National Force (MNF) in Iraq, and following consultations with Prime Minister Ayad Allawi of the Iraqi Interim Government, I am writing to confirm that the MNF under unified command is prepared to continue to contribute to the maintenance of security in Iraq, including by preventing and deterring terrorism and protecting the territory of Iraq.


Critics in the States used to complain about a film like The Godfather and cable – TV programs like The Sopranos that they unfairly depicted Italian – Americans as a bunch of bloodthirsty hoodlums.  But for as long as Iraq has been a recurring item before the Security Council — since August 2, 1990, that is — the fabled International Community has conducted its affairs like the most bloodthirsty villain in United Nations history.  And now this killing machine is on the verge of being returned — privatized, in effect — to the strict control of the Americans?  With zero UN oversight? 


So let me get this straight. — First, the United States invaded Iraq without Security Council authorization and in unambiguous violation of the UN Charter and international law.  Shortly thereafter, the United States started dragging one agency of the United Nations after another into Iraq to help it manage the various crises that its invasion and occupation caused.  And now, after five years, the United States is putting the squeeze on the UN to force it back out of Iraq again?    


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Afterword.  Believe it or not, a copy of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s "War on Iraq I.Q. Test" has survived (at least in this version, which I found posted to the mindfully.org website). For the sake of archiving a copy of it before it disappears, let me re-post it here.

According to mindfully.org, the document was originally posted to the "Pastor’s Page" at the website of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago on Sunday, February 23, 2003.  An introductory note signed by the Rev. Wright himself asked "Members of Trinity…to think about these things and be prayerful as we sift through the ‘hype’ being poured on by the George Bush-controlled media." 

(Although I myself took the Reverend’s "Iraq I.Q. Test," I won’t divulge how I scored.  Such data is confidential.)




War on Iraq I.Q. Test

REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT / Trinity Pastor’s Page, February 23, 2003

Take the War on Iraq IQ Test

Do you know enough to justify going to war with Iraq?

1. Q: What percentage of the world’s population does the U.S. have?

A: 6% [correction - 4.8% of world's population - 6.2 billion vs. 280 million]

2. Q: What percentage of the world’s wealth does the U.S. have?

A: 50% [correction - 22% of global GDP]

3. Q: Which country has the largest oil reserves?

A: Saudi Arabia

4. Q: Which country has the second largest oil reserves?

A: Iraq

5. Q: How much is spent on military budgets a year worldwide?

A: $900+ billion

6. Q: How much of this is spent by the U.S.?

A: 50% [explanation - military expenditures for FY2003 may be $460-470 billion including $378.5 billion for the Pentagon, $15.4 billion for nuclear weapons programs, $3.8 billion for foreign military assistance, $1.4 billion for military-related activities of other agencies, $32 billion for military retirement benefits and health care for current employees, $30 billion for the CIA, plus funding for the Homeland Security Department]

7. Q: What percent of US military spending would ensure the essentials of life to everyone in the world, according the UN?

A: 10% (that’s about $40 billion, the amount of funding initially requested to fund our retaliatory attack on Afghanistan)

8. Q: How many people have died in wars since World War II?

A: 86 million

9. Q: How long has Iraq had chemical and biological weapons?

A: Since the early 1980′s.

10. Q: Did Iraq develop these chemical & biological weapons on their own?

A: No, the materials and technology were supplied by the US government, along with Britain and private corporations.

11. Q: Did the US government condemn the Iraqi use of gas warfare against Iran?

A: No

12. Q: How many people did Saddam Hussein kill using gas in the Kurdish town of Halabja in 1988?

A: 5,000

13. Q: How many western countries condemned this action at the time?

A: 0

14. Q: How many gallons of agent Orange did America use in Vietnam?

A: 17 million.

15. Q: Are there any proven links between Iraq and September 11th terrorist attack?

A: No

16. Q: What is the estimated number of civilian casualties in the Gulf War?

A: 35,000

17. Q: How many casualties did the Iraqi military inflict on the western forces during the Gulf War ?

A: 0

18. Q: How many retreating Iraqi soldiers were buried alive by U. S. tanks with ploughs mounted on the front?

A: 6,000

19. Q: How many tons of depleted uranium were left in Iraq and Kuwait after the Gulf War?

A: 40 tons

20. Q: What according to the UN was the increase in cancer rates in Iraq between 1991 and 1994?

A: 700%

21. Q: How much of Iraq‘s military capacity did America claim it had destroyed in 1991?

A: 80%

22. Q: Is there any proof that Iraq plans to use its weapons for anything other than deterrence and self-defense?

A: No

23. Q: Does Iraq present more of a threat to world peace now than 10 years ago?

A: No

24. Q: How many civilian deaths has the Pentagon predicted in the event of an attack on Iraq in 2003? A: 10,000

25. Q: What percentage of these will be children? A: Over 50%

26. Q: How many years has the U.S. engaged in air strikes on Iraq? A: 11 years

27. Q: Were the U.S and the UK at war with Iraq between December 1998 and September 1999?

A: No

28. Q: How many pounds of explosives were dropped on Iraq between December 1998 and September 1999?

A: 20 million

29. Q: How many years ago was UN Resolution 661 introduced, imposing strict sanctions on Iraq‘s imports and exports?

A: 12 years

30. Q: What was the child death rate in Iraq in 1989 (per 1,000 births)?

A: 38

31. Q: What was the estimated child death rate in Iraq in 1999 (per 1,000 births)?

A: 131 (that’s an increase of 345%)

32. Q: How many Iraqis are estimated to have died by October 1999 as a result of UN sanctions?

A: 1.5 million

33. Q: How many Iraqi children are estimated to have died due to sanctions since 1997?

A: 750,000

34. Q: Did Saddam order the inspectors out of Iraq?

A: No

35. Q: How many inspections were there in November and December 1998?


36. Q: How many of these inspections had problems?


37. Q: Were the weapons inspectors allowed entry to the Ba’ath Party HQ?

A: Yes

38. Q: Who said that by December 1998, Iraq had in fact, been disarmed to a level unprecedented in modern history.

A: Scott Ritter, UNSCOM chief.

39. Q: In 1998 how much of Iraq’s post 1991 capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction did the UN weapons inspectors claim to have discovered and dismantled?

A: 90%

40. Q: Is Iraq willing to allow the weapons inspectors back in?

A: Yes

41. Q: How many UN resolutions did Israel violate by 1992?

A: Over 65

42. Q: How many UN resolutions on Israel did America veto between 1972 and 1990?

A: 30+

43. Q: How much does the U.S. fund Israel a year?

A:$5 billion

44. Q: How many countries are known to have nuclear weapons?

A: 8

45. Q: How many nuclear warheads has Iraq got?

A: 0

46. Q: How many nuclear warheads has US got?

A: over 10,000

47. Q: Which is the only country to use nuclear weapons?

A: the US

48. Q: How many nuclear warheads does Israel have?

A: Over 400

49. Q: Has Israel every allowed UN weapon inspections?

A: No

50. Q: What percentage of the Palestinian territories are controlled by Israeli settlements?

A: 42%

51. Q: Is Israel illegally occupying Palestinian land?

A: Yes

52. Q: Which country do you think poses the greatest threat to global peace: Iraq or the U.S.?

A: ????

53. Q: Who said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"?

A: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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