Crop Circles in Gaza

I’m not one for pointless provocations, but I thought I’d make an exception, because I had a strange little moment with this image.

I was talking to a friend, on the phone, and he said he wanted to go to Bil’in (city in the West bank), to see what’s there. Being an average Israeli student of geography, I asked where Bil’in was. So we both headed on to Google Earth. While we continued on with the conversation, my friend cut me mid-sentence and told me to look at the Gaza Airport takeoff strip. It took me a minute to go along it, and I kept on asking, "what am I looking for?"

My friend didn’t answer me, I think he wanted me to confirm, what he thought he was seeing. What do you think you’re seeing?

Well that sure as hell isn’t a crop circle, if you know what I mean. If this is what it looks like, this is just a small part of  the breaking of the spirit, that would cement the occupation in the Gazan’s soul. More of this specific type of abuse can be found in the fourth video below. (I decided to post the whole movie, since I planned to do it anyway. It’s dedicated to Rachel Corrie, but shows more specifics of the occupation.)










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