Democracy Now Bad Example

I am looking the "information" that appears on Democracy Now page about the murder of Gadafi, and I am very sad to see it.

They practically celebrate this horrendous  crime, a war crime by the way.
But worst, they celebrate too the "liberation of Libya". This is completely false. 
Libia after the invasion and bombing has lost many lifes, and many good persons, and it is going back to the past. The times when west ran and exploited the country.
The population high level of life is going to finish now, and Democracy Now do not say anything about it, will they say anything in the future?.

Amy Goodman supports the rebels, and the rebels are mercenaries that have done the dirty job, following the orders of NATO (the corporations´army).
Democracy Now and Human Right Watch were part of the war propaganda in this invasion.

There are many lies (truth is the first victime of war) about what happened in Libya:

Meanwhile NATO and the "rebels" have been killing many people and destroying the country.

Do not they know it or Do not they want to know it?.

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