Does the Current Economic Crisis Present and Opportunity for PARECON?

I have to admit to being a newcomer to parecon, so please pardon my naivete.  I can’t help but think the current economic crisis, including the "bi-polar" stock market, in the US is an opportunity to make inroads with Participatory Economics.  Some random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my nearly empty skull include:
  • Is it possible to get some of the most grievous practitioners of capitalism (corporate CEOs) replaced while stock holders are nervous about the future (maximizing today’s profit and long range planning seem to be mutually exclusive);
  • Can workers take advantage of the current crisis by purchasing, at least a majority if not completely, some of the small or medium sized companies and institute some parecon / collectivists policies;
  • How can we position ourselves to take better advantage of similar situations in the future?
It just seems to me the current economic situation in the US presents opportunities to make inroads for parecon.  Even if it’s not possible to replace capitalism, is it possible to push for some socialistic (particularly parecon) changes?  Maybe this is an opportunity to educate a few more people about the potential benefits of Participatory Economics over Capitalism.  How do we go about that?
Anyone have thoughts on this?

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