Don’t bother me, I’m watching TV


I understand that, right now at least, according to the common sense law of the right… I should be doing something other than advocating for the common sense use of human language, understanding, and meaning, in our daily conversations…especially about how we conduct the affairs of our world.  Another little, right-wing, bird told me that thinking has no part in what problems we face as humans. Just blame it on someone, or something, else other than the ways of the wealthy and powerful!  hmmph!  Politicians! government…

From a distance the banging of a hammer might sound like something was being built to someone arrogant enough, or stupid/gullible enough, to think that what they thought they heard was what was really being built in the way that they thought that they thought they heard it.   Ever been lobbied?

I understand that, right now anyway, neither compassion, reason, or understanding, has any real part in this supposed great discussion between rival countries over the social/environmental fate of our world. The discussions of those in positions of power always involve the wealth of nations..$$$$.…not the health of individuals and families.

I understand, right now, that those who have been elected, or put in power by force of wealth, could give 1/squat less about the situations the citizens of this country and this planet face. By the way, 1 divided by squat = zer0…. The feedback mechanisims that were constructed to insure representational honesty, for all of humanity; penalties like incarceration and death, must be returned, and used regularly, as a means of inforcing humanities regulations, and their use must be re-inforced to insure our security as a species.

This I understand! Actually, one need only open one’s eyes to be hit squarely in the face with this massive economic cow pie! whew! Thank goodness they could not throw a strike without a cheating umpire.

Which brings me to the gist of my next spewing.

How in the world can you get thru to those people who are as compromised as can be?  I lightly call them citizens but they really are just leeches on society, or f&^%$#g liars, who will only watch the stupid television? And I am not talking just news, or using the TV as a gatherer of information, or even believing it, but just watching whatever comes on as if it were a powerful drug, or the word of god, or like you were hypnotized maybe…and there is no way to even get thru to these sycophantists without creating enmity?? Kind of like smoking one bad cigarette after another every hour of every day of your life and calling that pleasure and freedom of choice, and then trying to quit smoking with their help. It is like talking to some person on a heavy dose of thorazine. hmmmmm.

In the computer world, software has drivers that allow it to interact with the hardware it must use, and bad drivers always screw up the  operations, and so it has become very obvious that we have very bad operational drivers that must be reconfigured, within society.


Where do we go for a download?

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