Drama being staged to cover up truth: Bhattarai

Babu Ram Bhattarai said that attempts are being made to sideline his party despite its key role in establishing the republic in the country. He claimed that the political forces who are staging a drama to cover up the truth are posing the biggest threat to the institutionalization of republic. "The elements trying to sideline the party that played a decisive and leading role for the establishment of republic in the country even before the passing of one year and acting as if they can protect the infant republic are the biggest threat," He alleged that though some actors appears to be active in the political stage after the change of government it was just a drama and its script writing and direction was done by some body other. "Only few scenes have been unveiled and some serious scenes are yet to be seen," said Bhattarai adding, "Nepali people who sacrificed thousands of lives for the republic should be alert before the arrival of those dangerous scenes."  … go to complete article

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