Dundee Factory Occupation

Cardboard box being moved

The company manufactures cardboard boxes

Workers at a packaging firm in Dundee have refused to leave their factory after being told they were being made redundant with immediate effect.

Prisme Packaging Ltd’s 12 workers were given the news on Wednesday by director Ken Andrew.

In response, seven staff members have occupied the building and say they will stay until wages and redundancy payments are secured.

The firm’s closure is being blamed on its failure to win a major contract.

Worker David Taylor, who has been with Prisme for seven years, said staff felt like they had been "trodden on" following the news.

‘Strips away’

He added: "We are not leaving this factory until we have been advised of the reason for its closure and we’re given reassurance about our redundancy.

"There are staff that have been here for 14 years and it is a crime that they will not be paid a penny from those in charge."

Director Ken Andrew told staff in a letter that their contracts had ended with the firm as of 1700 GMT on Wednesday.

He also said that wages from 1 March and redundancy payments would not be made by the firm.

Mr Taylor claimed the firm had failed to invest in the business, established in 1993, and had shown a disregard for staff.

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