Expanding the Organizational Activities of ParSoc

This was originally a letter to the Peoples Agenda for Alternative Regionalisms (PAAR).
It has been circulated extensively.
The Parsoc Poll shows that the folks on this website have built a very thoughtful and solid foundation, and it is time to reach out and expand our organizational activities.
Check out:
It is a European based effort to provide an interactive discussion and information sharing tool to the "solidarity economy", which to me has much in common, if not one in the same, as the alternative regionalisms movement. It is very consistent with the fundamental tenets of Parsoc and Parecon and expanding our organizing efforts will be beneficial for all.
I feel quite alone and frustrated being in the United States. Your PAAR Communications never mention initiatives and work being done by North Americans. It is likely that is because the alternative regionalism movement is a succession movement from the USA Economic and Military hegemony and to a lesser extent a rejection of the history of Euro-centric Colonialism (A worldwide Bolivarian movement, if you will).
Any help that you can provide me towards the goal of finding allies in the USA (We too need to transition away from the status quo) would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,
Mike Morin
Eugene, OR, USA


I encourage all reading this blog post to become involved with and bring the Parsoc and Parecon Vision and Work more into a mainstream world dialogue. This "Solidarity Economy" participatory website has been set up for such a purpose.


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