Farm Bill Slides: A Graphic Illustration of Farm Bill History

Brad's New "Album"

I've started some new "photo" albums featuring PowerPoint style charts illustrating the history of the farm bill and related topics.  I have created hundreds of these.  So far I've posted a few major ones.  When I have time I will be writing explanations of the data (I've already started). See:

Farm Bill Slides:  http://www.zcomm.org/albums/list/bradwilson

Farm Bill Slides 2:   http://www.zcomm.org/albums/list/bradwilson

Some of these, in certain versions, were featured in my videos (parts 1 & 2) "Michael Pollan Rebuttal," which are linked here.  

Unlike effective PowerPoint slides, which are simple and in l arge print, some of these charts include detailed text that explains the data.  Arrows are also used. 

Here are the topics of the first slides (which show up in the reverse order of when they're posted):

1. Corn Farmers Subsidize You.

2. Farmers lost money even while receiving large subsidies.

3. Rice Price Floors were lowered.  Subsidies were later added, but did not make up the difference.

4. Price ceilings for wheat, to protect consumers and corporate buyers, are shown.

5. Shares of the Food Dollar, farmers vs agribusiness input (selling to farmers) and output (buying from farmers) complexes.

Graphic Illustrations of Farm Bill History.

Many of the slides graphically illustrate major parts of US farm bill history, and compare it to the data of farm economics.  For example, several of the first charts show how price floors (policy enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President) were lowered and eliminated, (to secretly subsidize agribusiness with cheap farm commodities,) and how subsidies to farmers were started and increased.  Normally these subsidies are seen as huge windfalls. Here we see that they are part of massive reductions in farm income.

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