Fed audit does not go far enough


The Audit the Federal Reserve Bill that just passed does not go anywhere near ‘far enough’ or ‘deep enough’ into what the Federal Reserve is doing with this country’s money. It isn’t our money anymore, is it? You folks in congress know that we, the people, have been robbed blind on your watch, on purpose, and that the federal reserve actually owns this country, right now, behind our backs. America is owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by a corporation..a financial corporation owned by a few wealthy people that we mistakenly call the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States!

They are probably not even citizens of this country! I doubt they even live here! and this is the reason you are so super hesitant, as senators, to proceed with a complete audit! Americans know crimes have been and are being committed right now and we know it because you’re hiding your complicity, and our country’s wealth, in all of this. I think the congress right now would be found to be composed mainly of criminals were there real courts, with real backbones, to look into these shenanigans that were aided and abetted by our representatives in the name of wealth and war power.

America’s Congress is powerless in the face of their wealthy owners. It is a sad but true fact that is provable in any real, honest, court of law. There just are not any honest courts in this country, or state for that matter, to try this case in. All of our legal institutions are contaminated with corruption that allows this, entrenched, wall street controlled greed! This is a serious financial disease that has been caused on purpose! You can bet we will probably be outsourcing our legal system before long anyway, to keep us from concocting some kind of cure…. so what the hell, huh?

I understand that the congressional Majority leaders are very powerful, but when you follow the lead of the corporations, lobbyists, and banksters, and just keep circling that wonderful wall street casino (and RIGHT in front of us with Glen Beck cheering on faux news) for the already super wealthy…while they rob us blind….I know nothing is being done!!! I can look everywhere in my state, in my country, and see that nothing is being done except our elected officials allowing the financing of corporate greed, oh, and their own also. Nothing else seems important, except filibustering, or blocking amendments, by you or anyone else in congress. You cannot work together like adults…for a fact! Nothing is getting done for the American people. It is so obvious that it is pathetic. I think it is corruption at its greatest but I do not have the political clout to get the charges on any docket, anywhere, except maybe Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Iraq, because they hate us so much.

We elected you to represent us and protect us from being over run by the wealthy. Your laws are supposed to keep our institutions healthy and sound, not diseased and dying! The wealthy, who are using our legal, financial, and military, to do what they want with the wealth, and the citizens, of this country…. are running scott free. Are you sure that you are doing everything your wealthy owners want?

The tables have been turned on we the people. These same wealthy are using our armies to spend all of our money and thereby weakening us as a nation. The wars that are being fought…. which are, by the way, way out of congressional control, and therefor also out of our control, are spending all of the money we would use to build, and prosper, and grow our protections for we the people using methods that make sense to the rest of the nations in our world.

Plutocrats can buy all of the lawyers in the world, and if that does not work, they will just have the opposition assassinated, or silenced in some other violent manner!

The American people give you billions upon billions of dollars to keep and fund a military that is supposed to be used for the protection of its citizens. Our military is not to be used to kill innocent civilians; men, women, and children, and their families. Our President is waging illegal wars in these countries because our wealthy plutocrats want their oil wealth! And you are NOT going to cut our social security also. You are declaring war on the citizens of every state with these insane actions….this is outrageous!

I really hope that this latest horrible supreme court decision, in Citizen’s United, does not make you feel that we, the people, are no longer worth representing because we cannot generate as much money as billion/trillion dollar corporations for your next election campaign; which by the way…you have shown enough of us the truth that your re-election is really all that matters to you! I am only one person with very little money, but you are supposed to represent me, and because you have not been interested in my welfare as a citizen of this country/state, you will lose my vote. It is all I have besides my voice!

Audit the Federal reserve completely for the people this country represents, its citizens…ALL OF THEM!

Let us become a nation of laws once again because our nation’s actions show we have surely abandoned that path for individual wealth, and power, over democracy.

You have created a world that is at war with itself, to sell weapons to also make lots of money, which kills lots of people, which makes them mad enough to make war, so that you can make and sell more weapons to them ad (nuclear) infinitum!

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