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Inspired by John Brown’s blog post mentioning the lack of variety in the food most people eat in Chiapas, I thought I’d upload some recent Miyazaki food pictures. With some of the people and food dishes I’ve been running into lately – we could run out of gas tommorrow and people lucky enough to live in Miyazaki would keep eating for a while. I’d feel terrible for the people in Tokyo and be thinking of Graveyard of the Fireflies all the time though. Some of the stuff we were eating at an event was just weeds (the most nutritious plants) – Tempura makes everything taste delicious – and as Michael  Pollan says – a lot of eating is community and culture not just nutrition and health. Clover flowers are chewy  delicious as Tempura. Who Knew. This guy who put out the book no Miyazaki Mountain vegetables found out and shared.

Bulletin of Field Plant Eating Guide in Japanese


This was an event in Aya town that brought in a writer that’s been following mountain towns at the beginnings of rivers. He searches for the places that have been preserving their traditions. I think he’s the Japanese equivalent of mixing Michael Pollan and Wes Jackson together. More or less. I sent him a lot of their Japanese material that’s available on the web and got a free book in exchange. Nice!

Bamboo is useful, you eat the shoots and boil the rice in the trunks. Good stuff.

Bamboo shoots and rice boiling in bamboo sections on barbecue grill

A beatiful local family in the Mountain town of Takachiho supplied the Asia Arsenic Network NGO visitors with a feast of local dishes. After reading Jack Weatherford’s _Indian Givers_ you think John Brown in Chiapas should be writing about rich, multi-colored feasts of astounding variety.

Fuki Weed Bamboo Shoots and other Mountain Forest Bounty dishes

Getting involved with people, learning about their movement for redress and activities to help people access clean water, is a good thing to do. It must be healthy all this good conversation and good food and knowing people can effect changes working together.

Rice with  bamboo shoot etc tempura weeds for a healthy meal

Wendell Berry says ‘Eating is an Agricultural Act’ and Pollan or somebody builds on it saying it’s an economic and political act too. These school organic farm initiatives are great. On DemocracyNow! Pollan said that ‘organic’ are fighting words now.

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