From the Dog-Bites-Man File

  On Thursday, September 6, the very same day that the
  Israeli Air Force carried out a bombing raid in northern
  Syria for still-undisclosed reasons — unless it’s an
  obvious reason, such as testing the performance of
  the kind of Russian-built surface-to-air missile defense
that Iran also has been stocking-up-on in anticipa-
tion of the worst — i.e., a "clear message to Iran" — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his spokesperson Michèle Montas issued statements that covered (among other ground) the fact that the Secretary-General had participated in a joint news conference earlier that day in Khartoum with Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, where the two of them pledged to work for peace in Darfur, and announced that negotiations to this end are to be held in Libya on October 27.

Montas even issued a statement on the Secretary-General’s behalf about his having been "deeply saddened to learn of the death of Luciano Pavarotti."  

But when Montas’ prepared remarks concluded, and she turned to the question-and-answer session, the very first question of all was about Israel’s bombing raid into Syria: "I just wanted to ask whether the Secretary-General has any reaction to Syrian charges that Israel violated its airspace this morning and that they had to fire back."

Montas’ exact response?  "Not at this momentWe are monitoring the situation."

Can you imagine how this September 6 news conference might have gone, had it been Syria’s jets that launched a bombing raid into Israel earlier that morning, rather than the other way around? 

Of course you can.

But in terms of newsworthiness and in terms of the relative worth of the victim and perpetrator in this particular instance? 

Well.  This was just another illustration of the age-old adage about dog-bites-man versus man-bites-dog stories.   And to the best of my knowledge, as of Sunday eveing, September 16, the UN Secretary-General had not yet issued anythng remotely like an official condemnation of this all-too-typical Israeli breach of the peace.  

So much for the end of the "culture of impunity" in the 21st Century!

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Syrian Arab News Agency (Homepage)

(September 17): Excerpted from S-G spokesperson Michèle Montas’ September 17 Noon Briefing

Question: Any news about this clarification from Israel regarding the overflight over Syria?

Michèle Montas: No, we don’t have any more on this.

Question: Are you expecting anything?

Michèle Montas: So far, we haven’t got anything additional from what I told you Friday.

Question: (inaudible)

Michèle Montas: I think, as I have mentioned, this is a matter for which Syria has written a letter to the Security Council, so it is right now in the hands of the Security Council. If there is any further action to be taken, it will be taken by the Security Council.

Update (September 18): Excerpted from the Secretary-General’s September 18 Press Conference:

Question: On North Korea, it suspended today or yesterday its participation in the Six-Party Talks scheduled for tomorrow. There are lots of reports that this had to do with the reported Israeli attack on Syria. (A) Do you have any independent information to confirm that? (B) Would you urge North Korea to join the talks? And also, would you urge North Korea to accept the independent investigator into the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] issue, which North Korea has thus far refused to do?

Ban Ki-moon: First of all, on the North Korean nuclear issue. As you are, I am also very much encouraged by the recent developments in the denuclearization process of the North Korean nuclear issue.

On this report about North Korean involvement in Syria, I do not have any independent information on this issue. I read a report issued by the North Korean Government denying such kinds of reports.

On these overall issues between Israel and Syria, as I have clearly mentioned, on this intrusion by the Israeli air force into Syrian airspace, I do not have yet any clear information on this. In fact, the area of operations of the UNDOF [United Nations Disengagement Observer Force] is away from this, and I am still waiting for clarification on this matter.

As I said, it is very important for the countries in the region to fully abide by the relevant Security Council resolutions for the peace and security in that region.


Update (September 20): Excerpted from the Commander-in-Chief’s September 20 Press Conference:

Question: Sir, Israeli opposition leader Netanyahu has now spoken openly about Israel’s bombing raid on a target in Syria earlier in the month. I wonder if you could tell us what the target was, whether you supported this bombing raid, and what do you think it does to change the dynamic in an already hot region in terms of Syria and Iran and the dispute with Israel and whether the U.S. could be drawn into any of this?

The Commander: I’m not going to comment on the matter. Would you like another question?

Question: Did you support it?

The Commander: I’m not going to comment on the matter.

Question: Can you comment about your concerns that come out of it at all, about for the region?

The Commander: No. Saying I’m not going to comment on the matter means I’m not going to comment on the matter. You’re welcome to ask another question, if you’d like to, on a different subject.



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