Funny Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is a riot. Her deadpan expression looking into the camera while talking about Sara Palin brought a grim smile to my face. It reminded me of a Texas article about Noam Chomsky. I wonder if that guy still has a job after calling his Hometown Editor a moron.(1)

Palin’s legal team meanwhile has warned news outlets not to publish stories speculating whether she’s under federal investigation. In a four-page letter, Palin’s attorney warns that media groups could be sued if they grant space to rumors that Palin is being investigated for alleged embezzlement in the construction of a sports arena. The FBI says Palin is not under investigation.

You wonder if Palin and her lawyers would try to go after Amy Goodman and DemocracyNow! Which brings to mind a newspaper editor attempting to debate Noam Chomsky on Israel.

As my headline inevitably suggests an unarmed man charging into a battle of wits, I briefly considered leaving it at that, knowing that regular Statesman readers would understand it immediately, enjoy a quick laugh, and move on. But those of you who aren’t blessed with such strong stomachs might just be puzzled, so I’ll try to fill in the blanks. Not once, but twice during recent weeks Our Hometown Editor decided to demonstrate he knows more about the Middle East than Noam Chomsky. The results were predictable.

This reporter, Michael King, isn’t the only one to recognize the value of intelligence and informatin in a debate. Check out the yahoo answer people talking about who would win in a debate between Noam Chomsky and Bill O’Reilly. I hope hotPinkKITTY and Paloma-walks-on-the-wild-side become Zspace members too.

Noam Chomsky vs. Bill O’Reilly…who would win?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
If it was a physical confrontation? Chomsky would whup Reilly’s Oxycontin-addled a@@!

And if it were a battle of wit? Well…Chomsky is too good a fellow to fight an unarmed man!

Additional Details
Time Traveler- You ARE joking, I hope? Please research Noam Chomsky and get back to us…Bill O’Reilly is not fit to lick Chomsky’s boots.


(1) I’m relieved to see that Michael King is still reporting on labor, immigration and politics (Jim Hightower makes an appearance!) in Austin, Texas.(back)

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