G20 Pittsburgh

I discovered the Philadelphia People’s Caravan at Uri Gordon’s presentation. It was an awesome experience, impressive organizing. I had to rush back to Philly on the last train for family stuff, incredible that the police security forces felt it necessary to close down the city a day before the summit even started. I’ve been talking with Japanese people about the G20. Apprently the protests were not televised – or even mentioned in the newspaper. It was just where the new Prime Minister’s debut, and all the cute places his wife went to. No wonder 30,000 people a year kill themselves here – boredom. And not know that it’s possible to fight back. "They say cut backs, we say fight back" was one of the slogans that made its way towards the PA capitol…

Here’s a report with great links to articles and video about the Pittsburgh G20. I can just barely be seen in a couple of the pictures. It was great to talk with some local activists as we made our way across Pennsylvania. The Mountaintop Rivershed Coalition’s Beverly Braverman was a breath of fresh air, and very generous with her printed materials and verbal descriptions. They’re doing great work on the Indian Creek watershed. I wish I had more time to help the Caravaners avoid arrest, and just generally hang out with everyone. It would have been nice if I didn’t lose my card with everyone’s e-mail and phone information on it too. Oh, and a cherry on the cake would have been finding ZCom contributors Carl Davidson and Bill Quigley too….


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