Gajurel: No Compromise on Nepal’s Nationalism

“It is now time that the common citizen be militarily trained who in turn could safeguard the national independence”, opined Gajurel. Gajurel saw the need, as he puts it, “the unity among the entire nationalist forces scattered in different political paraphernalia has now become urgent”. “For this we need to come under one Front”, he elaborated. According to Gajurel, the “Maoists yesterday did not compromise on Nepal’s nationalism nor will do so tomorrow”. Gajurel says, “Now it was the opportune moment to expose the pseudo nationalists by making the real nationalists, patriots and the left forces to come under one umbrella in the name of the nation”. The noted border expert, Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha cautioned the government not to get carried away by the Indian regime’s freshly sketched rough and fake Nepal-India border demarcation map which the Indian side wants Nepal to approve while the Nepal Prime Minister will shortly be in Delhi. … go to complete original article

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