George Clooney

Due to the "likeability" factor of this particular Hollywood actor, due to his eagerness to perform in the role of "United Nations Peace Messenger," and, last but most important, due to his apparent ignorance that his real patron is American Power and how it will or will not select various theaters of crisis for exploitation, I suspect that the Hollywood actor George Clooney has the potential for facilitating enormous carnage on behalf of American Power, all in the name of helping humanity.

"Actor, UN advocate George Clooney urges greater resources for Darfur force," UN News Center, January 31, 2008
Press Conference by New United Nations Peace Messenger George Clooney," January 31, 2008

I mean, who do you think will prove the better salesman for the deepening U.S. military involvement in Africa and Central and South Asia and elsewhere: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the new United Nations Peace Messenger?

Asked about his status as a celebrity Messenger of Peace, Mr. Clooney observed that it was becoming increasingly difficult challenge to get “things that are truly important to us” on the news or the international radar. “It seems as if at times celebrity can bring that focus. It can’t make the policies, it can’t change people’s minds really. But you can bring a camera where you go because they’ll follow you and you can shine a light on it. That seems to be my job in this.”

And how often do you suppose this Messenger of Peace and Celebrity Decrier is going to bring a camera to record the victims of American Power, as opposed to the victims of its Official Enemies?


(For a lengthy analysis of what I mean, but directed at the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch organization, rather than at the aforementioned celebrity decrier, see instead "Human Rights Watch in Service to the War Party," ZNet, February 25, 2007.)

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